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dmsnyder Recipe Index

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dmsnyder Recipe Index

Rye Breads

TFL Handbook section about Rye Flour

Jewish Sour Rye

Jewish Sour Rye: an update

Norm's Sour Rye

Russian Rye

Pumpernickel Bread from George Greenstein's "Secrets of a Jewish Baker"

Care and feeding of a rye sour

Hamelman's Flax seed rye bread - Thanks, hansjoakim!

Three-Stage 80% Sourdough Rye Bread from Hamelman's "Bread"

Hansjoakim's Favorite 70% Rye: Revisiting an old friend 

Sourdough Rye from Advanced Bread & Pastry


San Joaquin Sourdough Baguettes

Baguette crumb - 65% hydration dough (Pat Roth's baguettes)

Proth5's "Starting to get the bear" baguettes

Anis Bouabsa ficelles

Philippe Gosselin's Baguettes

Baguette Tradition after Phillip Gosselin

Épi de Blé

Sourdough Breads

The Great Baguette quest N°3: Anis Bouabsa   This was the origin of what evolved into my San Joaquin Sourdough

San Joaquin Sourdough 1

San Joaquin Sourdough variation

San Joaquin Sourdough, updated 10/10/2010

San Joaquin Sourdough: Update 6/26/2011

San Joaquin Sourdough Baguettes (2013. Latest version.)

My favorite multi-grain sourdough bread 11-10-2020

Sourdough Bread with 31% Freshly-milled Whole Wheat Flour

Buttermilk-Spelt Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Challah from "A Blessing of Bread"

Susan from San Diego's Ultimate Sourdough

Susan from San Diego's Original Sourdough

Sourdough Italian Baguettes (5/2015)

Sourdough Italian Bread

Italian-San Joaquin Sourdough 

Italian bread with currents, fennel and pine nuts

San Francisco Sourdough from Reinhart's “Crust&Crumb”

Sourdough bread with new steaming method

Sourdough Multigrain Bread from "Advanced Bread and Pastry"

Greek Bread - Improved

Sourdough Pan de Horiadaki from "A Blessing of Bread"

Miche from SFBI Artisan II - 2 kg

This miche is a hit!

Country Bread with fresh-milled flours

Walnut Raisin Sourdough Bread from SFBI Artisan II

Sourdough Fig-Walnut Bread, a new and improved version

Sourdough Bread from SFBI Artisan II  also see This week's baking - July 18, 2016

Miche from Michel Suas' "Advanced Bread and Pastry"

Vermont Sourdough with Increased Whole Grain, from Hamelman's "Bread"

5-grain Sourdough with Rye Sourdough from Hamelman's "Bread"

Multi-grain sourdough bread made with home-milled flours August 12, 2018

Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread from AB&P

Gérard Rubaud Pain au Levain

My San Francisco Sourdough Quest, Take 4 (The best version)

My San Francisco Sourdough Quest, Take 6 (and final?)

San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread with Walnuts and Sour Cherries

San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread with Walnuts and Figs

Sourdough Honey Whole Wheat Multigrain Bread

Pane Valle Maggia, ver. 2 3/7/2014

Pane Valle del Maggia

San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread with increased whole wheat flour

San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread 3-22-2019

Pugliese Capriccioso


Pizza Bliss

Pizza made with Sourdough Starter Discard


Sweet Breads & Pastries

Oatmeal Bread with Cinnamon and Raisins from Hamelman's "Bread"

Cheese Pockets


Debra Wink's wonderful instructions for creating a sourdough starter: The Pineapple Juice Solution, Part 2

Scoring Bread

Scoring Bread: An updated tutorial

Scoring Bread made with high-hydration dough

Proofing "en couche:" or A Couching Coaching

Flipping Board (Transfer Peel) Demonstration

High Hydration dough Shaping - From SFBI

My sourdough starter routine: a FAQ

Baker's Math: A tutorial 

Converting starter hydrations: A Tutorial. Or through thick and thin and vice versa

Understanding autolyse

Baking under an aluminum foil roasting pan

Hamelman's “Stretch and Fold in the Bowl” no-knead technique

KAF instructional videos

NoKnead.html (by Mark Sinclair/mcs)

Shaping a boule: a tutorial in pictures.

Quick doodle should help (rainbowz's cool diagram of how to use a transfer peel)

Mixing a stiff starter

Norm's onion rolls and kaiser rolls

Norm's Double Knot Rolls

Kaiser roll shaping

Tom Cat's Semolina Filone (from Glezer's Artisan Breads)

Potato-Nut Bread from South Tyrol (Thanks, Salome!)

SFBI Artisan I Workshop

SFBI Artisan I workshop: Day 1 

SFBI Artisan I workshop: Day 2 

SFBI Artisan I workshop: Day 3

SFBI Artisan I workshop: Day 4

SFBI Artisan I workshop: Day 5

SFBI Artisan II Workshop

SFBI Artisan II Workshop - Day 1

SFBI Artisan II Workshop - Day 2

SFBI Artisan II Workshop - Day 3

SFBI Artisan II Workshop - Day 4

SFBI Artisan II Workshop - Day 5


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TFL is a little cumbersome at times. I will bookmark this page for easy and quick reference!


- Matt

ques2008's picture

thanks for doing that.  i can now narrow my searches even more.

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Thanks for this listing and thank you for all your helpful posts.  You are part of what makes TFL so great and useful.  I learn something new here most every day.


gosiam's picture

Thank you for posting, David. I am a big fan of your baking so this index is a wonderful resource.


Marni's picture

This is so great - thanks!  Now my computer illiterate question- How do I store this on my blog?  Do I copy the URL and paste it in my blog and how do I do that?  Can I make it a topic?  Then I can add to it there over time.  Is that okay with you?

I just went to your blog and didn't see this as a topic.  It's probably very simple and I just don't see it.  Sorry to be so dense.

I'm so envious of you organized types!  I've been emailing recipes to myself and planning to organize everything for about a year now.

Thanks for any guidance,


dmsnyder's picture

Hi, Marni.

If you want to save my recipe index somewhere else for your personal use, you have a number of options. 

1. You could simply bookmark the dmsnyder recipe index page with your browser.

2. If you want to make your own recipe index that includes my entire recipe index and have it automatically updated whenever I add to it, create your own blog entry with a title like "marni recipe index", and copy the link to my recipe index and paste it into your own blog entry. Put your cursor over the "subject" of my blog title, right click your mouse and select "copy link." Then go to where you want to save it, right click and select "paste." 

For your convenience, here is what you would want to copy and paste: 

dmsnyder Recipe Index

Note that, if you copy the URL from your browser's address box, it would look like this:

This would also work, but may be less informative.

3. If you want to copy selected links to recipes, you can copy and paste (as described above), but put your cursor over the individual recipe, not the entry title. For example, if you want to copy my link to "Norm's Sour Rye" page, you would copy and paste that link from my recipe index to your blog entry. It should end up in your own blog entry looking like this:

Norm's Sour Rye

It is easiest to do this by opening two separate windows or, if your browser supports them, tabs - one for the source of the links you want to copy and another for the entry where you want to paste them.

I hope this helps.


Marni's picture

Perfect - thanks!  Once you explain it, it seems so simple.  I can use Firefox and tabs.  I see now how I can start my own index and include your list (and others if they don't mind) along with my selections.  Now to find the time... 


ques2008's picture

that's a very helpful index, david, thanks for your efforts.  will now bookmark it on my favorites using mozilla!

dmsnyder's picture

I'm glad you found my index helpful.

I actually created it for my own personal use, to help me find a favorite recipe quickly without having to go through a long page (or more) of search results.

In practice, I mostly use it offline. I have saved it to my Desktop as a PDF, so the links are "hot." I update the index from time to time by editing the original TFL post and then "print" it to a pdf file which over-writes the old one on my desktop.


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David, Maybe it's time to post links to your favorite computer operations?

oceanicthai's picture

Thank you so much for posting these recipes!  I do not have access to baking books where I am and so this is a wonderful resource for me.

hanseata's picture

and nice idea to come up with a recipe index for your "faithful followers".

I bookmarked it in my "Baking" folder.


dmsnyder's picture

OMG! I have "faithful followers?" 

I put enough pressure on myself. I wouldn't make a very good deity or even a prophet. It would certainly drive me nuts! (My grandmother would have said, "That's not a drive. It's a putt!)

In the interest of full disclosure, my recipe index was made for my own use, although I have no problem whatsoever with other's using it.

Since it was last updated, I have accumulated a number of new favorites I need to add.


hanseata's picture

with the consequences of your frequent "of high interest" posts, David!

Soooooo sorry,




saltandserenity's picture

Thanks so much. That is great. I will bookmark it and treasure it. I know it takes a lot of work to do this so please know it is greatly appreciated by your faithful followers!!!

Amori's picture

Much easier to find your work and knowledge!!!!!

Amori A.

teketeke's picture

  Thank you for posting this, too!  All of your posts are very useful and interesting and great!

Happy baking,


dmsnyder's picture

I posted the index for my own use primarily. I'm happy others find it helpful.


dabrownman's picture

your list made a lot of people happier and more efficient when looking for one of your posts.  You said you were thinking about going dark soon - I suggest Bordinski - since I don't see it on your list!

Great list of fine breads David.  Thanks for posting it.

dmsnyder's picture


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So happy that Floyd included your index in the current posting.  Don't know if I was a member at the earlier time, but it's a wonderful tool.  Thank you for sharing your passion for bread with the rest of us TFL folks.


dmsnyder's picture

I didn't see where Floyd included my index. But I'm happy you find it useful.


joyfulbaker's picture

Hm-m-m, that's strange that you don't see it.  It's at the top of this exchange, entitled "Dmsnyder recipe index," posted April 17, 2009.  Floyd included it in the latest weekly email.  You've probably added a good many bakes by this time, but the list is impressive!


dmsnyder's picture

I'm not sure what you are referring to by "this exchange." If it was just referenced in an e-mail from Floyd, I don't subscribe to regular e-mail updates. I have updated the recipe index a couple of times recently.


joyfulbaker's picture

Oh, I see you don't get the regular updates.  Try this and you'll see your index at the top:


monk55's picture

Many thanks David. All your posts are great.


dmsnyder's picture

I'm glad you find the index helpful.


cherryadia's picture

David, thank you so much for all your recipes and your lovely lovely posts!

I am bookmarking this recipe index and will probably struggle my way through trying to bake something and crossing all my fingers that mine would look even half as good as yours!

dmsnyder's picture

And thank you for your kind words.


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Thanks so much for the Larraburu recipe. I attended USF in the early 70's and lived a few blocks from where their truck hit the kid.  I was saddened by their demise. It was a ritual to go to Petrini's and pick up some Larraburu bread, wine and cheese, I live in the Seattle area now (Kingston). Although there are a few good Sourdough breads here, Larraburu was my favorite.  Your recipe has become the only one I use. I'm new to baking but that one works!!  I do the bulk rise at room temperature and so far the results have been great. I get a really good sour flavor and am experimenting with several types of flour. I use an old Griswold dutch oven. Thanks again!