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I've blogged about it here in more detail, and have posted a pic on the forum.


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Power Bagels

December 21, 2008 - 4:47pm -- Trin

Does anyone have a good power bagel recipe?  I noticed that about 2 years ago someone posted  a request, but it doesn't look like anyone responded with a recipe.  I am looking for something similar to the Einstein's power bagel.  I tried one recipe, but the result was a very heavy dough.  I tried changing the ratios of whole grain to white flour without much success. I also tried increasing the yeast.

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Smooth Looking Bagels

June 30, 2008 - 10:15am -- Tacomagic


 With the recent increase in food prices everyone is suffering under, I've been making more and more of my families food in the kitchen, rather than buying it pre-fab (or whatever you call pre-made food).  Among many success at this I've "conquered"*: english muffins, crumpets, granola bars, bread, hot dog/hamburger buns, fruit roll-ups, salsa, tomato sauce, etc...  However, I seem to have one daily commestable that eludes my cooking genius**; the bagel.

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Cinnamon Crunch Bagel Recipe?

March 28, 2008 - 6:08pm -- Dutchbaker

I recently started making bagels at home for the family on the weekends using TBB recipe.  I have been pleased with the results, but my shaping technique needs a lot of help, as you can see from the photos.   I have two young boys, and their favorite bagel is Panera's cinnamon crunch bagels.  I was curious, if anyone has tried to replicate these cinnamon bagels at home.  If so, what did you use for the cinnamon mixture to mix in the dough and sprinkle on top?  Thanks,  Dutchbaker

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My Bagels

January 27, 2008 - 6:37am -- dvigs24

This was my first try at the bagel recipe from BBA. I thought they were delicious! Very chewy like a real bagel should be. I made 16 bagels from the dough instead of 12 or 24 and I thought the size was perfect as well. I made this recipe again with similar great results and now I will never have to buy crappy bready bagels again!

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Reinhart's (BBA) Bagels

January 20, 2008 - 2:27pm -- holds99

I made these bagels using Reinhart's recipe and instructions in BBA.  I boiled (simmered) them  for 2 minutes on each side instead of 1 minute each side to make them chewier.  I choose not to top them with anything as I prefer them plain.

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