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The Fresh Loaf was started in 2005 by Floyd Mann, a web developer and amateur baker.  The site now gets over 1.3 million page views a month from around 250 thousand visitors worldwide.  More importantly, the site now supports a thriving community of professional and amateur bakers from all around the globe.

Terms of Use

There is tons of good information on this site, but there is no guarantee expressed or otherwise implied of the appropriateness or accuracy of any information found on The Fresh Loaf. Please use good sense and discretion before using any of the tips or techniques suggested here.  Some techniques discussed certainly could lead to voiding of warranties or personal injury. Nutritional or health advice gathered here should always be cleared with a doctor.


Please respect copyrights.  

Site content and photographs should not be reproduced without requesting permission from the original poster (though the handbook is available for reproduction under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License).  If you have any questions about reprinting site content, please send me (floydm [at] and I will do my best to help you out.

While paraphrasing recipes and reproducing them approximately is legal, verbatim reproduction of recipes without author permission is a copyright violation and is not allowed here.  Please contact me if you notice a copyright violation on the site.  

Though it doesn't change the legality of reproduction without permission, if you do base a recipe on someone else's work, please give credit to the original author.  Bread book authors work hard and deserve our credit and support. 


I do what I can to keep site member data secure and private by applying security updates to servers and software in a timely manner. Still, I would recommend not using the same password on this site that you use elsewhere or in anyway sharing information here that needs to be kept hidden. 

The site uses cookies to track sessions.  No cookies, no way of telling who is logged in or not.

The server logs standard web traffic information (ip address, page requests, etc.).  Those log files are rolled and deleted periodically.

The site measures traffic with Google Analytics and Quantcast.  Both set cookies and track information about people's systems and behavior.  I can only access that information in aggregate, not on a user-by-user basis.   

Ads are served by Federated Media, Google Adwords, Cox Digital Solutions, and Platefull.  All of those services use cookies and track a certain amount of information about people's behavior.  

E-mail address are kept private and are only used to contact community members when appropriate or when you sign up to receive email updates from the site.  If you are receiving emails from the site that you no longer want to receive, please contact me and I will get you off the list immediately.

All of the above is accurate at the moment but subject to change at any point in time.  Last updated: 2013 April 29.


If you'd like to support the maintainence and development of this site and make it less reliant on advertising revenue, I am glad to accept your support