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Enough of the White Bread Already

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Enough of the White Bread Already

That Lucy is a pistol.  She has been working very hard for weeks on her app to replace every job people do, just like Silicon Valley is doing, thinking they were going to beat her to it and the next thing you know she stopped working on that, thank goodness, and started working on her new even more important app.

This one will make all food be invisible and have no smell.  She was worried that people get hungry and want to eat more food mainly because it looks and smells good and most of us are already too fat and need to back away from the food bag as it is.

She says it is for our own good plus the food we can’t see or smell to eat, that we don’t need in the first place, because we already have too much, can be sent to the starving people of the world who need it and never get to see or smell food in the first place so they won’t miss it like we would.

She thinks it is a huge win win; the fat people of the world will be thinner and the thin people of the world will get fatter and she will get really, really rich somehow and everyone will be happier.   I told her that I would be happier if I could afford to buy better wine because I think I’m going to be drinking a lot more of it as time goes on. 

I went on to say that I would really appreciate it if she would start working on a wine app where all wine was great and was free.  She got pretty upset with me when I also told her that I thought her first app would have made us thinner anyway because, without jobs, none of us could afford to buy food anyway.

Chicken Noodle Veggies and Shiitake soup makes a great lunch on bale day

She reminded me that thin starving people would not get fatter with the first jobs app and it wasn’t a win, win for everyone.  I reminded her that thin starving people couldn’t even find the food to eat it if they couldn’t see or smell it.  After that it started getting nasty so I made her start working on this week’s bread recipe instead.

A mixed fruit and melon breakfast starts of bake day on the right foot

Oddly, there is one of many parallel universes, where everything is exactly the same as this one, you and I are all there, except what we call food is already invisible, has no smell and the people there eat colors instead.  Oddly, the people there are all very fat, you look huge!  there are no thin people at all, but there are no dogs or baking apprentices to be found anywhere either.   Maybe they are eating them too?  We are getting off track here - on to bread and other stuff.

Your Mom made this for you for lunch if she was like my Mom but this one is a fresh Albacore Tuna, colby jack, Swiss, pepper jack and Parmesan cheese an Poblano pepper, bechamel casserole.

This one puffed itself up nice in basket and then sprang well too with lots of little blisters

 It was starting to open at the seams before it went in,

Lucy knew full well that we had plenty of white bread and wanted to do another one after our freaky, friendless fracas of words about her apps just out of spite so I had to set he straight telling her I was working on an app to make all dog food look and taste exactly like bricks – not that the stuff I feed her doesn’t already, so she got the hint and came up with a 50 percenter.

It is a 6 grain 50% whole grain, bran levain bread using our usual spelt, oat, Kamut, rye, red and white wheat with all of the remaining dough flour being LaFama AP.  All of the bran was in the 100% hydration, 7.5% pre-fermented, single stage levain.  When it had risen 75% we retarded it for 24 hours.

When we took it out of the fridge we stirred it down and let it warm up on the counter until it had risen 50% as we autolysed the high extraction and LaFama dough flour for 2 hours on the counter with enough water to get the overall mix to 78% with 2% Kosher salt sprinkled on top.  Then we mixed in the levain and did 100 slap and folds to get the gluten started.

Here it is before it was toasted for bruschetta

We let it sit for an hour before doing another set of 30 slap and folds.  We then did 2 gentler sets of 10 slap and folds and 4 slap and folds on 30 minute intervals and let it again all on 30 minute intervals.  Then we shaped it as a boule and placed it into an oiled SS bowl, covered it in plastic wrap and into the fridge it went for 12 hours of cold retard

We took out this morning, gently removed it from the bowl and immediately pre-shaped it and 10 minutes later final shaped it into a boule.   We forgot to lightly dust the basket so we did plopped the dough into it naked, seam side down…… so we could bake it seam side up un-scored and something different for a change.

Once unmolded onto parchment on a peel and slid into the 500 F combo cooker we spritzed it well, even tough it probably wouldn’t do much for blistering a 50% whole grain bread.  We turned the oven down to 450 F immediately for 20 minutes of steam.  We took the lid off, turned the oven down tp 425 F convection and baked it for 8 more minutes before removing it from the bottom of the combo cooker to let it finish baking on the bottom stone for another 8 minutes. 

At 208.5 F on the inside we called it done enough.  It bloomed sprang and browned up well enough and the blisters were well muted compared to a white bread but there were way more of them for sure. 

It smelled great when the lid came off  and we expect the bread to have a decent crumb perfect for bruschetta later tonight! We were right and the toppings were tasty too with the balsamic glaze and Parmesan to top it off.

Lucy has a salad fettish for sure

This bread came out just liked we had hoped.  Not too open and the perfect platform for bruschetta which was terrific.  This bread is really tasty with 50% whole grains when compared to 20%  and it was even better toasted plus it was still crispy on the outside for a change just a few hours after baking..... it has softened this morning like normal.  The crumb was still soft and moist


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with all the bread and food and thinks that Lucy needs a holiday soon! He is more a practise a 'roll over' once a day for a treat and sleep lots type of dog...    Kat

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about it ....if you discount the Swedish with a German accent.  She has sleep down pat at 14 years old too.

Glad Barney likes the bread and happy baking to you both from Lucy

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I can't believe how round it is! Nice oven spring for sure! When do we get a crumb shot?

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I thought for sure that it would have bigger holes - ya never know for sure!  Shits are up with some Bruschetta

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Tell Lucy that Max and Lexi said she needs to work on an APP that changes the price automatically to $.01 for all dog food and treats....they think that is a better use of her immense talents :).  My wife went to the local Pets-mart yesterday and noticed they were closing out a certain brand of dog food since they were changing the packaging.  She came home with 150 pounds of dry dog food and paid around $30!  The dogs are set for a while now.

Anyway, that casserole looks fantastic as swell as the bread.

I'm working on some pizza for tomorrow and some burger buns.

Happy Baking and Weekend!

Ian, Max, Lexi and the rest of the East Coast Gang!

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I was searching high and low for a recipe yesterday. I think I am going to go with Wartface’s Brioche Buns but if you have something better...

I need them for next weekend. My brother has decided that I am the dedicated bread maker for family get togethers. 🙄

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SO ignore the rest of this:-)

My favorite is a combination Hokaido Milk and Brioche bun that has some add ins like re-hydrated minced onion or caramelized onion or even green onion, rosemary or Thai basil, bacon, Parmesan or Romano grated.  We like Half and Half the best over cream instead of milk or NFDMP, Kerrygold butter and cream chees, with some sugar for some sweetness and about 10% whole grains.  We prefer YW or poolish over SD but don't mind a mix of SD and YW or SD and poolishHere is list that should link to a few that yu can look at for inspiration

Too Fast - Poolish Cream Butter Buns


Yeast Water Hamburger Buns with Cinnamon Roll Same Dough Kicker Yeast Water and ADY Hot Dog Buns 

Yeast Water, Tang Zhong Hot Dog Buns


YW vs Desem SD - Caramelized Onion, Basil, Bacon, Parmesan RollsSinclair’s Bakery Potato Rolls - Made With Poolish White Hamburger Buns Turned Dark Go Tang Zhong Sour Cream, Seeded, Aromatic Sourdough Buns YW & Poolish Hot Dog Buns SD and YW Emperor Franz Joseph Buns with Same Dough Challah Italian Yeast Water Buns Yeast Water Hot Dog Buns Yeast Buns with Rosemary, Sun Dried Tomato, Caramelized Onion & Mushrooms11 Grain, YW / Sourdough Enriched Buns Cherry Yeast Water Buns. Lucy’s Take on Cleo’s and Ian’s Hamburger Buns Sourdough Pink Valentine Hamburger Buns 26 % Whole Sprouted 9 Grain Brioche Buns Poolish Buns the Girls Actually Like and Smoked Brisket Sandwiches 0 Grain Sourdough With Wild Rice Anise, Figs, Pecans, Pistachios, Pepitas and Sunflower Seeds and Poolish Brioche Buns Dobie'a Challenge, Black Lager, 3 Starter, Sprouted 11 Grain, Sorta Ciabatta Rolls with Wheat Sprouts in a Baked Scald 


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I responded to this and it didn’t show up. Basically I said that I was going to be busy checking out all the bun links! Thank you! Even if you are not the king of buns....huh... which buns am I checking out, again??? 😂

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of canned that is mixed together.  It would take her 3.75 years to finish off that dry food but it is a steal for the hearty eating black ones and they need to be nicer to Mom for awhile:-)

Kroger has a new scanner that you take around the store with you and you scan your stuff as yo buy it and stick it into a 'scanned bag' then there is a bar code at check out that you scan and it then transmits your scanned order from the hand held to the payment system and out the door you go.  My wife said what's to stop someone from scanning a bottle of rot gut wine and putting claret in the bag instead or scanning cube steak and dropping rib eye in there or scanning one of something and putting 3 of them in the bag.  I said nothing but I bet all the checkers are now spying on you from the 5 million cameras they have on you at every second and I bet they spot check people as they leave - or they will shop be shoplifted into bankruptcy :-)

I haven't made pizza or buns for a while and they both sound great.  Enjoy the weekend Ian and Lucy sends her best to the ECP!

Happy baking 

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Double post

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It does not look like it was baked free form and it blistered like crazy. Amazing! Perfect crumb for sandwiches. Nice food you have over there but that bruschetta is killer!

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free from since it never touches anything except the bottom?   I suppose so:-)  My wife said she had diarrhea this morning because the bruschetta was too rich.  I told her that wasn't it because this didn't have any creme or butter in it just a bit of cheese and EVOO which eats all the time with no problem.  .  I hope she will let me make it going forward because I really like brushetta.   Maybe there is a silver lining?   If she isn't going to eat it anymore, then I can add olives to it which I love and and she hates.   It needs something as a salty burst in it besides a bit of Parmesan.  I told her it must have been the white wine she was drinking.  Maybe she will give up wine too and cI an spend twice as much on red wine - fingers crossed!

You would love the food at my house as much as i would love the food at your house!  That is the way good food works:-) Glad you liked the post Job and happy baking !

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Very nice looking loaf Dab. I like the natural burst look, its very pretty I can only imagine how tasty the bruschetta was... yummy!! 

Invisible food with no smell?? Hmmm... not sure about that, however, free wine could be interesting! LOL!! 

Happy baking Dab




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have a very hard time even finding in the USA, is Secateurs Shiraz from Swartland, South Africa - thus the name:-)  I have only been able to find 2 bottles in Houston but my son in law found another one in Chicago and sent it to me as a gift - he's a keeper. I'm keeping it to drink with him the next time he comes around Phoenix to visit his wife.  Their blue label is their premium one which I bet is just killer Shiraz, but I can only find the yellow label so far.  I'm sure you can easily find both colors, for way, way less than $17 a bottle too.   I highly recommend it - one of my favorites that I can afford to splurge on now and again.  I wish it was free though and I need Lucy's app as soon as she works the bugs out of it!

Glad you liked the bread Ru and Happy baking 

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and seam-side up. There seems to be too many uncertainties if I let if burst on its own. However, yours came out beautiful with a rustic element to it so maybe I should try as well?

The bruschetta is so mouth-watering! I love that you have put a ton of toppings on it and included strong flavours like Parmesan and balsamic glaze. There's no way it'd taste less than good with your 50% whole grain bread.

Using fresh tuna for pasta casserole! What a major upgrade. A dish of pasta drown in cheese and bechamel sauce is obviously not the healthiest choice but is probably one of the most delicious one :)

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and make a beautiful design with no scoring required then you should try out Lucy's Chacon method.  It is a lot of fun and the possibilities of the designs are truly endless.  Just type Chacon into the search box and see all the possibilities but here is one to wet your beak.

 Sprouted 4 Grain Sourdough Chacon with Whey, Walnuts and Sage

We love Bruschetta and wish we could put olives in it too.

When you are old and like;y to live forever you can eat what ever you want because you ate well when younger so you could live forever and eat and drink anything  when young:-) I didn't do that of course but, I could care less and enjoy food and adult beverages today anyway because they are the things you can legally do when old as a guilty pleasure and no one can tell you not to do it:-)

Glad you liked the post Elsie and happy baking