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Yesterday was one of our favorite days of the year- St Paddy’s Day.  Even though part of my family came from Cork - the home of Beamish Beer and where Jameson’s rule, everyone can be Irish for a day.  They say that God created Guinness so that the Irish wouldn’t take over the world but for one day they do!  I hope all of you enjoyed the day as an Irishman won the Player’s Golf Championship – Rory MclIroy.  If an Irish American couldn’t win it, at least an Irishman did …… he is only 29 years old and going into the golf hall of fame for sure!


It hits the basket before the retard

Lucy and I love the SD brown SD bread from Ballymaloe’s famous cooking school, made with Beamish Stout, but the girls prefer their SD to be on the white side and they always win out when it comes to bread for smoked corned beef and bacon infused cabbage sandwiches – the must have St Patrick’s Day fare along with Colcannon and carrots – and Fairy Cakes.

90% proof

This bread was just perfect for the SCB sandwiches especially when slathered with homemade Dijon mustard that has been mellowing in the fridge for months just for this long-awaited day.  It was an easy enough recipe, at least for Lucy, because the girls don’t like stuff added into their bread ether.  The 12% fresh milled, whole grain flour, made up of red and white wheat, oat and rye in equal amounts with all of it in the 100% hydration levain, was made with 2.4% NMNF rye starter.  The whole grain levain was then retarded for 24 hours after it doubled.

The dough flour was made up of 4% each sprouted white durum and sprouted white spelt from Bob‘s Red Mill, 8% LaFama AP and 72% Artisan Bread Flour from Bob’s Red Mill.  The dough flour was autolyzed for 30 minutes with enough water to get the hydration up to 75% with the pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  Then another 5% water was sprinkled over the salt getting the hydration up to 80% overall.

Lid comes off

The salt was mixed in with a spoon before the levain was added and mixed in roughly.  Then the first of 3 slap and folds commenced with 125 slaps followed by 2o and 10.  Even though this was 80% hydration and only 12% whole grains this one really came together nicely and it wasn’t slack enough to do any Sleeping Ferret folds after the slapping around it took.  So, we did 3 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points.


Then we shaped it into a squat oval and plopped it into a rice floured short oval basket and then bagged it into a plastic grocery bag and into the fridge it went for 8 hours of cold 38 F retard.  We went for a shaped retard because we knew St Paddy’s day would be hectic and we wanted to do as little as possible the next morning – plus we figured that the dough would not over proof in the fridge as we were sleeping in 8 short hours instead of our usual 12 hours.

Sure enough the dough was only 80% proofed in the morning, so we let it sit on the counter for an hour before starting up the oven with the combo cooker inside to it’s 500 F preheat.   It was 80 F yesterday but much cooler in the morning, so it sat on the counter for 2 hours to get to 90% proof - perfect for a white bread like this one.

We unmolded it onto parchment on a peel and slashed it twice long ways and into the combo cooker it went without being spritzed because Lucy forgot to do it even with the bottle right there in front of her big nose!  After 20 minutes of steaming with the lid on at 450 F, the lid came off for 6 minutes of convection beat at 425 F when we took it off the bottom of the CC to finish baking on the stone so it wouldn’t burn the bottom of the bread.

You want to wrap your brisket right as it is coming put of the stall ,around 170 F, and then continue cooking to 200 -205 F. Then put it in a cooler covered in towels for 2 hours and let it rest and get to 140 F before slicing and serving.

After another 10 minutes of dry, swirling heat the bread was nicely browned and read 210 F on the instant read thermometer and thumped like a drum too.  It had some small blisters and it sprang and bloomed well enough.  My daughter was finishing up the bacon and butter infused cabbage when I sliced the bread and she tore off a piece claiming it will be really good with some mustard on it.  It was nicely open too, but not monstrously so as some high hydration white breads can be.

She was wrong - It was really good with nothing on it!  The flavor was fantastic, a good base sour and the tang that all fine SFSD breads should have along with the wonderful flavor of a 6 grain bread too!  Lucy said she would put this bread up against any SFSD style bread any time any day.  The smoked corned beef was also really nice making for one fine meal for sure.

Trees from the 1999 Millennium Series

And you know that Lucy says never forget the salad

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This I the latest iteration of a fine bread that Lucy puts together for her other master that treats her even worse than I do…if that were possible.  When ever my wife gets low on bread for her daily lunch smoked turkey sandwich that she carts off to work every day, Lucy gets right to work crafting a new version that my wife says she might like.


Hitting the pan size

I think she will like this one because it isn’t far off from the normal or as dark on the outside as usual since it was only baked to 207 F on the inside.  She said she wanted to be less dark so we left it in the pan for 2 minutes longer than normal and took it out of the pan for only 6 minutes of finish baking on the stone.  Total time was down 3 minutes overall.

Coming out of the fridge after 12 hour retard

The other thing that was new was putting a layer of sunflower seeds on top when it got to 95.125% proof.  It looks nice and smelled even better than normal as it baked.    My wife said she doesn’t like stuff in her bread but she never said anything about stuff on it so Lucy took full advantage knowing that she can just cut it off if the beatings continue until the moral improves.

Seeds on at 98% proof, lid going on and into the oven it goes

Speaking of taking advantage.  Lucy went to the salon to get beautified and the lady said she had sticks in her coat that she had to cut out so she just shaved her like it was her summer cut to get them all out.  It was really cold here last week with new low high record for the day of 47 F breaking the old record by of 54 F by 7 degrees and it has been around freezing at night. Now global warming is killing critters with coats!

It also rained well over and inch too but before that, thankfully, poor Lucy was cold and she took it out on us by going out to the back yard and rolling around getting sticks stuck all over her again.  My daughter had to pick them out – a lot easier chore when the hair is short though.  Thankfully it rained that night and then all day too so she wasn’t muddy with sticks.

Personally, I don’t care what Lucy does, as long as she isn’t biting and barking at the neighbors that we like and I am certainly not picking sticks out of her coat any time soon.  She did get a nice Valentine’s Day red heart bow on her collar that the groomer put on.  Lucy hates it of course and wanted taken off desperately but, I won’t do that either.  When it falls off ….it falls off. 


Grilled Baja chicken taco with all the fixings - Pico, Guacamole, cilantro, Mexican key lime,  scallion and hot sauce, cheddar and queso fresco.

Lucy could be trained, she would put it in the trash bin herself and I don’t pick stuff up off the floor anymore so it might be where ever it falls for a while.  Being retired means you have unique privileges.  That means you don’t have to do anything other people seem to think they have to do and I’m sticking to that creed on most everything not worth doing.  My wife seems to think differently about this and most things in fact, don’t they all? 

We have grilled garam masala salmon once a week with a salad and steamed mixed veggies and in this case Alton Brown's rice pilaf that Lucy gussies up to make it really special.

She has a list of things she wants me to do claiming I don’t really do anything and have lots and lots of time on my hands.  But that’s not it at all.  I have another retirement rule about not doing stuff that magically appears on someone else’s list ……and I never, ever make a list of stuff for me to do either.  What a total waste of time.  Why make a list of stuff you know you are never going to do?  This makes making a list of stuff for someone else to do, a really huge waste of time in my book, if I had a book.

Got to love a good salad at least once a day!  This one has yellow peppers and avocado with trumpet and crimini mushrooms, carrot, cucumber, Roma and cherry tomatoes, chunks of Parmesan, red and green onion, thinly sliced Brussels sprouts with green salad bowl and red Romaine from the garden.

But, as some might know, I’m big believer in going to the library and not wasting money buying books when you already bought them and pay the maximum amount possible more to take care of them too.  They get treated better than humans do and way more than they are worth.   Still, It is just one of things that lets you not spend money on buying more books you already own and take of so well.   By not buying books, you can retire early and not have to do stuff on someone else’s list ever again.

You have to have a good breakfast on bake day with sourdough blue berry pancakes, bacon sausage and strawberries

Seems like kids today have all retired early come to think of it.   They don’t do much of anything we tell them to do.   So, making a list for them is totally worthless too.  It sort’a makes me proud that they at least learned something from me, quite the legacy, even though it is all totally wrong for them because they are nowhere near retirement age.


One of Lucy's best recipe, voted by her in house girls, is her Gumbo that is half Cajun and half Creole with 2 kinds of smoked sausages; Louisiana hot links and Andouille with shrimp, scallops and smoked chicken thighs secret gumbo spices with gumbo file.  Do not listen to people who say not tp put gumbo file in gumbo - that is what makes it gumbo!

Retirement age is where they should expect to get free stuff all the time like I do.  Just saying, they need to pay their dues and do stuff on lists for someone else for at least 4 or 5 decades before they can expect to get free stuff.  It’s only fair and quite r=traditional ….till now.

Don't forget grilled salmon steaks.  Yea there are bones ....with a salad

What youngsters need to learn is that you don’t get rich by spending your money, like at Starbucks for one example, when you should be investing it.  Warren Buffet bought his first stock for $115 when he was 11 years old which is now worth $606,000 today – 77 years later.  It isn’t all peaches and cream for Warren even though he is in fine health and able to do just about anything worth doing with an extra $606,000 and 60 odd billion lying about on top of that.  

He is really ancient at a ripe 88, and still working for living too.  Why is that?  He can’t possibly be happy if he is still doing stuff on lists that his wife gives him ….no matter how rich he is ….and he is really, really rich.  I suppose, as a libertarian at heart I do not care what he does though.  The important part is that he does whatever he wants because he didn’t spend money on worthless stuff - he invested it instead.

My daughter and I made her mom a fancy do triple chocolate, pudding birthday cake made with non fat yogurt that had chocolate chinks and raspberry puree hidden in the center of the bunt cake with a raspberry 72% dark chocolate ganache made with water instead of  cream and butter - it is better without the fat.  We wanted to put some corn syrup in to make it shiny but my wife said not to.  It was her cake but she was wrong - put it in there to shine it up!

This chicken noodle veggie soup is made from scratch with the exception of the noodles

 Still, I can think of a whole list of things I would be doing instead of working.  It’s OK to make lists of stuff you would do when you retire but working or working to do anything on someone else’s list should never be on it.  In fact I recommend not even buying paper or pen, and saving that scratch,  so you can never write out a list once you are retired.  Old habits are hard to break and the temptation may be too much for some. Back to bread.

Grilled Chicken Tacos start with the marinade of tequila, lime, fresh cilantro, mixed dried red peppers, Mexican oregano, garlic and green onion and black pepper, a bit of EVOO and balsamic vinegar with  splash of thick mushroom flavored soy sauce to make it Baja Style and don't over do it with the fixings so you can still taste the meat you worked so hard to make just right.  Melt a little cheese on the shells and top it gingerly.  Or really spruce it up like another version above:-)

A recipe is just a list of stuff to do so I never write them down either.  I don’t even make them up in my head either.  I have an apprentice who does that for me.  Lucy is not retired and needs a job if she ever hopes to be retired as a First Class Baking Apprentice….. with the extra notch higher retirement pension that comes with it.

Different day different chicken noodle soup with more broth in a prettier bowl

This one is 16% whole grain with all of the sifted bran and part of the high extraction flour making up the 100% hydration, 10% pre-fermented flour bran levain.  We broke our usual and did not retard the levain this time and went straight into autolysing the dough flour which consisted of the remaining 6% HE whole grains, 8% Bob Red meal sprouted spelt and 8% BRM sprouted durum with 34% each LaFama AP and BRM artisan Bread Flour.

Love blueberries in salad to make it different

The autolyse was 40 minutes holding back 3.33% of the water for a double hydration with the Pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  Once the held back water went in with the bran levain, the total hydration was 78% overall.  After mixing with a spoon, Lucy’ fur started flying with 150 slap and folds followed by 2 more sets of 50 and 25, followed by 3 sets of Sleeping Ferret Folds from the top top bottom and the left and right – perfect for slack dough.

Still, nothing beats a simply dressed tingua taco!  Back to sliced cube bread

All of these exotic dough manipulations were done on 30 minute intervals with a 30 minute rest at the end.  Since it is cold, between manipulations we rested the dough on a heating pad covered with an oiled plastic sheet covered by a SS bowl and a kitchen towel – our normal winter technique that Lucy hasn’t come up with a catchy name for yet – probably because I don’t make a list of things for her to do either.  I find yelling and screaming at here good for the lungs at my age instead.  It’s all part of a well-constructed retirement plan that was never written down.

The wife likes them thin and these are a bit over a quarter inch each.

We shaped this dough with 4 slap and folds to get the large bubbles out and rolling it tightly into a loaf shape and then plopping it into the oil sprayed Yippee Pullman Pan for proofing with the lid slid on.  We let it sit 40 minutes on the counter and them put it into the fridge for a 12 hour retard where it didn’t much maybe rising 30%. 

 Not every great bread has to be 'Grand Canyon' open

The next morning, we put it on the heating pad to finish proofing.  When it got to 95.125% proof we sprinkled on a layer of sunflower seeds that Lucy found in her pantry and waited for it to get 98% proof before slipping it into the 500 F oven for 20 minutes of baking with the lid on.


The seeds don't fall off after baking when mooshed into the bread by the Pullman top as the bread proofs to make the cube.

So, there you go, another cubed sprouted sourdough that tastes fantastic and looks pretty square.  Soft moist and easy to slice with a bit of sunflower seed - just perfect for sandwiches.  600 g of flour at 78% hydration is perfect for this pan with 12 g of salt and this mix of whole, sprouted and white flour.

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Their first egg was eaten by ravens and their 2nd one was eaten by a ring tail but hopefully they will pay more attention to their eggs from now on!  They are beautiful Bbids to watch.

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The first step I don't have a picture of and if I did I wouldn't put it here because I know you have all chopped up a large onion.  Red onion goes in guacamole and pico and some salsas but it is always white onion for everything else Mexican - no yellow onions allowed:-)  Put some bacon fat in the bottom of the IP and turn it on saute for 20 minutes at 390 F

Then get your Mis en Place arranged in the order that it goes in the pot.  Next in  is the left side of green stuff, a chopped up large tonatillo, half of large jalapeno with seeds and half of a Poblano pepper without the seeds.  These go in after 5 minute of onion sweating but hold back the frozen 4 roasted skinned and seeded Hatch green chilis, and the 3 dried chilis: Guahillo, Ancho,and chipotle for the 3rd addition.

Next goes in the chopped frozen Hatch green chilies  and one whole head of chopped fresh garlic some whole cumin and coriander at the 10 minute mark

At the 5 minute mark, next goes in the 3 dried chilies, bay leaves, some ground coriander and cumin, peppercorns and dried Mexican oregano along with 1 cup each of beef broth and chicken stock and 2 cups of water.  I used Better the Bullion Low Sodium so no salt is needed.  Here is what the pot looked like with the tongue in there and the beautiful portrait of the tongue itself.

Slap the lid on when the 20 minute mark runs out on the saute and set the pressure cooking for 45 minute of high and then let then let it sit for 15 minutes before letting out the steam.  Take the tongue out with the 3 whole cried chilies so that they can cool for 5 minutes before de-seeding the chilies and putting them back in the sauce in the pot and turning it back onto saute  for 20 minutes at 250 F.  See how much the tongue has shrunk in length and how much fatter its.  If yours isn't done, then it back into the pot for another 15 minutes of pressure.

Chop up 2 corn tortillas and put them in the pot to thicken the sauce.

Now the really fun part - skin the tongue getting off that hard outer part.  Do this when it is still warm or it won't come of very easy and you will kick yourself for not listening to Lucy!

Now you have a choice if you want t kinds of Tengua tacos - nplain and Carnitas.  I usually make both.  Slice the tongue into 1/2" thick pieces across the length.  Take half the slices to use later Carnitas and set them aside and then chop the rest into 1/2" cubes and the cubes back in the sauce til it is done thickening up when the 20 minutes is up.  It will look like this before the cubes go back in the port.

And look like this when it comes put to go on a flour taco shell that has Muenster cheese melted on it.  This is the 2nd best taco in the world.

The best taco requires a bit more work and love.  First you want to caramelize some white onion in a saute pan with some bacon fat in the bottom and half way through you want to brown the slices of reserves tongue to get some crispy edges

When it is browned it will look like this

Now you chop the slices into 1.2" cubes and put i back in the pan with the caramelized onions

No you are not done quite yet.  Now you get out some of the reserved sauce and add it to the pan and get everything lovey dovey warm and cozy.

Then you melt some Muenster on some flour taco shells in the Microwave for 30 seconds on high and then pile on the Tengue Carnitas .  Put some cilanto on top with a squeeze of lime if you must and open up a good Mexican Lager which were all brewed by German immigrants to Mexico just like the German Immigrants who made most all the lager beers in the USA.  Now you know why Muenster cheese is preferred by purists on Tengue Carmitas Tacos!  Enjoy!


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This huge mistake might just keep Lucy from getting to First Class Baking Apprentice.  We went to the trouble to make another fine cube in the Oriental Pullman pan for the wife’s daily sandwiches and everything went swimmingly swell until Lucy really screwed it all up.


After we plopped the fermented and developed dough into the pan for an estimated 3 hour final proof at 4 PM, Lucy forgot all about it and I found it this morning a 6:30 AM on the heating pad, thank goodness it was off, with dough oozing out of top at one end!  Jeeze!  If it would not have been in a pan all would have been lost for sure!

The side and bottom look good

We have never done a 17 hour final proof on the counter before for sure – till today!  I fired up the oven immediately, wiped off the ooze and in about a half an hour when it hit 500 F, into the oven it went while turning the heat down to 450 F.

Top looks good too

20 minutes later we took the pan out and the ooze had continued at the same end.  The lid was stuck on but, when I took off the baked ooze and ran a paring knife along the top at that end, the lid slid right off to reveal a more than perfect cube.  Thank goodness for PAM spray on the lid and pan.

Mixed smoked pork and chicken enchiladas  - yummy!

We continued baking lid off for 8 minutes at 425 F Convection and then tried to get the loaf out of the pan to finish baking it on the stone and get the sides brown.  But that same end was stuck right at the top but a quick paring knife scraping the edge took care of that easily.  Another 8 minutes on the stone and the temperature read 207 F and onto the cooling rack it went

Monthly bacon cheeseburger with fries also yummy!

There is no telling what the crumb will look like but the outside sure is cubic and brown.  The whole grains were red and white wheat, rye and oat with all 13.33% of them in the single stage 100% hydration levain.  The 20 g of seed starter used to make the levain was taken after 24 hours of the newly refreshed NMNF Rye Stater being in the fridge. The levain was retarded for 24 hours after it doubled on the heating pad.

Chicken Tikka Masala with Shrimp, Chinese long bean, squash, broccoli and pea pods also very nice.

  We did a 30 minute autolyse of the dough flour which was half Bob’s Red Mill Artisan Bread flour and half LaFama AP getting the overall hydration up to 73% with the pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.  We held back 2% water which was added in after the salt was mixed in and the levain added so that we could claim a duplicitous double hydration for this dough if nothing else went right.

If you don't have a good SD pancake breakfast on bake day it may cause mental retardation or something worse not being able to drink wine later in life.

After 3 sets of slap and folds of 125, 50 and 20 slaps on 30 minute intervals we did 3 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points also in 30 minute intervals.  The dough was placed on an oiled flexible plastic mat on the heating pad and covered with a SS bowl and a kitchen towel to keep it warm.

We used stitching to shape the dough together and then tightened it into a loaf shape using the counter as a foil and placed it into an oil sprayed Oriental Pullman Pan for proofing.  The rest of the total mess you already know.

This bread is great toasted with butter and strawberry jam, berries and Minneolas from the back yard. 

We didn’t go to Pain Bianco for lunch or to Bianco’s new restaurant, Roland’s, for dinner on my birthday as planned.  No one want to go to both lunch and dinner and it turns out that Roland’s doesn’t serve tongue tacos.  But, Tacos Chiwas does serve Lengua de Res so we decided to go there and they are Bianco’s partners for Roland’s.

Salads for lunch and dinner are a Lucy staple for good health  for sure 

The Lengua tacos were the best tacos I have ever had anywhere – nothing close, but the girls were disappointed upset that they were out of Pork Carnitas – their favorite until they had the Pork El Pastor and the chicken tacos.  I had the EL Pastor and the Beef Barbacoa which were terrific with the Barbacoa better but the Lengua was grand and luscious to the extreme.  Tacos Chiwas is highly recommended and guaranteed authentic.

As luck would have it, the Hispanic market we love had beef tongue on sale yesterday for $3.97 a pound so Lucy got 2 - 4 pounders.  We worked up an instant pot recipe for it and will be pressurizing it today for Lucy’s Stupendous Lengua Carnitas Spectacular Tacos tomorrow.  It will be one notch above Chiwas Lengua Tacos for sure.  We are also making Lucy’s Special Spiced Sourdough Clour Tortillas for them too…… before the food police make this all illegal.

Talk about beautiful!  Well the crumb was at any rate and the bread was really tasty too!  Nice and sour but not too much at all either.  I can't believe that it survived a 17 hour proof!  Without a pan, with a lid, this bread would have been toast so here it is before toast!

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This one is similar to the ones we have made of late for the lovely wife except it wasn’t made in a pan.  Other differences were that the levain was made with home milled whole; rye, red and white what and oat groats as a single stage and the levain was retarded for 24 hours after it doubled.


There were 7 different grains if you count the flax which is a grain that is overlooked many times when counting them up.  Only the spelt and the durum were sprouted but they were not whole grains since Bob Red Mill didn’t specify that they were on the package.

The other seed besides flax was black sesame seeds.  Lucy called this a 12%’er since the whole grains were 12%, the 100% hydration, pre-fermented whole gain levain was 12%, the sprouted spelt and sprouted durum were each 12% and the coarsely ground flax and black sesame seeds were also 12 grams each.

Lucy said that we should have done a 12 minute autolyse with 12 sets of 12 slap and folds and 12 sets of 12 stretch and folds all on 12 minute intervals.  That was when I put her in the kennel to think about if she ever wants to be promoted a Baking Apprentice First Class on her 15th birthday in May – or not!

We did do 3 sets of slap and folds and stretch and folds from the compass points each on 30 minute intervals after a 30 minute autolyse with the PH salt sprinkled on top that brought the overall hydration up to 72%.  At the end of the autolyse we added another 3% water to get a double hydration going and make it easier to mix in the salt with a spoon before adding in the warmed up levain.

Thai Green Seafood Curry - yummy

The levain had been sitting on the heating pad for an hour and a half after being removed from the fridge and stirred down.  It had risen 25% while warming up so it was ready to go.  The ground flax and sesame seeds went in in the first set of stretch and folds that were modified to the Strutting Peacock Fold technique.  We like the little black spots they make in the dough once they are thoroughly mixed in an hour later.

We then did 4 folds for the pre-shape and then stitched the dough together and then rounded it into a very tight boule,  put it seam side down into rice floured basket, into a plastic t-shirt grocery bag and then into the fridge for a 13 hour retard.  It only rose 30% so we put out on the counter the next day for an hour and half and it was too cold to do too much so we moved it to the heating pad for another hour and half before un-molding onto parchment on a peel.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich lunch with green sides of salad, pickles, olives and avocado.using my wife's bread so don't tell her.

No slashing was necessary since it was proofed stitch side down.  We slid it onto the thin bottom of the combo cooker, spritzed it and covered it with the thick top and into a 500 F oven it went for 20 minutes of steam at 450 F since it was a small loaf of 909 g total.  When the lid came off we baked it for 8 minutes at 425 F and then took it off combo bottom a put it on the stone to finish baking and the bottom wouldn’t burn.

12 minutes later the bread was nicely browned.  It bloomed and cracked well and even blistered a bit too.  Will have to wait on the inside but it has promise to be a bit more open than the panned bread at with basically  the same recipe and hydration with the addition of seeds for this one.

This bread was delicious.  had a plain end of one quarter.  This is why we bake sourdough bread.  Way more open than the pan bread and it tastes better with the seeds!

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The Lucy is u to her latest lay hack that puts her other lazy hack's like NMNF starter to shame.  This time she didn't even make any dough at all and claimed victory,  No smoked meats or veggies either but at least she got pepperonis on some of them this time.

she had me make a batch of pizza sauce just like always but lazy loafer didn't specify fire roasted tomatoes this time either.  Pizza sauce isn't like other sauces Italian sauces around here.  It has more red wine, moire garlic and way more Italian herbs and hot chili flakes to make it spicy as all get out.

She didn't specify fresh mozzarella either foe some reason.  She said she didn't because I was too lazy to go to the tore which was totally wrong on several levels like the Chiefs play the Evil Empire.

She didn't make 2 -14" pies for the 3 of us this time but instead made 5 of the tiniest ,individual pies where you could ;ad 4 of them onto the oven stone with the peel at one time!  Talk about lazy, she used store bought tortillas !for the crust - such sacrilege!

I had to make the salad too!

We did grill the onions and the Italian sausage and chopped up a couple of mushrooms and a bit of yellow bell pepper and snipped of a bunch of fresh basil from the bush growing n the back yard but she just watched me do that of course  so we is pretty liberally used here.

Both has sauce, mozzarella and Pecorino Romano gated on top with basil garnish bit the sausage ones had yellow peppers and the pepperoni had the mushrooms.  I have to say that the crust came out tasty, not burned on the bottom after 10 minutes at 500 F and crispy too with no folding and crunchy.  Makes me not want to ever make pizza dough again 

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This is the latest iteration of the bread I have been making for her of late.  I’ve got her hooked as long as the sourdough bread looks like a loaf, tastes good and has some whole grains in it and she doesn’t have to make it of course😊


You can see the last fold in the top.When you want to fill the Pullman properly you have t account for the spring too so that it sprigs to perfectly fill the pan as it bakes and the crumb is nit compressed as a result.

This one Lucy calls the 20%’er.  It has 20% whole grains made up of home milled red and white wheat, oat and rye and 20% each of spelt, durum and Bob Red Mill Artisan Bread flour and LaFama AP.  We went back to sizing the loaf to perfectly fit the Oriental Yippee Pullman pan that is our favorite pan by far.

This one had a 10% pre-fermented Bran / flour, 100% hydration levain that was single stage that took 6 hours to double on the heating pad using our 2% (12 g), ancient aged, NMNF rye starter.  I say ancient because we hardly bake at all anymore and this was nearly the last of it and I used what was left in the container to refresh it.  So, it had to be at least 4 -5 months old with no maintenance in the fridge.

You can see how the steam condensed on the lid and then ran down the insides of the pan and darkened the top all of the loaf on the sides - So water does darken bread once it can evaporate in the heat when not contained  by the pan anymore.

The one thing Lucy live more than me is being lazy and she is really, really lazy and now limps like her Master but her limp is going away and mine is not probably because she still drinks Tequila shots and Boilermakers just about every day.

Big thick meaty grilled pork chop with veggies and salad

The autolyse, with the salt sprinkled on top, was an hour and the slap and folds were 150, 50 and 10 slaps each and the stretch and folds were 4 each twice all on 30 minute intervals. It was pretty easy work with an 75% overall hydration.  All the time between those dough manipulations, the dough was on an oiled plastic sheet on the heating pad and covered with a SS bowel and a towel

It pays to have a good breakfast n bake day but the wife already had some of her omelet and sausage~

We then did a set of stretch and folds and some slap and folds to tighten it up and to get it into a roll shape and put it into the pan release sprayed pan with the lid on – also on the heating pad covered with the towel.  It sat there looking lonely and doing nothing that we could tell since the lid was on for 2 hours.

So we put it in the fridge for a 12 hour retard to punish it mightily and teach it a cold lesson of what happens to you if you do nothing like Lucy.  This might be what caused Lucy’s stroke come to think about it.  It was a cold winter and she did go outside without a coat or her hip flask she fills with brandy.

Well the cold did nothing for this dough and it showed.  We put it o the heating pad to do a final proof and it took a few hours – about 5 to rally get up to the lid of the Pullman and that was when we tossed it into a 475 F oven, turning it down immediately to 450F.  after 22 minutes of steam we took the lid off and baked it for another 21 minutes until it hit 206 F on the inside.

It really browned up well and filled the Pullman perfectly coming out like brick and just as crunchy on the outside too.  My wife just asked Why I burned her bread?  It is cooling now, softening and when cool we will wrap it in plastic and let it really soften the crust before we slice it for toast tomorrow.  It smells fantastic which is great because we didn’t have to pay extra for that either.


2% NMNF starter

10% water

10% Bran and high extraction 4 grain


10% HE oatt rye, red and white wheat

65% water

20% each, Bob Red Mill, spelt, durum artisan bread flour and LaFama AP

2% Pink Himalayan sea salt

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Well to start with there are only 2 of them and there should be 3 of them

But no one knows how they are made or what is in them so here goes.

First make your own Clower Tortillas from the recipe on this site and cover them with Pepperjack cheese and melt it in the microwave

Then make the chorizo from scratch.  Then fry it with white onion and potato and then fill the cheese tortillas with the mix.


then roll them up and cover them with home made chorizo red sauce.


Then cover the breakfast burritos in more cheese and melt it it in the MW too, also heating the filling again

But then the real missing part of the first photo besides the skimpy number of burritos comes to life.  Get the green garnishes ready, lime wedges, chopped green onion, sliced avocado and cilantro.

But we are not done oh no!  You have to get some crema and even more sauce ready to put on top too.

And there you go OOOpppssss! it is still totally naked!  Now, like any Mexican dish. you can put an egg on top to finish it off but in the morning it is a requirement for a breakfast burrito!

 and Lucy always reminds us to never for get that salad for lunch after breakfast!


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