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10 Grain Sourdough With Wild Rice Anise, Figs, Pecans, Pistachios, Pepitas and Sunflower Seeds and Poolish Brioche Buns

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10 Grain Sourdough With Wild Rice Anise, Figs, Pecans, Pistachios, Pepitas and Sunflower Seeds and Poolish Brioche Buns

Lucy really went to work this week to come up with a bread that would fit the Oriental Pullman pan perfectly – with the lid on!  A more complex kind of bread so she didn’t specify sprouting the whole grains so we got off a bit easy this week.  Every time I turned around she was pulling put another grain, seed or nut long hidden away that pantry she guards with her life.

The whole grains really came in at 11 if you count the wild rice with the red and white wheat, emmer, spelt, rye, oat, barley, Kamut, corn, buckwheat.  We haven’t put corn in bread for a while but we like grinding popcorn for it.  We have been fond of wild rice in bread since hanseata, (Karin), turned Lucy onto it and Maria Speck’s Aroma Bread.   This one is loosely based on a combination of those two fine breads.

The 100% hydration, 3 stage, bran and HEE 10 grain levain used 13% pre-fermented flour built over 12 hours from 10 g if our whole rye NMNF starter.  This time we did not retard the levain which is quite un usual for us.  We did autolyse the dough flour.  The whole grains came in at 30% with the wild rice omitted from this calculation.

Once the salt and levain hit the autolyze we mixed it all together with 50 slap and folds.  We did 2 more sets of 1 slap and folds and 3 sets of 4 stretch and folds – all on 30 minute intervals.  The rehydrated figs, toasted seeds, nuts and cooked wild rice were folded in during the 1st set of stretch and folds

 We then pre-shaped and final shaped the dough into a loaf to fit the Pullman and let it proof on the counter for 2 hours before placing it in the fridge for a 20 hour retard – something we rarely do.  The Pullman was covered with oiled plastic but we placed a large pie plate holding an apple and blueberry galette over the top of it to make sure it couldn’t rise over the top of the pan so that we could get the lid on before going to bed.

Since it had already risen to the top of the pan before we went to bed, we decided to bake it straight out if the fridge first thing in the morning, especially since it was oozing out of the top.  We pre-heated the oven to 500 F and when it hit temperature we slid the Pullman into the oven between the two stones and turned it down to 450 F.

After 20 minutes of steam, we slid the lid off and turned the oven down to 425 F convection and continued to bake for 25 minutes before unmolding the bread and finishing baking on the stone – about 15 more minutes.  When the lid came off it looked pretty good even though it stuck a bit and was difficult to slide.  Everything browned up after it came out of the Pullman.  We will have to wait on the crumb shot.

It has been a long time since I posted one of Lucy's lunches.  Guacamole, Pico, Gouda, brie and cranberry goat cheeses, a small salad, a couple of strawberries and half sandwich of bologna and smoked turkey, lettuce cheese and tomato.

If you have never had gussied up wild rice, aroma bread you really need get some somehow and give it a go.  It is ine of the great breads in the long list of great breads.  It is just delicious, earthy, healthy, exotic, soft, moist, bread that smells good too.  You won't be disappointed.


13% pre-fermented 10 grain HE flour and  bran levain, 3 stage @ 100% hydration


17% 10 grain HE flour

70% LaFama AP flour

80% overall hydration

15% pecans and pistachios

15% Turkish figs

15% Pepitas and sunflower seeds

10% dry weight wild rice that was then cooked for 1 hour

2% PH Sea Salt

We also made some more poolish reduced sugar brioche buns for hamburgers this week – with sesame seeds on top.  They were also very nice looking and tasty too!


100% LaFama AP

70% NFDMP hydration

2% salt

2.5% sugar

10% butter

10% egg


Lechem's picture

I'd buy that loaf from you. Lovely as always Dabrownman. 

dabrownman's picture

till you see the inside....It is also delicious and exotic.  Made the best sandwich for lunch. I'd have to charge $3 for it because of the figs, pecans, pistachios and wid rise.  It does weigh 2 1/4 pounds baked.  That would include TFL discount:-) Glad you lke it and 

Happy baking 

Danni3ll3's picture

That looks delicious!!! Love the combo of grains you have in there!

dabrownman's picture

faint hearted:-)  Assertive but not a rye.  You would like it.  Can't wait to see your next one!

Happy baking Danni

cgmeyer2's picture

yummy bread. i'm salivating. rio thinks lucy has wonderful ideas. he's purring right now.


dabrownman's picture

happen often, I really baked some crappy bread today.  Here is a picture of some of it that oozed out of the pan and dropped onto the bottom stone!

So you tell Rio to stay away from the dog piles:-)  Thankfully the bread that stayed inside the pan was much more appealing!  We like it a lot.

Happy baking CGM2

kendalm's picture

If I've ever wanted to morph into my screen its right there at the 9th photo of the pistachio slice. But alas will just salivate and wish :(

dabrownman's picture

that picture of the salad is about the best looking salad shot ever........ they make one want to be a vegan!  Even I am hungry and ate them both:-)  Glad you liked the post and happy baking.

Ru007's picture

It looks delicious. It has so many goodies, it just has to taste great.

The crumb is amazing. I love the bright green pistachios in there. 

Well done Dab! 

Happy baking. 

dabrownman's picture

cream cheese this morning.  It is a meal all by itself.  You would like this one Ru!  Between the figs and the pistachios  it is handsome and the 8 g of anise seeds make for a nice subtle aroma note of licorice.

Happy baking Ru.

isand66's picture

He wants to know why Lucy didn't send him a chunk of this masterpiece for Valentines Day!  What a fantastic combination of ingredients and flavors.  I was about to go get a doggie bag to clean up the mess from your photo above :).

That crumb looks perfect and those rolls look pretty darned good as well as your lunch!

I had some fish served ontop of forbidden black rice the other day and was thinking I need to get some and add it to a bread.  It would have gone perfect with this bake for sure!

Max, Lexi and the furry gang give a shout out to their west coast sister Lucy and tell her to keep up the good work!

dabrownman's picture

breads but even though forbidden, that black rice isn't nearly as flavorful oas the wild black ones - sort of like Max and Lexi:-)  With all the flooding going on in CA Lucy is almost a West Coaster.

We forgot to out the crumb shot into th post so will have to go back and do that.  This would have been a good exchange bread for sure.  You would have liked it but yu will have to bake a Forbidden Loaf to get the look if nit the taste.

Lucy sends her best to the two Forbidden Black Ones and they 5 furry friends

Happy baking Ian

PalwithnoovenP's picture

The outside almost looks like a rye but the inside reveals another kind of beauty! It's also the pistachios that caught my eye. This wild rice is really intriguing me. The galette and the lunch menu is a real torture for someone dieting!

Fedra and Bimbo also send their hugs and kisses to their distant relative Lucy in AZ. Happy baking!

dabrownman's picture

commercial bakeries in the USA - Bimbo!  Now that is a good apprentice - not that Fedra isn't one too:-)  The rest of the post is pretty bad for dieting but that salad is just right for you!  It is a handsome loaf of bread for sure.  Glad you like it.

Happy open for baking Job.