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Poolish Buns the Girls Actually Like and Smoked Brisket Sandwiches

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Poolish Buns the Girls Actually Like and Smoked Brisket Sandwiches

I have been messing around with bun recipes trying to get one the girls would eat as opposed to the store bought ones.  This time Lucy finally got one to work and we had enough time to let them rise properly – the main problem with the slow rising SD ones.


When we took the brisket out of the fridge after its overnight retard with the sub applied, we started the 155 g poolish with a pinch of ADY, 76.4% hydration at that time.  Yes, it was 4:30 AM but the brisket needs 1 1/2 hours to warm up before hitting the 225-250 F smoker at 6 AM and it needs 12 hours in smoker to get to 185 F on the inside.


This is perfect timing for the poolish to work its magic on the buns, get them baked and cooled…. right before the buns are needed to have piles of smoked beef slapped on them.  The 6 buns measured out at about 125 g each so they were on the bigger size to account for the fine pile of smoked meat they needed to hold. 


When it comes to smoked meats around here there are only two rules.  I get the barky parts and, if you try to take some, you will be missing at least a finger or two for your ill advised efforts if you are not a baking apprentice in good standing and in that case you get some too.


The 87 g of flour and 63 g of water with a pinch of ADY and 5 g of honey is the poolish total and it was left undisturbed on the counter for 7 hours until 11:30 AM.  Then we mixed the poolish into the rest of the ingredients and did 3 sets of slap and folds for 7, 4,and 2 minutes each with a 15 minute break in between.


We then let the dough rest and ferment for 3 hours until 2:30 PM.  The dough was then stretched and folded from the 4 compass points and divided into (6) 125 g pieces and shaped tightly into balls and placed on parchment that was on an un-rimmed baking sheet.   After a short 10 minute rest the balls were pressed sort of flat into a 4” rounds.


It was 3 PM when the dough flats were allowed to final proof for 2 hours.  At 5 PM, after and butter wash, they went into the oven at 375 F for 15 minutes of baking.  The rolls were rotated 180 degrees once – half way through the bake – no steam required.


Yes, home made smoked hot Italian sausage was made just for Sunday's lunch using Friday's multi-grain, whole grain SD.  Incredible!

Yes, once the rolls hit the cooling rack we brushed them with butter again and they were completely cool 6 PM when we took the brisket out of the smoker after its 12 hour low and slow smoking.   I don't like moping stuff on the meat as it smokes and think doing so takes away from the bark.  My brisket always comes out juicey anyway so no moppping required.  After a 20 minute rest, the brisket was carved and served with BBQ sauce on the side with potato salad, salad greens with smoked salmon and Cole slaw for sides.


Today's lunch is also Friday's bread but using smoked brisket and pepper jack cheese warmed in the microwave.  Not as good as the sausage - but close!


The rolls were perfect, soft, with a moist, open crumb and the rest of the dinner – was terrific.  Not much else to say except that today's breakfast was toasted babka also from last Friday's bake - Yummy!



Pinch of ADY

87 g Flour

63 g Water

5 g Honey

155 g total (20% of total dough weight)


304 g Flour

178 g Water

8 g Salt

20 g Sugar

15g Honey

45 g Whole Egg ( 1 what ever yours weigh)

25 g Butter

595 g Total Dough

Total Weight - 750 g (6) rolls @ 125 g each

Hydration -74.4%


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That brisket looks perfectly marvelous and tender... great job... the rolls look amazing too, and all the goodies along with... looks like a great lunch or supper actually since the brisket took 12 hours... very nice, very nutritious and very tasty looking. Good job DAB!

Happy Smoky Baking!

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to get this posted all day.  The site will only let me post one picture at a time and that takes about 10 minutes to do one and then sometimes it blows up....:-(  I still have two pictures to go.  Since the smoker was going, Lucy threw on some sausage for yesterday's lunch sandwich using Friday's MG SD bread.  Home made smoked hot Italian sausages are my personal favorite for smoked meats and just packed with flavor you can't get otherwise.

The smoked brosket made for a great lunch sandwich today - also on Friday's bread.  This time we cut it against the grain like you are supposed to, put some pepper jack cheese on it and warmed it in the microwave.  Very nice!

Glad you liked the post Diane and happy baking!

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wayne on FLUKE

call me confused, don't see any yeast or SD in the ingredients.


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but the poolish had a pinch (un-measurable) of ADY in it and then we let it sit for hours on the counter as it fermented built itself up well enough to put a rise on these rolls. i will fix it and make sure the prose includes it as well.


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Postal Grunt

They can take the man out of KC but they can't take the KC out of the man. Nice job on the brisket and on the buns!


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I was so upset after my last trip to KC and we had one night open for smoked meats.  We went to a place that was supposed to be the best in town - a chain from Oklahoma?  I should have known better when I saw they were from someplace other than KC.  The worst BBQ of all time.  I would win the KC BBQ Society's grand champion award with mine compared to what ever that was.  All I can say is that it was vile and disgusting except for the smoked gumbo which was great and I have never had gumbo smoked before.

I'm glad you like the post PG.  The great thing about being from KC is that when people come over for what ever smoked meats are being smoked - they always say it was the best they have ever had - not even close.  Makes you feel good  and worth the 50 years it took to perfect - just like Sourdough :-) 

Happy baking PG

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Love that brisket.  My mouths watering looking at it.  Those rolls look terrific too.  So what's the secret for those amazing sausages?

What kind of flour did you use for the rolls?

I'm working on some Challah with a yeast water starter.



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13.3% protein from south of the border.  Perfect for rolls, tortillas and anything else   When is the last time you make a 100% white bread?  Even I can't remember but I wasn't eating it preferring Friday' whole grain bake instead.

For the sausage secret info.  Grind you own pork with 30% hard fat,  Freeze it of 45 minutes before grinding.  Don't grind fine.   Makes sure everything you put in is cold including the red wine.  Use fresh ingredients, parsley, fennel, oregano, rosemary and sage, green onion, hot peppers, garlic.   Use toasted; pink Himalayan sea salt, cumin, red chili flakes, black pepper and smoked paprika.  put in what you like.  Do not put into casings but refrigerate 3 days before smoking.  Roll up free hand to look like am artisan sausage 1 1/2" in diameter and smoke stacked so the fat drips on other sausages  3 hours 225 F.  That's about it 

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its on the list!

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I have not touched commercial yeast for months... I've developed an aversion to them, perhaps unfairly. :) But your burger buns may be an exception. Bread made with poolish can be rather nice if properly prepared, but sourdough will always be my preferred choice!

Also, the smoked brisket---mmmmmmmm..... looks so darn good.


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The girls don't like SD buns and even prefer store bought Oroweat Whole Wheat bread too - even though it doesn't look like any whole wheat bread i've ever made.  I should have made these with YW which is what I w\ill do next time  - and let them proof forever to get real puffy :-)  Like most yeast breads these buns don't have much flavor which isn't noticed with the smoked brisket being so dominate. 

Happy baking Zita