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How do I use this treasure?

November 24, 2016 - 11:59am -- Lazy Loafer

Well, I'm excited. I make a very popular bread that is made with a sponge / poolish based on my hubby's homemade beer. He took a loaf down to his beer & wine making supplier, and in exchange they gave me a 500 gram bag of a dark malt (powder). Now the challenge is to come up with a recipe using this yummy stuff and get a loaf back to them!

Any ideas?

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cookie size

November 24, 2016 - 10:47am -- amateur4sure

How do bakeries make those large flat looking cookies. I have purchased oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies from a couple of bakeries, that are about 4 inches in diameter by about 1/8 inches thick. How do they do it?  So many questions from a learning disabled beginner and you people are so generous with your tips and helpful information. God bless and happy holidays to all.

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Susan's Ultimate Sourdough too wet dough

November 24, 2016 - 8:22am -- BarbaraK

I recently tried Susan of San Diego’s Ultimate Sourdough – one small loaf. I used 25g Stoates stone-ground organic rye flour (instead of the whole wheat) and 225 g. Gilchester organic unbleached white bread flour, 12 g starter and 175 g. water,5 g salt . I  followed the method exactly but with an overnight proof in the frig. I’ve been making different sourdoughs for quite a while now but this was the best I’ve ever made with a superb deep flavour .

So good in fact that next I  doubled the recipe and made one large one – 60 g. rye, 190 g.

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Some bread baking enthusiasts including me have no access to ovens that's why they cannot really do what they want or truly practice their craft.  So on December 16, 2016 let us encourage and uplift them by showing them that an oven isn't 100% necessary to make great bread; that they could do what they want and be happy with what they make.


On December 16, 2016 post a bread that you made without using an oven here.

  • No oven means any method without using one. Your bread could be fried, steamed, cooked on a skillet, cooked in a grill or even in a dutch oven with coals. Be free and creative with your method.

  • Your bread could be unleavened or leavened; quick or yeasted; made with instant yeast or sourdough.

  • You can post earlier or later than December 16. No problems!

I hope a few of you would be interested to join in this little challenge. All of the breads you've seen here are made without an oven, so I know you can too! You can device a way to cook bread without an oven or make a bread that doesn't need an oven like donuts, steamed buns, bannock, welsh cakes, tortillas, naan, English muffins, crumpets. pepper cakes and many more.

See you!

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New with bread machine problems!

November 24, 2016 - 2:26am -- Hogweed

Hi – been baking a 1lb wholemeal loaf every week for some years now in my Panasonic machine (can’t remember the model, sorry) and, despite using exactly the same recipe every time (13oz Allinsons very strong wholemeal, 3oz Allinsons very strong white – Allinsons Easy Bake yeast, sugar, lemon juice, salt, olive oil), the degree of rising is unpredictable between batches.



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