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Brainstorming Bread Shapes

May 15, 2014 - 8:24am -- cerevisiae

Hello TFLers,

I've been mulling over some ideas regarding optimal bread shapes for serving to groups and thought it might be a fun topic for discussion. Here's the situation I have in mind and the accompanying parameters:

I'm going to a weekend retreat of about 60 people where we will be cooking our own food. The central cooking and eating space is basically a spacious but not tremendously equipped house kitchen. I want to make bread for people. Last year, I made rolls, but it was kind of annoying, mostly because scaling 100 rolls takes a long time.

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Mega Tunnel in a basic sandwich loaf

May 15, 2014 - 7:31am -- nora sass

I tried a simple basic sandwich loaf and followed the instructions almost to a Tee, and looked what I've got ... a mega tunnel that you could almost slip you hand all the way to the end.

Otherwise, the crumbs turned out pretty ok. 

To all those Bread Engineers out there, any help much appreciated. Thank you.


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Aaaand yes, the third one is the Tartine basic whole wheat..
So far this one has proven to be the best whole wheat I have baked and a good ratio of whole wheat around 73%.

I will be baking this one going forward for sure!



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As I said, I have three breads that I keep baking, with different results really...

Hopefully I'll get there and I will get them consistent in every way.

This one is Hamelman's - Pain au levain.


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Hi everyone,

I am still baking these days, but just not enough time to share all my breads and tries with you...

I thought I'll just share some photos of the breads I've baked lately.

I am baking three breads over and over again these days, trying to get them consistently good...Sometimes I struggle ;).

This is the first one: the seeded white bread - the recipe can be found in the posts below.


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Uneven distribution of air holes

May 15, 2014 - 4:48am -- Bellenden Baker

Hello all

Just looking for a little bit of guidance here on the distribution of my air holes on my loaf as my husband says that the peanut butter falls through the holes at the top and would prefer them to be smaller and more evenly distributed!  He's a perfectionist on my behalf...

Attached is a photo of the most recent loaf.


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