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Carl's Oregon Trail starter question

December 1, 2014 - 5:34pm -- Ramsay49

I received the dry starter and am ready to activate. The instructions says to use white flour, but I would like to use it for whole wheat bread. Will it start effectively using whole wheat flour? If not, is there a way to start it with white flour and gradually wean it over to whole wheat? Thanks

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After a long absence from baking due to visitors, travel and so on, I have gotten away from baking my own bread. With the winter months and some insanely cold weather in these parts it seemed like a good time to fire the oven up. I used 2 Tbs of dehydrated onion and enough water to make the dough plus some which will get absorbed. the soaking water was used in the dough -- of course! As I am in a very dry environment I upped the hydration to 70% and used a little more egg than recommended, but this dough made great tasting buns and was a dream to work.

Nice crumb!

Despite pressing these to about 3/4" thick, for the second bake in a row the just exploded up in the oven. This was a yeasted bake as both my YW and sweet levain didn't survive my alst travels. My first try with Debra Wink's pineapple juice solution failed as did my first YW re-try. I have a second YW starter started and am starting another pineapple juice try so please cross your fingers crossed.


I baked some of P. Reinhart's soft pull apart dinner rolls last week. I was going to do the butter flake rolls in a muffin tin but instead placed tightly formed boules into the muffin pan and still got pull apart rolls. this worked well but a squar pan give a better pull apart product.

My interest in baking breads and rolls is now re-kindled. I love the recipe for Norm's onion buns and have it book marked. It is an easy search on this site for the recipe. today I am doing a take off using both dehydrated onion and garlic, fresh rosemary and potato to see where this takes the savory profile. Happy baking Fresh Loaf friends. I baaack. Best regards Ski

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The nights are getting colder here, my thoughts have been turning to overnight outdoor proofing schemes. 
For this bread, I started with a 45 min. autolyse, then minimal machine mixing in stages. The bulk  ferment was in the five hour range.
The loaves spent the night, seam down in baskets, and coved up inside of a large plastic box outside in the cold.
Outside the temp. dropped to +5c, I suspect that inside the box it was closer to +9.
At 3am, i got up to plug the oven in, at 6am, I felt sorry for them, brought them into the house and pealed them directly into a good hot 250c oven
They were clearly proofed to a delicate state, scoring them wasn’t a consideration, one did a stick and collapse on me, the other three were fine. 
The flour bill was quite simple on this one; 80% swiss bread flour (Halbweissmehl), 20% rye flour.
The rye built the levain, roughly half of it was fresh off the mill, unsifted.
0.5 % fresh yeast went into the final dough, the total water was around 75%, salt 2.1
Flavour wise, the acidity was somewhat up front but still polite, the crust was well caramelised and it’s aroma made itself known deep into the crumb. 
The crumb was well gelatinised and held it'd freshness well dispite the high white flour content. 
It was a decent enough batch and gave me a few ideas for the next round.


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Old dough question

December 1, 2014 - 7:28am -- The Krusty Loafer

Hello everyone!

I have two different batches of old dough.  They were batches of a pizza dough with 70% hydration and 00 flour, and a batch of pretzel dough.  I let them proof overnight in the fridge, then got busy and didn't get them baked.  Keeping them in the fridge, I put each into it's own plastic bag at about day 3 or 4 then ran into Thanksgiving.


Cari Amici,

volevo condividere con tutti voi questo delizioso dolcetto con il quale molto spesso io e la mia famiglia, facciamo colazione.

E' un prodotto dal gusto straordinario ed i colori dati dalla frutta secca e candita, ne rendono accattivante anche la presentazione.

Durante le festività natalizie è mia consuetudine metterli in sacchetti trasparenti, chiudere il tutto con un bel nastro e farne dono alle persone amiche.

Mi auguro che piaccia anche a tutti voi.

Vi auguro una buona giornata, a presto, Anna


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