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Cheese & garlic sourdough baguette?

July 18, 2016 - 7:34pm -- debsch

I tried out a recipe yesterday for baguettes. Made two and they were devoured by the family in one sitting so they were a success. Now I'm thinking of making one of the two with cheese & garlic in the middle.

Google just gives me recipes where the cheese & garlic is added to a ready-made sourdough baguette, which is not what I'm looking for.

What if I added the cheese, butter and garlic during the shaping of the baguette, in the centre of the baguette? Yes/no? Do you have a recipe?


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July 18, 2016 - 2:47pm -- gerhard

Cherie and I just returned home from our annual motorcycle trip.  This year we went to Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula and then down the east coast to Quincy Mass and then back home through Vermont.  I chose a route that would take us through Norwich VT and stayed there for a couple of days which gave us a chance to have breakfast at the King Arthur bakery/store twice.  If in the area we can recommend this as a worthwhile destination.



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I couldn't wait another day to order Tartine 3, and when I went to buy it, I found a "used like new" copy for under $12.  Must have been my day.  I made the first recipe using starter I had on hand, feeding twice daily preceding the bake, and used a young levain.  I'm not sure why the recipe calls for twice as much levain to be made as the recipe calls for.  Also, dutch ovens always burn the bottoms.

Other than than, I'm overall pleased with the result, and the crumb is pretty open for the percentage of WW used.  I wouldn't describe the crumb as "custardy," though.  I used 50/50 WW/AP for the "high extraction" per Robertson's suggestion.  I would prefer a dabrownman method sifting and pre-ferment of the bran, but I don't really have the setup for that yet (a mill, for instance).

I really enjoyed working with the high hydration dough at high temperature fermentation.  Here it is in stages.

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Tartine bread - no rise

July 18, 2016 - 2:09am -- nicolas-h

Hi guys

I've been trying my hand on the Tartine Country Bread for the last couple of weeks, and following the guidelines in the book step by step. But i have some issues with almost no rise in my dough after bulk fermentation (it's still really sticky, and doesnt come together as i have seen in some videos of the tartine recipe walkthrough). My dough just ends up as a blob after bulk fermentation, and after baking it turns out really flat (but with a great flavor nonetheless)


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