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Perfect Doughnut- please help

December 7, 2014 - 6:30pm -- Jkiger

Alright, we all know doughnuts are the best food thats ever existed. I can make a pretty mean doughnut, but its not where I want it to be yet. 

problem #1 would be the slight yeast taste that I cant get rid of. I use 1 packet of regular active dry yeast. Shorter rise time hasn't really made a differende either. Suggestions?

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It's all about the starter

December 7, 2014 - 4:21pm -- HappyHighwayman

3-4 years of baking now with lots and ups and downs has taught me one important thing. It's all about the starter/leaven. If the starter/leaven is strong and ready, I will get a fast rise and a solid bake. I will be able to bulk rise in 4-5 hours and keep it in a 37 F fridge for more than 12 hours without issue.

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Double fermented pumpernickle

December 7, 2014 - 4:17pm -- HappyHighwayman

Double fermented pumpernickle. I soaked crushed rye berries in water with some sourdough starter for 3 days and then mixed that in with the flour (50% white unbleached and 50% high extraction wheat), wheat germ and blackstrap molasses. 4 hour bulk rise and overnight in the fridge before baking in a dutch oven.



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Whale 7

my attempt to send a photo, but I think it is upside down....We love chewy crust, so this was baked the full tIme.  Great bread.

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After several weeks of whole and sprouted wheat, I needed a break and was seeking middle ground between the Multigrain SD breads I prefer and the soft sandwich type breads my husband prefers. And I missed including rye in the mix, the flavor it brings and even didn't care if the dough is kind of sticky. I wanted a soft, yet open crumb and rich flavor. So, what's in the kitchen to contribute? Rye (25%), of course, cornmeal (12%), caraway seed, a touch of molasses and an extra baked potato (15%). Aside from an overabundance of rice flour on the towel and neglecting to reduce the oven temp toward the end of the bake and nearly burning it, it came out alright.

And it has been a baking week, Fruitcake last weekend, SD English Muffins this morning (WW Date) and later, Cherry Chocolate Stout, slightly modified from one Wooden Spoon shared with us a while back. Really looking forward to the finished bread. I'm in SF's now and each time I uncover the dough, the stout wafts up to me.  :)

Happy Baking, Everyone!

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Big Party breads...

December 7, 2014 - 2:00pm -- drogon

Had a big party last night and baked a couple of big loaves for it. My usual 70/30 mix of strong white + local stonerground wholemeal (and my wheat sourdough starter) plus some of Shipton mills 5-seed mix. I made 2 of these out of about 2.5Kg of dough in total.

And I remembered to take a photo before cutting it all up!


Big Party Bread

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Forkish 75% Whole wheat levain bread with fresh yeast

December 7, 2014 - 12:40pm -- Bröterich

I got my hands on some fresh yeast yesterday and tried it on Forkish's 75% Whole wheat levain bread (p. 144) with fresh yeast.

I followed the recipe pretty closely with some variations.

Instead of whole wheat flour I used organic Red Fife wheat which seems to be similar in consistency to whole wheat.

I found that my doughs get a little too wet for my handling skills when I use the amount of water that the recipe calls for.

I used 620 mL instead of 660 mL.

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California cottage law!

December 7, 2014 - 10:59am -- hmcinorganic

I've been out of the loop for about 2 years, but apparently CA passed a cottage food law and it is now relatively easy for me to (legally) sell my bread that I make at home. Wow!

Anyone have any suggestions? I am not doing this for the money, but I am excited about the possibility of selling something that I made. I LOVE to make bread, and the opportunity to get paid for it... even a few hundred dollars a year, so exciting.


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