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Why does my bread at times split open while it is baking?

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Cooling before slicing

January 3, 2017 - 2:13pm -- Eclarner

I like my bread fresh and ready in the morning.  I usually do the refrigerator proof overnight and bake when I wake up, but I just don't know the right amount of time to wait before cutting in to it.  Would it be wiser to bake it in the evening and then cool it overnight in order to be ready in the morning?  I have considered this but worry it won't be so fresh.  

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Lazy Loafer

I baked something I hardly ever do anymore (for some reason) - a simple white ciabatta. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to work with a soft, silky, high-hydration white dough with olive oil, and simply fold it into a rough shape. The bread was perfect cut into pieces for dipping into our New Year's Eve cheese fondue, as well as simply enjoying with butter or whatever. Even dry leftover cubes went into the bowls of stew made from the leftover meats, broth and vegetables from the broth fondue, to soak up all that tasty goodness. The first loaf went before I had a chance to photograph the crumb, but the second is in the freezer and I'll try and remember a crumb shot before it's all gone!

Something I should make more often. :)

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Truth Serum

   Cookies and yeasted Pretzels  were my gateway baking experience to bread! And this is a post about cookies. On November 2 I had the good fortune of meeting Dori Greenspan, noted cookbook author. I brought my wellworn cookbook,  Paris Sweets  for her to sign and she also signed a copy of her new latest cookie cookbook, Dorie's Cookies! 

 The recipe is in both of these cookbooks but it is a tasty recipe. I'm not going to give it here but you would be able to find it if you would buy the book.  I don't think it's my favorite chocolate cookie but it is it tasty chocolate cookie.  I think if people made more of these cookies there would be more peace in the world! 

I have been baking cookies for many years and it was a personal thrill to meet a cookbook author!  

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Oven spring problem

January 3, 2017 - 7:48am -- fechetm

dear Tfl members, 

For some time I have an oven spring problem. I am using spelt flour, and an Ankarsrum mixer, 70% hydration. Autolyse for  30 min, 7 min mixing, a couple of SF during bulk fermentation. Gluten had a good development. One thing I noticed was that the dough after mixing had 30 degrees C. I shaped 2 boule (about 700g each), and retard at 4 C overnight in bannetons. I baked in a cloche at 240 C. The loaf in the left was not scored. Both had poor oven spring (actually no oven spring), and the one I scored collapsed immediately after scoring!

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Glass bread

January 3, 2017 - 4:46am -- inumeridiieri

Galss bread my first attempt. I was curious to try this bread, for the recipe i folowed this

Only change stiff sourdough with liquid starter

Wheat flour 300 g

Water 300 g

Salt 6 g

Liquid levain 45 g

Yeast 12 g

Malt 3 g

Bulk fermentation 3 hours division and goes into the oven

The mixing time lasted 20 minutes. I would have to string ( incordare i don't know how to say ) better.

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Molds in Dough!!

January 2, 2017 - 11:22pm -- Windy lim

Hi everyone! I've left my dough to autolyse (milk and flour) to make a dinner rolls, my suppose to be 30 mins autolyse became 3 days!! Long story, etc. Left it at room temperature, now I remembered and check it becomes moldy and sort of likes burst texture instead of smooth texture. Question is should I throw or safe to bake?

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These were a few of my favorite things

Whole Wheat Fig-Pecan with 75% hydration mixed flour Levain

Hamelman Olive with 125% hydration Rye Levain

SFBI Pain au Levain with caraway seeds, cornstarch glaze and 75% hydration mixed flour Levain

Hamelman Sesame Semolina with  with 125% hydration Rye Levain

Hamelman Pain au Levain with 2 starters, stiff and liquid Levains

Hamelman Pain au Levain with Whole Wheat and 61% hydration stiff Levain

Forkish Field Blend #2 with 75% hydration mixed flour Levain

Forkish Artisan Bakery Style Country Blonde with 75% hydration mixed flour Levain

Snyder Pugliese Capriccioso with 75% hydration mixed flour Levain

SJSD with 100% hydration mixed flour Levain

son of SJSD with 75% hydration mixed flour Levain


Sesame Semolina Capriccioso with 50% hydration mixed flour Levain

Rye with caraway seeds, cornstarch glaze and 100% Rye Levain

And then, there were the batards.  Maybe another day...

Happy New Year, alan


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