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This bread is the result of combining the 3 starters that I have been maintaining. I have been feeding it all week to ensure it was nice and lively, and it seems to have paid off. The only problem was that hubby was trying to be helpful and he washed the container before I could remember that I needed some to feed and keep in the fridge. So I need to go back to my 3 original starters and repeat what I did last week. Oh well!

The next issue was that the basement fridge died completely so I am still up baking at 4 am. I am hoping the new fridge is here by next weekend. And Dab, your estimate of a 2 hour proof was spot on!

So that being said, here is the recipe:

1. Toast 75 g of pumpkin seeds. 

2. Soak 75 g of cranberries in 100 g hot water and when it cools off, add 30 g organic yogurt. Let sit for several hours (I had a pottery workshop so letting it sit for 30 minutes would probably be sufficient. )

3. Autolyse all of the above with 570 g of water, 550 g of unbleached flour, 150 g multigrain flour, 50 g dark rye, 150 fresh milled Kamut flour and 52 g fresh milled Selkirk flour. Let sit for 1-2 hours. 

4. Add 22 g sea salt and 266 g of 80% levain (this has 1/5 whole grain dark rye in it). Integrate well by pinching and folding. I added about another 5 g or so of water.

5. Do 4 sets of folds every 30 minutes and let bulk ferment in warm place till double. Divide into 3 loaves or two larger ones. Baking will be different for larger loaves. 

6. Preshape, rest 15 minutes, do final shape and put into bannetons for proofing. Cover or put into plastic bags. 

7. Proof for 2 hours at room temp (72F). I would normally proof in the fridge but you know the story. 

8. Preheat oven to 475F, load hot Dutch ovens and drop temp to 450F. I find that baking under convection helps prevent burned bottoms. I seem to have one hot spot and I burned the bottom of one loaf in the first batch. Second batch is fine. After 25 minutes, remove lids and bake a further 20 minutes at 425 F. 

9. If baking 2 large loaves, preheat oven to 500F, load pots and bake for 20 Minutes. Drop temp to 450 F and bake 10 more minutes. Remove kids and bake till nice and brown, usually another 25 minutes. 

Crumb shot later when I cut into the burnt loaf. Out of 12 loaves, 8 are going to friends, 3 to the soup kitchen and the burnt one to us. 

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here's a 30% spelt SD bread, leavened with 2% spent rye starter. 70% hydratio. Bulked for 12 hours At RT 27c. Minimal S&F for 1 min then rest 20 mins with 5 folds each time for 3 times. Final proof for 1 hour at RT 30c. Baked in DO.

Feeling refreshed after a day of basic bread making with Dean Brettschneider recently and hopeful for many more times to come!


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Leaving uncooked rolled cinnamon buns in fridge overnight

March 18, 2017 - 5:03pm -- Bunlover3000

Hello fellow baked goods enthusiasts. It is currently almost 8 PM. My sister and I just made some cinnamon buns. They have completed the rising process and are ready to be baked, but we've decided we'd prefer to bake them in the morning and enjoy them for breakfast. Is it OK to refrigerate them overnight and bake them in the morning, or will this spell disaster for our buns? Thank you in advance for your help.

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This is the result of lowering hydration from 72% to 71% as well as very close eye on final proofing times. 796g t65 + 4g fava 568g h20 7g fresh yeast and 16g salt. Shaping was much more controlled and came off the couch very easily. The spring was fantastic and starting to see cute little ears. Oh yeah taste pretty good too :)

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Today I felt like baking a Rührkuchen (sort of like a pond cake but less butter and less sugar, never enjoyed these super-sweet bakeries that we have here in the US).

Turns out we have no butter in the fridge---oil will do in a pinch! No Milk? Water will do, no electric mixer? 30 min of whisking is not too bad, it's a good exercise.

Wife does not like powdered sugar or sugar glazing? We'll eat the cake alfresco so to speak with a hand-brewed cup of coffee.

It may not be a cake according in compliance with the recipe, but it tastes good, looks ok, I am happy.

Original recipe:

Recipe #1292 in Hofmann, M. and Dr. H. Lydtin, Bayrisches Kochbuch, 53rd Edition, Birken Verlag 1986, ISBN 3-920 105-01-X, p. 610



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My "play dough".. Hemp hearts and golden flax..

March 18, 2017 - 7:23am -- bread1965

Hot out of the oven.. I was planning on a remake of a whole wheat sandwich loaf this weekend but didn't get around to buying the right flower.. having already started a levain build I decided to experiment.. I was inspired by a post Dani3II3 put up recently that included hemp harts, I thought "why not"... it's an adhoc recipe..

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Problem with fridge rise on Tartine bread

March 18, 2017 - 6:49am -- singermane

Normally, I get great results with the Tartine sourdough recipe. I rose the bread in the fridge for about 17 hours overnight. When I baked it, I had a very close crumb, with a gummy texture. What happened? 

I'm guessing I over proofed it. How long can bread rise in the fridge?

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Hi all

March 18, 2017 - 6:31am -- rsergio007

Just a quick introduction.

I've started making bread at home a month ago. My objective is to be able to produce some classic Portuguese breads. I tried some recipes of the Internet but ended up buying a book, "The Larousse Book of Bread" by French baker Eric Kayser, since many concepts in French baking are similar to the Portuguese ones.

I have my own starter now, and have been baking daily trying to get the hang of it, and trying to get consistent results. Not there yet, but with a bit of help here and there, I'm positive I'll manage some great results soon.


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