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RIDICULOUS amount of starter!

November 22, 2016 - 4:17pm -- KayDee1

I'm not kidding. So much, that I'm embarrassed to tell you. 

What are your favorite ways to use starter (other than bread). Let's call it discard, because if I don't use it, definitely needs to be reduced.

I've read about pancakes (we don't care for waffles) and other things like that. 

What would happen if I used extra starter and less flour and water in a basic recipe? 

Any suggestions for using it will be much appreciated!


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Sourdough Pizza: Problems adapting a professional recipe for home use

November 22, 2016 - 12:17pm -- GFBP

Hello all!

I love baking.  I want to pursue my dream of a little pizza/cafe/bakery in the country.   I just got back from a month-long apprenticeship at a great little place that does it all.   I have a recipe for sourdough pizza dough that I made every day for a month as an apprentice at a bakery.    I mixed, shaped, and baked these into wonderful pies.  I also baked the daily sourdough (similar to Tartine's recipe).

But now I'm at home.  Sort of a devolution.  I know I learned a process that was vetted.   Tested.  Proven.     Here it is:

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Hello everyone! New to baking.

November 22, 2016 - 10:49am -- GFBP

Hello all-

This is my first post to The Fresh Loaf.  I'm going to start my journey toward opening my own pizza/cafe/bakery.  I'm a decent home cook with little baking experience.  I know my task is a difficult one.   But I believe that I can make great food if I put in the work and time.   To that end I am giving myself 2 years to open.   Through planning, I am able to work from home during this time and dedicate most of my life to this endeavor.  

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The BBGA formula sheet

November 22, 2016 - 10:18am -- alfanso

I recently came across a comment by proth5 from two years ago while perusing a current comment from that old thread.  She is an active Bread Baker's Guild of America member, who was participating in formula formatting at the time.  Following the link to led me to a BBGA formula formatting article from 2009 which is worth its weight in gold.

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trouble with kitchenaid classic plus mixer

November 21, 2016 - 8:04pm -- charlesss

hi, im new heree. :)

im having trouble with my KA classic plus stand mixer, i noticed that it really got hot the first time a made a single loaf of bread, 70% hydration, aproxx 600grams of dough. 

so i tested it and run it with no load for 15 mins, and it still got significantly warm (can touch but not comfy)

what could be the problem? please help thank you :(

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2nd loaf, better than the first

November 21, 2016 - 4:56pm -- KayDee1

But still have a long way to go. Did follow a recipe from start to finish as recommended here. I think it was underbaked after all was said and done. The crust is soft (my wife likes that ) and the crumb is VERY stretchy with extremely moist texture. Nice holes though, and good taste.

So! Onward and forward to loaf three that hopefully will be better.

Oh, I baked it in a preheated DO covered for 30 minutes. (500 degrees, first ten then dropped to 475 for remainder). The DO was on a pizza stone. The bottom of the bread started getting too dark, so I took it out. 

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New Baking Podcast!

November 21, 2016 - 3:17pm -- Taunya

Hi Everybody!
I recently discovered there are no baking podcasts so my sister and I decided to create one. Please give a listen and subscribe. Laugh with us AND at us; we don't mind, promise!
In addition to talking about everything baking, we will talk about our successes & challenges of our cottage bakery and our plans/progress to expand to opening a store front.…/…/the-baking-podcast/id1174075197


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Well I now have baked through a bag of 00 flour and absolutely love the pizza crust it makes! Of course the two grocery stores in my small mountain town no longer carry 00 flour. Fortunately I found an on-line source here in Canada to mail order 00 flour:  Whew!

The dough for this pizza had been refrigerated for at least 5 days and still made an excellent result. I have taken a page out of Ken Forkish's book and finish baking the pizza under the 500F broiler which chars parts of the crust and finishes things off nicely.

I start rolling the crust out with a rolling pin, then shape the crust edge by hand, working the dough on baker's parchment. I start with extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil, followed by home made tomato gravy, prosciutto, Hungarian salami, cooked and diced bacon, chunks of fresh mozzarella and grated Reggiano parmigiana. Bella!!!

The bad thing is that there is a pizza joint in my neighbourhood making pizza I really liked.  Sadly with the results I have been getting, they won't see much of me again. 

I am frankly amazed at the difference 00 flour makes in pizza dough and crust!

Happy baking! Ski


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