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Please help me troubleshoot blowout

April 23, 2017 - 10:46am -- debbahs

This is my first attempt at Hamelman's Whole Wheat with Multigrain Soaker (levain). Everything went splendidly, all along the dough behaved as expected, and given it was my first time with this formula I followed it exactly. 

Formed into rounds and final ferment for about an hour in banetons. Scored as usual. Preheated and steamed oven as usual. Then this happened. Blowouts in both loaves, in the exact same spot, along one of the score lines.  

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picture posting help

April 23, 2017 - 10:33am -- ifaey

Sorry to post this in general forum- I've combed the pic post FAQ and tried to find some kind of direct contact email for site questions, but no dice. I've been trying for two hours to post multiple pictures on a post, and- though they show up in the body of the post draft- they don't show up in either the preview or on the published post. I've tried the tree button, the folder button, the image insert, the image upload, drag and drop and the media button. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks very much. Again, sorry to muck up the board with technical questions.

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Toaster Oven with Enough Height for Bread Baking

April 23, 2017 - 9:50am -- TeaHerbMilkSoaps

Hi everyone,

I have been baking bread for a few years now.  I started with a bread machine which increased my interest in baking bread from scratch, which is now where I am.  I regularly use a toaster oven with great results for baking bread as I live in a small apartment, however, I have to cut my dough in half as my toaster oven does not have enough height for the dough to rise and bake.  I love breads that are large in height and cutting one slice in half is more than enough for a sandwich.

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Can one purchase frozen raw bread dough?

April 22, 2017 - 6:54pm -- Emerogork

When I did a search for it, I see a few entries but then the list digresses to partially cooked frozen or fully cooked frozen.  I see that I can purchase 24 loaves for almost $100 and would consider it but wonder if it is a bit steep just to learn a lesson on what not to do. 

I just want to get creative and start by purchasing frozen raw dough. 
What should I look for?


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It started out innocently enough. There I was, looking at my starter, and I thought, "Hey, I know. I'll just go ahead and reboot the starter into a straight NMNF batch, really dilute the last of the whole wheat out of it, get it up to 95%+ rye. That's what I'll do." And so I did. Pulled 8 grams out, washed out the jar, put the 8 grams back in and added flour and water, set the timer.

Then I took the leftovers and added it to the leftovers in the fridge. It was a lot. And then I thought, "Hey, since I'm on the NMNF plan now, I won't be creating any new leftovers. Maybe I should go ahead and just use all of this up in something!"

And that's how it began.

So I looked at the usual suspects - pancakes, waffles, etc. But I didn't really need 30 pancakes. So I kept looking and ran across an interesting recipe. 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough. This picture really caught my eye...

Doesn't that just look yummy? And what an interesting shape and scoring! OK, I'm in.

So I put the recipe into a spreadsheet and convert everything to grams. As it turns out, it's a pretty hydrated recipe. Over-hydrated until you get to the last step, which is basically "just keep adding flour until it stops sticking." Sounds like a plan. Also sounds very familiar. *ahem*

It called for a cup of starter, approximately 250g. I have 500g. But I wanted to use it all up at once, so I adjusted the recipe in my spreadsheet. And that would have fixed everything just right, but evidently I have a problem following recipes, even my own adjusted recipes in a spreadsheet. And when I got down to the liquids part, I looked at the wrong column and added the full amount of soy milk and water. *doh!* Fortunately I discovered this before I got to the end, so I knew I would need to adjust the flour back to original levels as well. Actually, above the original levels by 125g. So I did all that and mixed it and...........still too wet.

So I added flour 30g at a time, over and over, until finally I had a nice big pile of dough that I could handle. Holy crap, that's a huge blob! After the first rise I punched it down and added some blueberries in as I folded it. It is now doing its final rise in my dutch oven. It's pushing the boundaries of my parchment paper. This should be interesting!

Pics in a bit...

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This is how I roll...baguettes, baby!

April 22, 2017 - 2:46pm -- kendalm

Well aside from brining the ever loving $#!+ out of my arm after number one fell to the very back of the oven today, this is a very pleasing batch with the best bloom I've coaxed yet. So on purpose I snapped a typical Don Baggs angle hoping to evoke just a little fear into the mind of our well known baguette master and maybe reload the excitement of a few weeks ago where several of our members most brilliantly converted a simple thread into part 4 of the G-dfather franchise. To the mattresses!

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5 lb bread "can"?

April 22, 2017 - 11:44am -- dlassiter

I'd like to get a few flour storage containers that are METAL, as in, a big can with a simple press-top lid. I have a nice one that I got a few decades ago. Well, it's as "nice" as you can expect something like that to be. But all I see now are plastic containers with fancy hinged and lockable lids. I see expensive metal ones that are decorated with old-fashioned bakery art. You're paying for the art. Anyone know of any sources?

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Hot Cross Buns - aced!

April 22, 2017 - 11:25am -- Lazy Loafer

I finally fixed all the problems I was having with early batches of HCBs this year. They started off with ho-hum taste, then I had problems kneading the fruit and spices into the dough, and then they didn't rise. But the last nine dozen turned out wonderful! Here are the main things I settled on, ingredient-wise and technique-wise:


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