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Final rise not good enough

September 1, 2015 - 9:58am -- crackerman

Am using a wholewheat starter and feed it the day before my first build, then let it sit for 3 hours. Then back in the fridge.

Next day it's 11 ounce starter plus 4 pounds of whole wheat and almost 2 quarts of water. Basically this is the Hamelman approach with a different flour mix. This concoction will double in volume within 10 hours. Then I mix 4.9 liters of water plus 8.5 kilos of unbleached, unbromated flour, 12% protein. I add salt, 190 grams plus less than an ounce of yeast for back up.

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It will be an interesting bread day

September 1, 2015 - 7:23am -- clazar123

My first official bake in my new home and I haven't really baked in a few months,already it is interesting. I hope it will turn out.

I fed my sd cultures last night and left the discard container on the counter overnight to make pancakes  this morning. Then I made a container (almost identical looking) of preferment for breadbaking and left it on the coounter,also. You can probablypredict what I did.

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French Baguette Crumb Turns Brown

September 1, 2015 - 5:51am -- mwayne

Folks, I'm trying to make an amazing French Baguette for my wife how is French and we cannot find good ones around here.

I got Hard White Wheat, stone ground it and sifted to 70% extraction with fine sifting.

I also sprouted some wheat kernels and then dried them in a dehydrator an then grown them also very fine. Have a nice jar of this which smells awesome.

I used recipe of 65% water to flour and 0.5% of yeast and 2% of salts and 0.2% of malt.

Also back the bread in an oven that is sealed with steam.

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First Bread didnt rise......pic attached

September 1, 2015 - 1:50am -- samin1987

I did the Flo 1-2-3 method as I find it super easy


I did ...200g starter, 400g water, 600g flour + salt (I probably skimped on the salt a bit-could this be a reason?)

I also then used (2) 9.25"x5.25" pans...I think for this amount I should have used just 1 pan BUT I googled and it said these pans should have 1.25lb dough-2lb and I did weigh out my dough and it matched this criteria?

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Anne-Marie B

Berry season. Strawberry Focaccia for brekky. It melts in the mouth.


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