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durum flour

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I found durum flour in grand rapids

September 21, 2010 - 11:53am -- midwest baker

I found durum flour in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Russo's on 29th street. It costs 2.99 for 2 lbs. If you live in the area, run out and get some. If there is none on the shelf, ask and they will get you some from the back. The more people buy it, the more they will keep on hand. This is durum flour, not its grainier sister, semolina.

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In Search of WHOLE GRAIN Durum/Semolina Flour

September 19, 2010 - 3:20pm -- homemadeisalway...

I was wondering if anyone knows of a place/website that sells WHOLE GRAIN durum of semolina flour. All of the flour I find in shops has been sifted, and while I understand excellent gluten development is the whole point of durum and semolina flours, I would still like to get a whole grain source of this type of flour.

All responses are appreciated. 

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I'm fighting a nasty cold. I don't have the snowstorm excuse to stay shut in and bake bread, so ... whatever. 

I baked the San Francisco Sourdough from Michel Suas' "Advanced Bread & Pastry" again. Delicious, and not at all aggressively sour.


I also made Italian Bread with biga naturale - my sourdough version of Peter Reinhart's "Italian Bread" in BBA, which uses a yeasted biga.

I like this bread a lot (my version, not PR's). The formula has been posted in a previous blog entry, Sourdough Italian Bread and Sandwich Rolls. I'd been meaning to make it with some Durum flour after my last bake, and I finally got around to it. I substituted  25% of the total "Bread Flour" with Durum flour. Good choice.

This bread is similar to Maggie Glazer's Sourdough Challah in that it combines a slightly sweet dough with a mild sourdough tang. I definitely like this combination of flavors.

I mixed the biga last night and let it ferment over-night. I mixed the dough this morning after I got "activated' ... 10:30 am? It was baked, cooled and ready for dinner at 7:30 pm.

My formula for Sunday-morning-with-a-cold activation:

It took two this morning.


Submitted to YeastSpotting

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I made JoeVa's sourdough with Durum Flour and while very tasty there are more holes than crumb. Anyone know why? I followed his formula but added 1 TBLS. vital wheat gluten because I was using all purpose flour with the durum and thought the AP might need a boost. When I took it out of the fridge this morning it looked ready to bake so as soon as the oven was ready I put one in then baked the other when the first came out. This photo is of the second loaf. The crumb was not as open on the first but almost. You can see I did not get the lift that Joe got. Like I said, the taste was very good.

I plan to do this again soon using higluten flour and I just might bulk ferment the dough overnight and stretch/fold and shape/bake the net day.





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Durum flour as a flavor enhancer @ ehanner

November 2, 2009 - 10:19am -- dmsnyder

Hi, Eric.

In another topic (, you mentioned using a small amount of durum flour in dough as a flavor enhancer. How much do you use? 5-10%?

Are you using fine durum flour for this or semolina?

This sounds like something I need to try.


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extra fancy durum flour

May 15, 2008 - 6:47am -- postino

I have been trying to find durum flour for a while now, exclusive of buying it from KA and/or paying as much for shipping as for the product itself. I finally was able to purchase it through my local health food store. Only catch is that I had to purchase 50#. I like to bake bread but 50# bag is too much. Anyone living in The Tacoma Seattle WA area and would like to share, please respond to I paid about $65.

Tony Lamberti 


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