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In Search of WHOLE GRAIN Durum/Semolina Flour

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In Search of WHOLE GRAIN Durum/Semolina Flour

I was wondering if anyone knows of a place/website that sells WHOLE GRAIN durum of semolina flour. All of the flour I find in shops has been sifted, and while I understand excellent gluten development is the whole point of durum and semolina flours, I would still like to get a whole grain source of this type of flour.

All responses are appreciated. 

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I have the impression that the durum flour sold by Bob's Red Mill and KAF are whole grain. If you know differently, please tell us.


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Bob's Red Mill doesn't make durum flour, their product is a regular semolina, certainly not whole grain.

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see link above.  I've ordered from Rhonda before, both whole grain rye and wheat. Clean grain, organic and the best I've used.  Would think her Durum is of equivalent value.  Cheers...

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If you a have a store in the vicinity that caters to natives of India it could be well worth checking out - some (but not all, I think) varieties of atta flour are whole grain durum.

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Most of those places hold very old flour that is commonly infested because they don't turn their product very often. At least thats the case at everyone near me. And I've noticed they only have the bran, not the germ.

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Thank you Nick for the kind remarks. I sell whole grain durum flour. I grind it myself so it is nice and fresh.


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I grind it fresh to order.

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I was just checking out the site and remembered seeing your query re: whole-grain durum flour.  Way down at the bottom of this page, whole-wheat durum flour is mentioned:

They may carry what you're looking for?   Regards, breadsong