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Durum flour handled too much?

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Durum flour handled too much?

Can I handle the dough too much?  I am working on a much larger batch of bread than I've ever done before--about 8 loaves of a rustic Italian loaf with durum flour acpunting for about 2/3 total flour content.  It's about 66% hydration. 

My concern is that it got to be too much to finicsh last night--sick dog, etc.--so I put it in the refrigerator to retard overnight.  Because I didn't think to divide it last night, the whole mass of dough cooled slowly, so I turned it several times.  Same thing this morning, trying to return it to room temp.  Now my once glossy surface is rather rough looking.  Could it be that that much handling, with a high percentage of delicate durum flour, has broken the strands?  Should I start over?? I've committed to bread for the church bake sale tomorrow and the clock is ticking.

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it just doesn't bear long fermentation times. Most of the times it's a very weak flour.

I had a dough totally splashed after 8 hours.

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I've had one experience with Durum wheat, in a recipe by  Dan Leader. I believe it was called Semolina sandwich bread. I used  Durum flour and was well pleased with the result. No other flour type was incorporated, just straight durum. I know one loaf doesn't make an expert, and I never tried retarding the dough, but from that one try, I wouldn't characterize durum as delicate. I hope you were able to shape them and bake them, with good results.  Ray