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I didn't get a picture of the sticky buns I made from Mark's recipe that I have had since April. Been trying to make them and these cinnamon rolls forever but haven't had time. So the past two days I have been doing nothing but baking and these rolls are great! Thank you Zolablue for sharing the recipe and Thank you Mark for sharing your recipe. They are both hits! (I omitted the salt in Zolablue's recipe due to the fact that I had salty mashed potatoes with sour cream left over to make the dough with.)

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls II

Edit**- I also made 24 rolls out of this batch of dough which when weighed was around 1622 grams. Anyone else have this happen?

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chahira daoud

Hello guys , did you miss me ???

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semi-wild bread

The cooler weather has set in with a vengeance and whenever it is windy, our draughty house is even colder than usual. Consequently, I was once again having difficulty getting dough and/or shaped bread to rise.

cold kitchen = SLOW rise

So I decided to add a tiny bit of commercial yeast to our wild bread recipe. The dough still took forever to rise - it was after midnight when I took the bread out of the oven. I had hoped and expected to be baking the bread just before dinner at around 19:30... but I didn't get to shape it until 19:00!!

I really should have taken a photo of the bread just before it went into the oven. It was easily half the height. Talk about oven spring!

semi-wild bread

The crumb was nicely chewy and the flavour had a slight sour tone but a lovely nutty flavour. Even though the crust was quite dark, there was not even a hint of burnt aroma or taste.

Here is the recipe I used:

semi-wild bread


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Does anyone know when this special baking day was started?  I have just read about it today on a recipe site. 


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hi everybody new here really like this site

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Today had been planned to be a baking day since I have company this weekend. I made a preferment (sans commercial yeast) last night for some Challah, and realized I had more than enough. I decided to try Norm's Onion Rolls with a levain instead and the results are good. Great taste, however, I didn't deflate them enough.Then as I decided to look over at TFL this A.M. and I found Norm has done it again, another recipe. So, that said, I had to try the new rolls. Great and light,very easy and THANK YOU Norm, again!! You are an amazing baker!! Kudos and to eveyone reading this you should try them if you have the chance.

 Overall it has been a great bake day. I also made Mark's Sticky Buns which are great too! However, I didn't get a picture of them. Maybe Thursday I can bake some more.

New rolls are the knotted and the levain have the onion poppy seed

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I had leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge this weekend. I made a couple of different breads with them. One was the yeasted, eggy, buttery sweet bread from Bernard Clayton's book. The name of the recipe is escaping me now, but it makes great toast.

The other I made was a sourdough.

The best sourdough I've made in months. Amazing how a half a cup of potatoes softens everything up. It was great with a roasted red pepper topping I made I made and a pot of soup.

BTW, the cheapest place to get Roasted Red Peppers in my neighborhood? Dollar Tree. They have good olives too, both imported from Turkey.

* * *

In site news, I'm hoping to upgrade TFL to the latest version of Drupal and upgrade the server to a faster box over Thanksgiving weekend. I've started working on it already. I still have quite a few kinks to work out. Stay tuned.

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I currently use SAF instant yeast.  However, in King Arthur's recent catalog they list a yeast that I haven't seen before; SAF Gold instant yeast (page 11: "yeast", olive colored rectangle).  The ad write-up states: "saf gold instant yeast Specially formulated to provide the very best rise in doughs high in sugar (sweet breads) or acid (sourdough) 15.86 oz. - [item no.] 1457  $6.95"

Has anyone had experience using this yeast in a sourdough?  If so, please post a short note re: results.

Thanks in advance,


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I am doing this so I think I can put the pictures of breads I made this past few days




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