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Hey everyone!  I'm back from my big trip and I've got some stuff to share with you, mostly coming in the form of links to stuff I posted along the way on my phone. Lastly is a short video I made of the baking session I had in Moscow in the middle of May. 

Here are a bunch of photos I took, both personal and professional along the way.

These are some photos from when I was working at the Black Dog Bar & Grill outside Prague.

And this is my bakery FB page that provides a little bit of narrative on some of the photos (if you look hard enough)  :)




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One more video for the Freshloafians.  Yesterday was a great day at the market and I made a video about it!  Enjoy :)


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Yes, I know I've been the absentee baker from TFL lately, but hey that's how it goes sometimes :)

Here's my latest and greatest update about my upcoming baking tour of Europe and Russia.  Enjoy!


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This was filmed between 5:00 AM and 10:00 PM on Wednesday September 3, 2014.  I was getting ready for and at the final market of the season in Big Sky, Montana.  Enjoy.  :)


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It was a cold and rainy morning...but it was market day and the people needed their bread and pastries...

Shot between 1:00 AM and 1:30 PM yesterday, August 23, 2014.  Enjoy.


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Today I baked up a few 100% rye ("Cocktail Rye") with this cool pan that I picked up from WalMart a couple of months ago.  The metal is a little thin, so I put it on a sheet pan to bake.  After some experimenting, I found 1kg of dough for each loaf fills out each channel nicely. 

As you probably know, Montana is well known for some of the best flour in the world, and the organic rye that I use from Montana Flour and Grain is my favorite.  It's slightly sweet and perfect for this type of bread.  This is my recipe that I used for 3kg of dough:

Organic Rye Flour: 1704g
Cold Water: 1176g
100% hydration Rye Starter: 120g
Salt: 33g

Over time, I've adjusted the recipe so I can use a dough hook rather than a paddle for mixing, so the dough is the consistency of thick clay when mixed.  It's shaped immediately after mixing, then topped, covered and allowed to rise.  Last night it rose for 16 hours at an average temperature of 68F (20C).  It was baked at 405F (207C) with initial steam, for 40 minutes. 

Normally they cool completely for a few hours before wrapping or slicing them, but since I had to get out the door for deliveries pretty quickly, they were sliced and packaged about 45 minutes after being baked (still warm).  I cut each loaf in half, wrapped each half in two damp paper towels, then wrapped them again tightly with plastic wrap.  As the loaves cool, they suck in the moisture from the towel and the condensation softens the crust perfectly. 

The first photo shows them immediately after shaping - topped with caraway seeds, dusted with rye flour, and topped with fennel seeds.  Next, they are shown 16 hours later.  The third photo is after they emerge from the oven, and finally after being sliced in half (the plain rye is wrapped and ready).

PS If you want to see other stuff I've been up to, be sure to check out the bakery FB page!

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It's been a little while since I last told you people about the progress of the bakery here in Belgrade/Bozeman/Big Sky, MT.  In fact, in my last blog entry I was writing about the soon-to-start Big Sky Farmers' Market.

Last night was market #7 up in Big Sky, and this past Saturday was the #9 Bozeman market at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds in downtown Bozeman.

Both of them have gone well, with the Saturday market being more of a breakfast focus and the Wednesday market primarily being dinner/appetizer based.

I've developed a very loyal customer base in both places, and I decided to ask a couple of the customers to come inside the trailer while I was busily working to take some photos for my bakery Facebook page and this TFL blog entry.  Paul and Kim Cameron of Bugaboo Cafe in Big Sky graciously obliged, and snapped bunches of pictures, some of which are below:

There I am pulling some scorching hot baguettes off their pans for customers waiting by the windows.  Last night I sold more baguettes than I had ever sold in one market, despite the rain and lightning that slowed the last half of the market. 


When I got home and checked out the photos Paul had taken, I saw this one and thought 'Now that's a cool one!'


The market has just started and the baguettes are flying out the window!


You can see the customer standing on a platform I had built that raises them up to the same level that I am standing at.


Don't forget the pastries...


Proof that Sinclair's Bakery is at the end of the rainbow!


I've got some more photos on the bakery Facebook page over here...and just so you know that I'm also taking the time to enjoy the people and scenery of the area, I've included a couple of photos below. 



I'm the one with the cowboy hat :)  This past Saturday after a busy market and a quick nap, some of my homies and I performed a few songs on ukulele for a local show.  It was a lot of fun!  Here's an article the local paper did about the ukulele group about a month ago!


And...last but definitely not least, here I am doing some flying just outside of Bozeman on a training hill.  I'm in the process of getting my paragliding certification, and my next flight will be a BIG one from one of the mountains just outside of town.  :)

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Hey there everyone.  It's been a couple of months since my last update so for those who haven't been keeping track on Facebook, here goes.

The farmers' market season is just getting rolling.  There are plenty of events here in the Gallatin Valley, plus some in nearby towns and counties.  I decided not to pick up any wholesale accounts until after the market season has slowed down later in the season.  Today was my third time selling at the Gallatin County Farmers' Market, and Wednesday was my 5th evening market in Livingston, MT.  Livingston is just north of Yellowstone National Park and just under an hour east of Belgrade, MT.

And just so you don't think I'm just standing around taking pictures of the scenery, here's some filled rolls that I sell at the evening market.  The ones with the white sesame seeds have shredded beef in them, the mixed seeds designate chicken teriyaki filling.  Thanks Michelle for the suggestion on the toppings :)


This is the cross section of some croissant dough I made that I was particularly proud of.  Nice, huh?  When it comes out like that, you just go 'aaaaaaaahhhhhhh'.

Here are some strudels I was making yesterday morning while it was still nice and cool.

Below are some croissants I baked up at the market today in Bozeman at the fairgrounds.  "Quick, I need to get a picture before the customers come!"  A vendor came to get one before the market started.  I told him they were currently in the oven, and when he asked how long he'd have to wait, I turned the timer around so he could see it.  "Two and a half minutes," I said.  How's that?

Buckwheat Flax and Sour Rye 400g mini loaves


Next week, I'll be trying the market at Big Sky and possibly testing the waters here in Belgrade at the evening market they have on Thursdays.

After a short hiatus from the baking world because of my move, it's nice to be back in the mix and to be hearing things like, "I used to live in Paris, and this pain au chocolat is better than any I ever had there!" 

I had one customer two weeks ago who told me, "My wife is very particular about her baguettes; she's French.  I'll take one and if she likes it, we'll be back next week."  This week he came back with a smile on his face and his wife.  "Well, I told you I'd be back if she liked it.  We'll take two!"  His wife chimed in, "Three."  :)

Another woman, probably in her late 70's, and with a thick accent came back and bought three baguettes.  She told me, "Last week I got one of your long breads, and it was the best bread I'd ever had, so this week I'm getting three!"  I asked her, "Do you mind if I ask where your accent is from?"  She said, "Switzerland.  Basel"  I told her "When I was a teenager my family and I traveled to the Engadin Valley and I enjoyed the bread and pastries so much, I decided I was going to become a baker."  She smiled.

Anyway, that's the short of it; word is spreading fast and all of the good bread and pastry loving people are coming out of the woodwork.  If you'd like to see more pictures, you can check out the bakery Facebook page here.  All of the photos are set to public view, so you shouldn't need a FB account to see them.

Happy Baking everyone.


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So the last you heard, I was picking up my trailer and just about to get the show on the road.  Well, I haven't quite been 'on the road' baking yet, but I have been using the trailer as an 'at home' bakery in my warehouse/home.  I've sold at the last three Bozeman Winter Farmers' Markets, plus had a couple of other gigs this week.  Below are a few photos to give you a timeline of what's been going on here in Belgrade/Bozeman:

Rye boules from the first market I attended back in February.  This one's for you Eric.


Who would've known I'd meet an Italian pizza guru here in Belgrade?  Friend and top-rate baker Tommaso Damasco spent time both working with me teaching me the proper way to make Pizza Romano, and in turn he learned to laminate and make croissant dough.


A little bit of parmesan to top off the pastries...


Yes, I got out the silver platters and doilies for the Bozeman Film Festival.  I made these Spinach Artichoke puffs and other hors' d'oeuvres for the occasion.  I even wore a collared, button-up shirt to play dress-up, but you'll see no evidence of that.


This is looking into the trailer from the entrance.  The freezer, fridge and ovens are on the left, the sinks are on the right.


Here's a couple of work benches and cooling racks.  The near bench is 2'x4' and  is attached to the generator compartment.  I put flat-iron back splashes (and a side one here) on the wood surfaces to keep flour from getting behind them.  The far table is 2'x6' and to the left of the mixer is an under counter fridge with a 2.5'x4' stainless steel work top.


This is my set-up for the indoor market in Bozeman.  Hot Cross Bun 4-packs, just in time for Easter,  are in the white boxes on the left.

There you go. 

If you want to check out bunches more photos, this is the bakery FB page.  I think I have all the photos set to 'public view' so even if you don't have a FB account I believe you can see them.  Feel free to 'like' the page.  That would be nice :)

Happy baking everyone. 





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Latest Update!
Next Tuesday I pick up my completed concession trailer and get busy!  I can't wait.  That means that in exactly two weeks (March 2, 2013) I'll be making the Sinclair's Bakery debut at the Bozeman Winter Farmers' Market!  I won't be bringing the trailer since it's an indoor venue, but instead will be baking in the trailer here at my place, then transporting the breads and pastries to Bozeman, just like a regular market. 

Here's a couple pictures of the work in progress.  Here's a Facebook link for more photos and a flickr link in case you don't do Facebook (same photos). 

I'll post more photos next week when I get the trailer, and then some more when I get the graphics on the trailer.


edit:  At the bottom is a photo of the trailer that I picked up yesterday,  2/19/13.  There are more photos at the links above.

link to a previous post about the project



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