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My Gluten Free Bread Flour Blend

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Laura T.

My Gluten Free Bread Flour Blend

Wrote about this on my blog the other day and thought I may as well post it her too :)

Bread Flour – 450g
180g corn starch (often called cornflour here in the UK)
125g sorghum flour
85g stone ground white rice flour
60g red teff flour

And there you have it! Blended together, these make a really great versatile flour. This much flour will require around 20g psyllium dissolved in 450ml water, 10g salt, and 7g of yeast to make a basic loaf. My favourite additions to this at the moment are sundried tomatoes and basil.


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certainly isn't corn starch in the USA. Totally different.  Corn flour is finely ground from whole corn meal. Sometimes coarse corn meal is called polenta.  Corn starch is just the separated starch and is used to thicken gravy and pie fillings among other things.

Cornstarch is ground from the white endosperm at the heart of a kernel of corn.

I'm thinking your flour would be better using corn meal or polenta and grinding it into a flour.  Already ground corn flour is readily available in the USA and probably in the UK too

Happy baking

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Laura T.

No, in the UK cornflour is the name given to corn starch. It is a white fine powder which is ordinarily used to thicken sauces. When making gluten free flour blends, a starch always needs to be added. I do use corn meal in some recipes but not for this. See for info. There's a photo too.

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Thank you for sharing all this great information on gluten free. Your breads look amazing! Interesting how psyllium plays such a major role in your recipes-they certainly look delicious.

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Laura T.

Thanks :) I would say psyllium is definately key to replicating the effects of gluten.