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Nov. 3, 2021.  66th bake.

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Nov. 1, 2021.  65th bake/batch.






  • 75 g Patel brand stone ground whole wheat durum. 
  • 225 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground WW. 
  • 10 g yellow corn meal. 
  • 10 g quick oats (not instant oats). 
  • 11 g whole dry chia. 
  • 6 g salt. 
  • 16 g dry roasted salted sunflower seeds. 
  • 248 g spring water. 
  • 11 g whole fresh milk. 

Finished mixing at about 9:45 am. 

At about 10:30 am: 

  • 41 g starter, 100% hydration, made with Gold Medal bread flour. 
  • 10 g spring water. 
  • 1/8 tsp active dry yeast. 
  • 1/2 tsp toasted bread spice. 

Kneaded a little after folding in the starter, yeast and spice, and occasionally throughout bulk ferment. Pulled off 70 to 80 grams for some fry bread, which did not come out well. It was either the sunflower seeds or the oats, or too much hydration.

When the bulk ferment seemed ready, I folded/shaped it into a ball and proofed it in a 8" lined banneton dusted with rice/AP flour.

In the afternoon: Baked in toaster oven, on 9.25" Lodge cast iron plate.  Aluminum foil was under the plate, shiny side up. Used lower heating element for most of bake, and last 8 minutes user lower and upper heating elements.  Pre-heated at 450 F. Baked at 400.  Last 4 minutes at 350.

I forgot to take pictures of crumb, but it came out good, both crust/crumb and taste. Gave most of it to a friend.

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64th bake. Oct. 18, 2021.

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Oct. 15, 2021.

Goal: 90% WW, no Sharbati this time, 3/8 tsp ADY, 90+ g old dough.


A: 9:15 am, mixed 108 g Patel SG WW durum, 81 g H2O, 93 g old dough from previous batch.

B: 10:25 am, mixed 252 g BRM SG WW, 189 g H2O.

108 + 252 = 360 g WW

C: 10:31 am, mixed/kneaded-together A + B.

11:35 am: mixed 50 g H2O + 6 g powdered milk, and kneaded it into C.

Kneaded in 3/8 tsp active dry yeast.

11:50 am: kneaded in 8 g salt, then kneaded in 40 g organic AP flour (Arrowhead Mills.)

Total flour (not counting old dough): 360 + 40 = 400g. 

360 / 400 = 90% WW. 

Total water (not counting old dough) 81 + 189 + 50 = 320g. 

Hydration (not counting old dough): 320 / 400 = 80%.

12:06 pm: kneaded in 5 g grapeseed oil. Let sit in container at room temp.

12:50 pm: put container of dough in fridge.


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10/12/2021.  62nd  bake/batch.

The changes here, from the previous bake, are a slight increase in the Sharbati, decreasing the white flour, and less old dough; and I ran out of fresh milk, so I had to use some powdered milk.

  • 326 g bottled spring water.
  • 9 g powdered/instantized fat-free milk, Kroger brand.
  • 3/8 tsp active dry yeast.
  • 65 g old dough from bake #61.
  • 200 g Bob's Red Mill stone-ground (red) whole wheat.
  • 100 g Patel brand stone-ground WW durum.
  • 50 g Swad brand Sharbati Gold.
  • 7 g 50/50 blend of Himalayan pink salt, and standard US iodized table salt.
  • 25 g AP flour, Arrowhead Mills.
  • 25 g bread flour, General Mills.


  • Started mixing at 12:30p.
  • Finished mix/knead at 1:19p. Includes rest/soak time for the WW BRM/Patel flour before salt and other flours were added.
  • 1:42 p - Stretch and fold.
  • 2:21 p - put in fridge,
  • 2:50 p - For some reason I thought it needed more time at room temp and took out of fridge.
  • 3:35 p - put back in fridge.

It then quickly rose a lot in fridge, so that extra time at room temp was not needed.

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  • 300 g bottled spring water.
  • 7.5 g of 50/50 blend of Himalayan pink salt, and standard US iodized table salt.
  • 3/8 tsp active dry yeast. This is about 1/4 the yeast (for this amount of flour) that is normally used for the BreadIn5 master recipe. Because WW ferments so much faster, and because I used 98 g of old dough. (Last bake had 3/4 tsp of ADY and no old dough.)
  • No sugar this time. (Last bake was 1 tsp dark brown sugar/jaggery, and I thought it was a touch sweet.)
  • 200 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole (red) wheat.
  • 100 g Patel brand stone ground WW durum. 
  • 40 g Swad brand Sharbati Gold atta, roller milled, supposedly "whole wheat." This is to up the percent WW from 75% to 85%.
  • 30 g Arrowhead Mills Organic AP flour. (Was 50 g last bake.) This was just to use up what I have on hand. (I usually avoid organic products due to the extra cost, but this was discounted below regular AP flour.)
  • 30 g Gold Medal bread flour. (Was 50 g last time.)
  • (400 g total flour, not counting what's in the old dough.)
  • 26 grams fresh milk, 2% milkfat.
  • 98 g of old dough from bake #60. (Has 40 g WW flour, 13 g white flour, 81.5% hydration, if you want to do the math on total dough.)


 Finished mix at 7:12 pm.

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60th bake. 10/06/2021.  Lunch.

This bake was prompted by Mariana's link to an Artisan Bread in Five formula on a recent focaccia thread:

I was going to make focaccia with it, but after the dough had risen a bit, I got the idea to make some fry-bread with a portion. That is, deep frying the dough to turn it into bread, not baking bread and frying the bread.


  • 300 g bottled spring water.
  • 7 or 8 g of 50/50 blend Himalayan pink salt, and standard US iodized table salt.
  • 3/4 tsp active dry yeast. This is about half the yeast (for this amount of flour) that is normally used for the BreadIn5 master recipe. Because WW ferments so much faster.
  • 1 tsp dark brown sugar (jaggery from India).
  • 200 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole (red) wheat.
  • 100 g Patel brand stone ground WW durum. (Again, hat tip to Mariana for turning me on to the Russian magic ratio of 25% WW durum, which is small enough to avoid the rubber glue effect of whole grain durum.)
  • 50 g Arrowhead Mills Organic AP flour. This was just to use up what I have on hand. (I usually avoid organic products due to the extra cost, but this was discounted below regular AP flour.)
  • 50 g Gold Medal bread flour.
  • (400 g total flour)
  • 26 grams fresh milk, 2% milkfat.


Added the water to the container, then the salt, stirred,  then added yeast, stirred, then brown sugar, stirred, then all the flour.  It felt like it was going to be too dry, so added 26 g milk.  Had to stir and knead a bit because of clumps.

Waited an hour, saw a little bit of a rise, and kneaded some more.

Waitied another hour and saw a good rise, did one set of weak stretch and folds, and  decided to deep fry some.

I pulled off a portion, to make a 4" diameter disc, about 3/8" thick. It was wet enough to be sticky, so I lightly dusted both sides with AP flour.

I put the container with the rest of the dough in the friidge.

I put the wok on the stove-top burner, set temp to 50%, and put in a mix of oils: refined coconut oil, regular olive oil, grapeseed oil, about a teaspoon of beef tallow for flavoring (it was on clearance at Kroger), and some butter-flavored Crisco that I need to use up.

Heated oil to 400 F, and after putting dough in, tried to maintain 375 F. It took about 1.5 to 2 minutes per side to get it golden brown. 

Forgot to take a picture.

The mish-mash of oil worked, as the flavor was good.

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59th bake. 96.5% Stone ground WW.

First loaf in the big oven since spring.  During summers I just use the toaster oven or use a griddle/pan on the stove-top.


110 g SG WW durum, Patel brand.

330 g SG WW red wheat, Bob's Red Mill.

8.8 g salt.

330 + 22 + 22 g H2O = 374 g.

32 g of 100% hydration starter, bread + AP flour, last fed 6 days ago, kept in fridge.  Adds 16 g of white flour for 456 g total flour.

16 / 456 = 3.5% pre-fermented flour (PFF).

44 g roasted (in oil) sunflower seeds, un-salted.

1 tsp active dry yeast. I wanted to bake this in just a few hours. 3.5% pff usually takes 4 hours bulk, plus overnight fridge-proof.  (Was too much yeast, should have used only 1/2 tsp.)

22 g 2% fat milk.

A little oil to coat dough ball and bowl.

Will fill in procedures later.


Over fermented a tad.

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Loosely based on (i.e. "inspired by") this formula:

My take:

  • 1/2 cup Sharbati atta, Swad brand.
  • 1/2 cup Bob's Red Mill, stone ground whole wheat.
  • 1/4 tsp salt, Himalayan pink.
  • 1 tsp baking powder, Rumford.
  • 1 tbsp regular olive oil.
  • 3/8 cup bottled spring water.
  • 1/8 cup instantized dried milk, Kroger brand.
  • NO added sugar. (Original called for sugar.)
  • additional water was added during mixing/kneading,  between 1/8 and 1/4 cup.

Pre-heated toaster oven and Lodge 9.25" diameter round handle-less cast iron griddle
at 400 F while mixing/kneading.

The iron griddle and this oven tends to scorch the bottom of breads, so I place the griddle on a circle of aluminum foil, shiny side up.  I tried shiny side down, but then the bottom doesn't brown enough. The foil was in place during pre-heat.

Added 1/8 cup powdered milk to 3/8 cup water, mixed.

Mixed dry ingredents separately.

Worked in the olive oil into the dry ingredients. Original recipe called for butter.

Added milk/water. Mixed. Could tell it was going to need more water. Probably had too much flour, as I merely used measuring cup to scoop directly from bag.

Worked/kneaded in small amounts of water until it felt like a nice dough. Forgot to measure additional water.

Pressed out dough by hand to about 8" diameter disk.

Reduced toaster oven temp to 350 F.  Oiled the griddle. Loaded the dough. Docked it a little. Placed in toaster oven. After a 10 minutes or so flipped  the bannock. After a few minutes, flipped again. Last half of bake was at 325 F.   This oven runs a bit hot.

Total bake time was about 25 minutes. I just went by looks and didn't keep exact track.

Used the toothpick test. Seemed nicely done and browned.

My cheapy probe thermometer broke so I could not take temp. 

Top: (Note: top was browned by baking it upside down for a bit.)




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Aug 31, 2021.

Goals here are to use 100% Patel brand stone-ground whole grain durum, 1.33% salt in order to have about 150 grams sodium per tortilla, and to use both commercial yeast and baking powder for a fluffier and softer tortilla. Salt is 39.34% sodium by weight.

I try to use  30 grams flour per tortilla, and then add a few grams to the batch because some dough gets lost along the way.


For 5 tortillas:

152 grams Patel brand stone-ground whole grain durum, product of Canada. ($8 per 20 pound bag, $.40 per pound.)

3/16 tsp baking powder, Rumsford.

1/16 tsp instrant dry yeast, Fleischmann.

2.0 grams Himalayan pink salt. 1.32%.

101.3 grams bottled spring water. 67%.

Hand-mixed and hand-kneaded for a few minutes.

Rested dough for 1 hour, 23 minutes.

Worked in 4.5 grams of grapeseed oil. 3%.

Rested dough for 23 minutes.

Put dough in a sealed plastic bag, and placed it in refrigerator.

Overnight in fridge is enough waiting time.

The following was 4 days later.


Rolled out to 7" using AP flour to keep from sticking. Ok, so it's not 100% WW any more, but at this point, WW durum doesn't have enough time to absorb any moisture. It would come out underbaked and gritty.

Cooked in a skillet on an electric burner, setting 4 out of 10, until spots appeared. Flipped, added turkey pepperoni and shredded cheese.  Let it cook about 30 seconds more, folded it in half, and flipped/cooked until both half-sides were nicely spotted.

Voilà, pepperoni quesadilla.



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