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57th bake. 08/31/2021. 100% S.G. WW durum tortillas.

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57th bake. 08/31/2021. 100% S.G. WW durum tortillas.

Aug 31, 2021.

Goals here are to use 100% Patel brand stone-ground whole grain durum, 1.33% salt in order to have about 150 grams sodium per tortilla, and to use both commercial yeast and baking powder for a fluffier and softer tortilla. Salt is 39.34% sodium by weight.

I try to use  30 grams flour per tortilla, and then add a few grams to the batch because some dough gets lost along the way.


For 5 tortillas:

152 grams Patel brand stone-ground whole grain durum, product of Canada. ($8 per 20 pound bag, $.40 per pound.)

3/16 tsp baking powder, Rumsford.

1/16 tsp instrant dry yeast, Fleischmann.

2.0 grams Himalayan pink salt. 1.32%.

101.3 grams bottled spring water. 67%.

Hand-mixed and hand-kneaded for a few minutes.

Rested dough for 1 hour, 23 minutes.

Worked in 4.5 grams of grapeseed oil. 3%.

Rested dough for 23 minutes.

Put dough in a sealed plastic bag, and placed it in refrigerator.

Overnight in fridge is enough waiting time.

The following was 4 days later.


Rolled out to 7" using AP flour to keep from sticking. Ok, so it's not 100% WW any more, but at this point, WW durum doesn't have enough time to absorb any moisture. It would come out underbaked and gritty.

Cooked in a skillet on an electric burner, setting 4 out of 10, until spots appeared. Flipped, added turkey pepperoni and shredded cheese.  Let it cook about 30 seconds more, folded it in half, and flipped/cooked until both half-sides were nicely spotted.

Voilà, pepperoni quesadilla.