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61st bake. 10/09/2021. 85% WW, w/ ADY + old dough.

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61st bake. 10/09/2021. 85% WW, w/ ADY + old dough.


  • 300 g bottled spring water.
  • 7.5 g of 50/50 blend of Himalayan pink salt, and standard US iodized table salt.
  • 3/8 tsp active dry yeast. This is about 1/4 the yeast (for this amount of flour) that is normally used for the BreadIn5 master recipe. Because WW ferments so much faster, and because I used 98 g of old dough. (Last bake had 3/4 tsp of ADY and no old dough.)
  • No sugar this time. (Last bake was 1 tsp dark brown sugar/jaggery, and I thought it was a touch sweet.)
  • 200 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole (red) wheat.
  • 100 g Patel brand stone ground WW durum. 
  • 40 g Swad brand Sharbati Gold atta, roller milled, supposedly "whole wheat." This is to up the percent WW from 75% to 85%.
  • 30 g Arrowhead Mills Organic AP flour. (Was 50 g last bake.) This was just to use up what I have on hand. (I usually avoid organic products due to the extra cost, but this was discounted below regular AP flour.)
  • 30 g Gold Medal bread flour. (Was 50 g last time.)
  • (400 g total flour, not counting what's in the old dough.)
  • 26 grams fresh milk, 2% milkfat.
  • 98 g of old dough from bake #60. (Has 40 g WW flour, 13 g white flour, 81.5% hydration, if you want to do the math on total dough.)


 Finished mix at 7:12 pm.


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This batch came out pretty good.

I  baked some, focaccia style, in the toaster oven, in a 6" diameter stainless steel plate, on a pre-heated baking stone.

And I cooked some of this batch pizza style, crisping the bottom in a cast iron pan, then cooking the top under the broiler (UK:grill) in the main kitchen oven.