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Feb. 9 - 10, 2021.

This is my 3rd bake for the Durum Community Bake. Previous blog entry, bake #2, for this CB is at:

Goals here are:

  • Increase the soak,
  • more fermentation (inoculation + time),
  • use less WW durum as a percentage -- it's just too sticky!
  • use some semolina (gritty type, and low bran) to keep the % durum high.


Link back to the CB comment for this bake:


  • 69.5% WW durum flour, Sher Fiber Wala. 532 + 51 = 583 g. 
  • 12.4% regular semolina, low/no bran, the normal gritty stuff. 76 + 7 + 21 = 104 g.
  • (81.9% total durum: WW Fiber Wala + semolina). 583 + 104 = 687 g.
  • 18.1% King Arthur bread flour. 103 + 49 in starter = 152 g.
  • Total flour = 583 + 104 + 152 = 839.
  • 72.7% hydration. (not counting chia add-in.) 532 + 49 + 29 = 610 g.
  • 5.84% pre-fermented flour. 49 / 839.  (98 g of 100% hyd. starter.)
  • 3% dry whole chia seeds.  25 g.
  • Salt 17.0 g / 839 = 2.03%
  • 2 hours, 24 minutes soak.
  • 5 hours, 16 minutes bulk ferment.
  • 11 hours, 52 minutes final-proof in fridge.
  • 55 minutes total bake. 30 min covered. 25 minutes uncovered.


Wed., Feb. 10, 2021.

9:13 am - Pre-heat oven to 490 / 465 F. (oven thermostat versus add-in thermometer.)

Baked on the 3.2 qt combo cooker lid, 9" i.d., with parchment paper and a little corn meal.

10:12 am - Bake, covered, at 475 / 450 F, 15 minutes.

10:27 am - Bake, covered, at 450 / 425 F, 15 minutes.

10:42 am - Bake, uncovered, at 425 / 400 F, 20 minutes.

11:02 am - The thump wasn't quite enough, and crust could be darker.

11:02 am - Bake, uncovered, 425 / 400 F, 5 minutes.

11:07 am - 208.8 F internal temp. Thumps okay.

11:19 am - loaf weight = 1327 g, 2.92 pounds.


Next bakes, 4, 5, and 6 are at:

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Friday Feb. 5, 2021.

This is my 2nd loaf in the Semolina/durum Community Bake. Previous loaf here:

The goals here are to use mostly whole grain durum with a portion of bread flour to get a better crumb, and  to use enough sourdough starter and instant dry yeast to bake it tonight.

Here's the link to the community bake:

and the specific comment:

One of my over-arching goals in bread-making is to use a high percentage of whole grain, and this whole grain durum fits the bill. See my previous blog post for a photo of the flour package, purchased from a Patel Brothers grocery:

 10:05 am - short soak of the WW durum to get it hydrated.

  • 560 g of whole grain durum, "Fiber Wala" from Sher Brar Mills.
  • 539 g bottled spring water.

10:45 am - mix in:

  • 40 g of 100% hydration starter, 3 days in fridge since last fed, with KABF.
  • 140 g KABF, King Arthur bread flour.
  • 1/8 tsp instant dry yeast.
  • 14.3 g salt. Salt and IDY were dispersed in the KABF prior to mixing into the main dough.
  • 28 g more water.

11:00 am - finish mixing and a little kneading. Dough weight per scale: 1304 g. 

Put in oven with light on.

Total flour = 560 WW durum + 20 in starter + 140 KABF = 720 g.

Total water = 539 + 20 in starter + 28 = 587 g. 

Hydration = 587 / 720 = 81.5 %.

% WW = 560 / 720 = 77.8 %.

%PFF = 20 / 720 = 2.78%.

11:30 am - Stretch and fold.

12:30 pm - Stretch and fold.

1:30 pm - Stretch and fold.

2:20 pm - Stretch and fold.

3:00 pm - Stretch and fold.

[ 11:00 am - 4:20 pm:  5 hours, 20 minutes bulk ferment.]

4:20 pm - final fold, shape, put in lined and dusted 9.15" I.D. banneton.

5:25 pm - put in fridge. 1 hour 5 minute room temp proof.

Pre-heated oven to 475 / 450 F.  (1st number is thermostat setting, 2nd is an oven thermometer.)

Transfered dough to lid of Lodge combo cooker, 9" inner diameter.

[ 5:25 pm - 8:04 pm:  2 hours, 39 minutes fridge proof.]

8:04 pm - bake, covered, 450 / 425 F. 22 minutes. (Intended 20 min, but was doing laundry.)

8:26 pm - bake, covered, 425 / 400 F. 8 minutes.

8:34 pm - bake, uncovered, 425 / 400 F. 20 minutes.

8:54 pm - crust was not dark enough, continue baking.

8:54 pm - bake, uncovered, 425 / 400 F. 5 minutes.

8:59 pm - Crust looks dark enough, underside thumps well, internal temperature is 209.1 F.

My next, third, Durum CB bake here:

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Feb. 3, 2021.  For the Durum Community Bake!

I've spent over a year touting durum flour (the finely ground flour, not just the gritty durum semolina) from Indian grocery stores... so I felt I had better walk-the-walk and join this Community Bake.

I haven't done actual durum flour since getting into sourdough --  but did use some durum semolina in recent bakes. One was 100% semolina, except for the bread flour in the starter,

Here's a photo from my kitchen/stove as evidence of which variety I got, Fiber Wala, from Sher Brar Mills of Canada:


Patel Brothers grocery was all out of their house brand whole grain durum, so I bought this at $12.99 for 20 pounds.

I stopped by a friend's house on the way back from the store and gave him about 4 pounds, since it will take a while to use this up.

The package calls this "whole wheat" but I'm not convinced it is 100% extraction.


  • 553 g Fiber Wala durum flour. 3 cups, not sifted, using "scoop and sweep".
  • 11.0 g salt
  • 1.0 g instant dry yeast. 1/4 tsp.
  • 470.5 g bottled spring water. 470.5 / 553 = 85% hydration.

That it easily took 85 % hydration, I take to indicate that it is high extraction, if not 100% extraction.   I had started at 69.6% hydration (385 g water) and it was too dry, so I kept adding water until it felt right.  Fortunately, I weighed the water at each addition.

Mixed, rested it a bit, kneaded it by hand for a few minutes.  There were some small lumps that disappeared during kneading. I take this to mean that the flour should have been sifted or otherwise fluffed up before mixing.

Drizzled a little regular olive oil on the dough ball, turned to coat, covered bowl with plastic wrap and put in oven to rise.

12:40 pm.  Start bulk ferment (when yeast was wetted, not at end of mix/knead). Dough ball weighed 1014 g, not counting what stuck to the bowl and my fingers.

1:32 pm - Stretch and fold. Dough is now nicely hydrated and supple. No tearing while stretching.

2:25 pm - stretch and fold.

[ 12:40 - 3:32 pm. 2 hours 52 minutes bulk ferment. ]

3:32 pm - stretch and fold. I realized this was progressing faster than I planned. So, remembering the CB talk about short or no bulk ferment, I decided to shape and start the final proof. I put it back in the oven, as opposed to the fridge, and left to do my errands.

6:04 pm - Returned and upon inspection, I realized it might have over-proofed. Took it out of oven and started pre-heat at *475 / 450 F.

[ 3:32 - 6:50 pm. 3 hours 18 minutes final proof.]

6:50 pm. Start bake. Covered, 450 / 425 F.  15 minutes.

7:05 pm. Covered, 425 / 400 F. 15 minutes.

7:20 pm. Uncovered, 425 / 400 F. 20 minutes.

7:40 pm. Interior temperature 208.5 F. Thumps well. 

(* first number is the oven's thermostat setting, second number is temp reading of a cheap oven thermometer.  The thermometer reads 25 degrees cooler in the 400+ range.



Next bake, my #2, in the Semolina/Durum Community Bake:

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Jan. 28 - 29, 2021.

I think this was my first attempt at an angled score cut. It came out good. I scored the dough after putting it on the pre-heated dutch oven (combo cooker) lid.

I accidentally hit the dough with the edge of the cover as I was putting the cover on. So that made the sloppy mark on top. Otherwise it would have been a nice square "hat." Note to self: next time, do some more scoring on the center top.

This has my usual add-ins, hot-soaked this time: whole chia seeds, ground flaxseed, poppy seeds, whole caraway seeds, quick oats, powdered milk.

The ground/toasted bread spice was not put in the soaker, or dispersed in the K.A. bread flour, but should have been -- it did not mix well with the dough.  

I increased the amount of ingredients in order to fill out the 9" inner diameter cooking surface of the lid. After cooling, I will age the loaf for another 20 (22 hours total since end of bake) in a 2-gallon zipper bag.




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Jan. 20, 2021.

  • 255 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat flour.
  • 85 g King Arthur Bread flour.
  • (340 g total flour.)
  • 5.1 g salt.
  • 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast.
  • 1/2 tsp ground bread spice, made of: sesame, coriander, caraway, fennel. Toasted then ground.
  • 1/2 tsp whole caraway seed.
  • 271 g bottled spring water.

10:32 am - mixed.

10:49 am - knead a little.

11:54 am - knead a little.

12:41 pm - stretch and fold.

1:35 pm - final fold, shape, put in lined/dusted banneton.

2:25 pm - put banneton in fridge. Start oven pre-heat to *475/450 F with glass bowl to be used as baking vessel.

  • 3:10 pm - start bake, covered loosely with aluminum foil.
  • 16 minutes, covered, *465/440 F.
  • 4 minutes, covered, 450/425 F.
  • 16 minites, uncovered, 425/400 F.
  • 5 minutes, uncovered, 440/415 F.
  • 3:51 pm - done. Internal temp 209.5 F.

I decided that the crust wasn't firm enough, so I put it back in the now cooler oven, set the thermostat for 425/400 F, and left it in for 7 minutes, as the oven warmed up.

The paper plate is 9" in diameter.


The crumb is actually lighter/fluffier than it looks in the photo. It's typical of a faster-rising yeasted loaf. And not as flavorfull as sourdough, or a slower rising loaf, or if I had waited longer to cut open.

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Jan. 18, 2021.

The goals here are to continue to tweak bakes 30 and 31, soften the add-ins with a warm soaker, weigh more/all of the ingredients, and increase the total dough weight to better fit the 9" inner diameter lid of the combo cooker.

415 g total, Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat.

189 g total King Arthur Bread flour: 34 in the starter, 155 in the final dough.

Total flour, not counting addins: 604 g.

% Whole wheat: 415 / 604 = 68.7%.

614 g total water: 191 g in warm soaker, 34 g in starter, 389 in final dough.

Hydration: 614 / 604 = 101.6 % of flour only.

Hydration: 614 / (604 + 59.9 + 10.7) = 614 / 674.6 = 91.0%, including soaker and dry milk.


soaker:  (took volume measures and then weighed them)

2 tsp poppy seeds, 5.1 g.

2 tbsp + 1 tsp chia seeds, 23.3 g.

2 tbsp + 1 tsp ground flaxseed, 14.6 g.

2 tbsp + 1 tsp quick oats, 13.4 g.

1.5 tsp whole caraway seeds, 3.5 g.

Total dry ingredients in soaker: 59.9 g.

191 g water.


Starter/levain: 68 g of 100% hydration, 2-3 days since fed, made/fed with KA bread flour.


final dough: 

415 g Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat.

389 g water.

12.0 g Extra virgin olive oil.

1/8 tsp instant dry yeast.

1.5 tsp salt, 10.3 g.

1.5 tsp ground toasted bread spice: sesame seeds, coriander, caraway, fennel. 2.9 g.

2 tbsp + 1 tsp fat-free instant dry milk, Kroger brand, 10.7 grams.

all the soaker.

68 g starter.

155 g King Arthur Bread flour.


??:?? - I forgot when I started mixing.

12:00 noon, approximately, the starter and yeast were mixed into the dough.

12:10 pm - finished mixing all ingredients and immediately did a stretch-and-fold.

12:55 pm - stretch-and-fold.

1:45 pm - stretch-and-fold.

2:25 pm - stretch-and-fold.

3:15 pm - stretch-and-fold.

4:00 pm - 4:05 pm - folded shaped and put in lined and dusted (50/50 rice flour/bread flour) 9" i.d. banneton.

[ 4 hours bulk ferment]

1257 g final dough weight as it went into banneton.  Lost about 60 grams due to dough sticking to bowl, and sticking to hand when doing stretch-and-folds.

4:40 pm - started pre-heating the oven, 495* / 470 F.

4:49 pm - put banneton in fridge.  [ 49 minutes room temp proof]

5:30 pm - start bake.  [ 41 minutes proof in fridge.]  [ 90 minutes total proof time]

5:30 to 5:45 pm - bake covered, 15 minutes, at 475 / 450 F.

5:45 to 6:00 pm - bake covered, 15 minutes, at 455 / 430 F.

6:00 pm - Uncovered, good oven spring and separation at score lines.

6:00 to 6:10 pm - bake uncovered, 10 minutes, at 425 / 400 F.

6:10 to  6:20 pm - bake uncovered, 10 minutes, at 415 / 390 F.

* 1st number is oven thermostat setting, 2nd number is a cheap thermometer reading.

Total bake time: 50 minutes.

6:21 pm - internal temp reads 208.8 F on a probe thermometer.


You can tell the scoring wasn't consistent. I like the results of the deeper scores better.  Paper plate is 9" in diameter.  

I found a large plastic food bag, so I'm going to wait 2 hours for it to cool, put it in the bag to soften the crust, and (hopefully) wait until tomorrow noon to cut it open.

Top view:

45 degree view:

Side view:


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Jan. 16, 2021. This turned out to be a mini-miche.

The goals for this bake are to tweak the previous bake, #30, by increasing the percent of whole wheat, pre-soak the add-ins, and weigh some things so others can better replicate it if they want.  The poppy seeds and maybe the corn meal in the previous bake were not quite soft enough for my liking.

First mix. All mixing and folding-in was done with a silicone spatula/scraper.

  • 15 fl oz water, 443 grams. Water was weighed, and the volume computed.
  • 1.5 tsp poppy seeds.
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds. These tend to clump in water. I had to break them apart several times.
  • 2 tbsp ground flax.
  • 2 tbsp quick oats, not instant.
  • 2 tbsp corn meal, not flour, but fine grind.
  • 1 tbsp jaggery, a.k.a. brown sugar.
  • 1 tsp ground bread spice. A mixture of sesame, coriander, caraway, and fennel, that was first toasted and then ground.
  • 1 tsp raw (ie not toasted) whole caraway seed.
  • 1-1/8 tsp salt.

The above was left to soak about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • 2 cups, 339 grams, of Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat. This was measured by a 1/2 cup measure and weighed. I used the "scoop and shake" method, so figure 170 grams per cup with this measuring method.
  • I let it soak a while. 5 to 10 minutes.
  • 2 tbsp fat-free powdered milk, the instant-dissolving kind. Mixed/folded the dough  some.
  • Heaping 1/8 tsp of instant dry yeast. Mixed/folded it in.
  • 1 tsp sourdough starter, 100% hyd, 2 days since fed, stored in fridge. Mixed/folded in.
  • At this point, the dough felt a bit airy or foamy, not dense, not watery. I don't know if this feeling is due to the add-ins trapping tiny bubbles of air, or if the WW flour did that.
  • Let it soak a while, maybe 5 minutes.

The following was added in 3 stages, 3 sets of (water, folded in, then flour, folded in):

  • 69 grams (weighed) water, which calculates to 1/4 cup + 2 tsp.
  • 1-1/4 cup King Arthur Bread flour, 200 gr, both measured (.5 cup, .5 cup, .25 cup) by scoop and shake, and then weighed.
  • These were folded in until well mixed.

Then, because I had forgotten:

  • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, folded in until mixed.

I then put the dough mass on some wax paper, cleaned the bowl, put the dough back in the bowl to weigh.  1151 grams total dough weight. I then drizzled about 1/2 tsp of regular olive oil around the perimeter and rolled the dough around to oil the dough and the bowl to reduce sticking.

% WW = 339 / 539 = 62.9%.

Hydration, not counting add-ins (because I didn't weigh them) = 512 / 539 = 95%.

Finished mixing all of it at 11:53 AM.

1:03 pm - 1 set of stretch and folds.

2:00 pm - 1 set of stretch and folds.

3:13 pm - 1 set of stretch and folds.  The dough feels good. My gut feel is that this is going to be a good loaf.

4:45 pm - The dough seemed ready, so... folded, shaped, put it in a lined banneton dusted with 50/50 mix of rice flour and bread flour.  I used the 8" (I.D., 8.5" O.D.) banneton, but after I put it in, I started thinking I should have used the next bigger one. Put plastic wrap from the bulk ferment over the banneton, plus a rubber band.  Put it in oven at same warm temp. (Not sure what temp, but  I keep it consistently over the "E" on the oven thermometer.)

5:16 pm - Checked on it. It had grown a bit, so transfered it to the 9.15" (I.D., 9.7" O.D.) banneton. I had used an oversized liner, so it was easy. Put the banneton in a plastic grocery bag, and into the fridge. 

This size banneton means that the loaf will be baked on the lid portion (also 9" I.D.) of the Lodge combo cooker, with the deep part as the cover.

6:00 pm - Started to pre-heat oven, 490* / 465 F.

Inverted the dough over parchment paper, brushed off excess dusting flour, and scored a #.  I flubbed the transfer of the parchment and dough to the hot dutch oven lid. You can see some unevenness.

  • Bake started at 6:53 pm.
  • Baked 10 min at 475/450, covered.
  • Baked 10 min at 465/440, covered.
  • Baked 10 min at 455/430, covered.
  • Uncovered after 30 min., flat, but nice separation at the scores.
  • Baked 10 min at 425/400, uncovered.
  • Baked 10 min at 415/390, uncovered.
  • Total time: 50 min. Final inner temp 208.8 F.


* First number is thermostat setting, second number is a cheapy oven thermometer that I keep in it. They differ by 25 degrees F.

The white paper plate is 9" diameter.

Top view:

45 degree view:

Side view:


The crust looks thick, but it's soft and chewy, the way I like it.

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Jan. 14, 2021.

This started out as a bake of Steve Gamelin's 50% WW loaf, as shown here:

His formula is volumetric:

  1. 1.5 cups bread flour.
  2. 1.5 cups whole wheat flour.
  3. 1.5 tsp salt.
  4. 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast.
  5. 1 tbsp vegetable oil.
  6. 1 tbsp honey.
  7. 13 fluid ounces cool water.

I'm doing a little longer bulk ferment, so I used 1/8 tsp instant dry yeast. I also changed to 1-1/8 tsp salt, and used 14 fl oz water because of the add-ins.  The rest is SOTSOT.

My formula:

  1. 1.5 cups King Arthur bread flour.
  2. 1.5 cups Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat flour.
  3. 2 tbsp corn meal.
  4. 2 tbsp quick oats.
  5. 2 tbsp fat-free powdered milk.
  6. 2 tbsp dry whole chia seed.
  7. 2 tbsp dry ground flaxseed.
  8. 1 tsp ground toasted bread spice: sesame, caraway, coriander, fennel. 
  9. 1-1/2 tsp poppy seeds.
  10. 1 tsp whole raw caraway seeds.
  11. 1-1/8 tsp salt.  (as opposed to 1-1/2 tsp.)
  12. 1/8 tsp instant dry yeast. (as opposed to 1/4 tsp.)
  13. 1 tsp sourdough starter, 100% hydration, 6 days since fed.
  14. 14 fl oz bottled spring water. (as opposed to 13 fl oz tap.)
  15. 1 tbsp E.V. olive oil.
  16. 1 tbsp jaggery, aka brown sugar, instead of honey.

Mixed at approximately 3:30 pm.  Will shape, proof and bake tomorrow AM.


I couldn't help myself, and did one set of four stretch-and-folds at 5:26 pm.  The dough seemed a little stiff, so I sprinkled on about 1/4 tsp of water.

Did another set of four stretch-and-folds at about 6:30p, and sprinkled on another 1/4 tsp of water.

Did another set of four stretch-and-folds at about 7:30p, and sprinkled on another 1/4 tsp of water.


I was up around 4:15 am, so I decided to check on the dough which had been fermenting at about 68 F room temp. It had at least doubled, and was bubbly on top.

So I folded, shaped, stitched the seam, and put it in a 8" inner-upper-diameter banneton, seam up, with a cloth liner that was dusted with 50/50 rice flour and KA bread flour. I put plastic wrap on top, held in place with a rubber band, put in a plastic grocery bag, and put in fridge, which is about 38.8 to 39.4 F.

Bulk ferment was 13 hours at about 69 F.

Final proof was 4.5 hours at 39 F.  The dough had risen noticeably in the fridge and was pressed up against the plastic wrap.

Pre-heated oven to 465 F.  Turned dough over on parchment and scored. It had a nice skin and it did not spread out much. But due to the uneven scores it spread in one direction more.  Loaded it into the deep part of a Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker.

  • Bake started at 9:03 am
  • Baked 10 min at 450, covered.
  • Baked 10 min at 440, covered.
  • Baked 10 min at 430, covered.  
  • Uncovered after 30 min., good oven spring.
  • Baked 10 min at 400, uncovered.
  • Temp only 200 F after 40 min.
  • Baked 10 min at 390, uncovered.
  • Total time: 50 min. Final inner temp 205 F.

I forgot to weigh the final dough. But after cooling few hours, the baked loaf weighed 920 grams.

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Dec. 30, 2020.

Goal: to add soluble and insoluble fiber to white (refined) bread flour with guar gum, psyllium powder, chia seed and flaxseed.


A few days ago I did this by just throwing the ingredients together without measuring anything. I made a pita (flatbread) with it, and baked it in my toaster oven on a Lodge cast iron 9.25" serving griddle.

It came out surprisingly good.  So I decided to try again, measuring the ingredients this time so I can repeat it and share with others.

  • 100 grams Gold Medal Bread Flour.
  • 5 grams whole dry chia seed.
  • 5 grams ground flaxseed.
  • 1 gram pure psyllium powder. Purchased at an Indian grocery store, Patel Brothers.
  • 1 gram guar gum, "Pure Organic Ingredients" brand, purchased from Amazon.
  • 2 grams salt.
  • .5 gram instant dry yeast.
  • 10 grams cold starter, 100% hydration. Last fed evening of 12/26.
  • 61 grams bottled spring water. Maybe 1 gram more was added during kneading.

Make sure the guar gum and psyllium are well distributed/mixed with the flour prior to adding water, otherwise they will clump.

I forgot that I had used some fat-free milk powder and a dash of nutritional yeast in my previous attempt, and did not use them this time.

Started first ferment around 11:30 am.  Dough is a _little_ stiff.

Shaped into 8.5" diameter round flatbread, started final proof, around 1:00pm.  The dough had softened and loosened up noticeably, and was easy to shape.


Pre-heated toaster oven, with both upper and lower elements turned on, to 400 F indicated. I'm not sure what actual is. Held temp at 400 for 10 minutes to get cast iron griddle/plate up to temp.

At 2:00pm, after a 1 hour final proof, I docked the flat dough with a fork, so it wouldn't puff up, and loaded in the toaster oven,  with the side with holes facing up. Lowered thermostat to 350 F, and turned off upper element, leaving lower element enabled.

Baked 5 minutes, flipped the bread over, and baked 4 minutes more.

Internal temp was 206 F.

The first down side (the side without holes) resulted more crispy than I wanted, but the other side was perfect.  I will likely pre-heat to only 350 next time, and bake 4.5 minutes each side.


There is a mild off taste that I think is the psyllium. So I will eliminate it next time.


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