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59th bake. 09/25/2021. 96.5% WW.

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59th bake. 09/25/2021. 96.5% WW.

59th bake. 96.5% Stone ground WW.

First loaf in the big oven since spring.  During summers I just use the toaster oven or use a griddle/pan on the stove-top.


110 g SG WW durum, Patel brand.

330 g SG WW red wheat, Bob's Red Mill.

8.8 g salt.

330 + 22 + 22 g H2O = 374 g.

32 g of 100% hydration starter, bread + AP flour, last fed 6 days ago, kept in fridge.  Adds 16 g of white flour for 456 g total flour.

16 / 456 = 3.5% pre-fermented flour (PFF).

44 g roasted (in oil) sunflower seeds, un-salted.

1 tsp active dry yeast. I wanted to bake this in just a few hours. 3.5% pff usually takes 4 hours bulk, plus overnight fridge-proof.  (Was too much yeast, should have used only 1/2 tsp.)

22 g 2% fat milk.

A little oil to coat dough ball and bowl.

Will fill in procedures later.


Over fermented a tad.