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Tartine country bread trial

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Tartine country bread trial

I had a try on Tartine country bread on Friday night. I saw many videos on youtube about Tartine bread. And I'm curious about the tartine method, high hydration, long time fermentation, with little starter portion. The doughs in those videos are jiggling and the crumb is airy, which attracts me. So I decide to have a try.

Recipe adapted from txfarmer's chinese blog:


Starter 7.5g (mature)

whole wheat flour 50g(I replace 30g with whole rye flour)

bread flour 50g

water 100g

Temperature: 25C

1.mix all those ingredient above. When it passes the floating test, it's ready to use.

 Final dough(make 2 big loaf):

Levain 200g

bread flour 900g

whole wheat flour 100g(I replace 30g with whole rye flour)

water 750g

salt 20g

Temperature: 25C

Bulk fermentation: 5hours

Final proof: 3hours

1.mix all those ingredient by hands. It's a shaggy and sticky mass.

 2.S&F every half hour during the fermentation. Adapt the folding times according to the gluten development. I fold three times during the first two hours. (When I did the first fold, it was already 1:20am. I feel really sleepy. I planed to retard the dough after S&F. However, I'm too sleepy. Then I forgot to retard and fell asleep! ZZZZZzzzz. At about 6:20 am, I woke up. The dough seems to be over proofed. I felt a little bit upset and blamed myself for sleeping.)

3. I divided the dough then preshaped. Bench rest for 30minutes. Then final shaping. It's sticky, so I sifted some rice flour onto the work surface. Maybe too much rice flour, excessive rice flour can't be well incorporated into the dough. I used scraper and hands to shape.

4. Final proof: 3 hours. 

5.Preheat the oven and baking stone to 270C. Pop the dough in then turn the oven to 230C for 40minutes,with steam in the first 15minutes. 

My scoring and shaping technique needs to be improved. It's crunchy with moist crumb. The taste is sweet and not too sour. I love this bread!

I also find a problem that the crumb of the center is not as open as the outer part. How can I fix this problem?Thanks.



Some slice~


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Looks really good.

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Thank you,floyd.

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Laura T.


What is the name of TXFarmer's blog? I wasn't able to find it on her page.

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Laura T.

Thanks :)

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you have a very good adn forgiving recipe on your hands a two'fer if there ever was one.

Nice baking

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Yes. The recipe is really good. Thank you, dabrownman.