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I swear I've been baking lately...

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Stephanie Brim

I swear I've been baking lately...

So here we are...baking again. Thank God. Seriously. Grocery store bread really does suck. Eating that crap through my entire pregnancy almost killed me. Since the bouncing baby boy is now sleeping a lot better than before, baking once again commences.

Eric's Fave Rye

This was a riff on Eric's Fave Rye. I forgot the sugar and caraway so it isn't really right. I plan on making it again.

My Daily Bread

This was my final formula for my everyday, I-need-something-tasty-that-I-can-be-lazy-with bread. The write-up on my new and improved blog is on my new and improved blog.

Next up I'm hoping to tackle San Joaquin Sourdough and some bagels. All this week.

Maybe a little too ambitious?


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Not at all overly ambituous, Stephanie.  Very wise planning since your little bouncer is getting lots of sleep - for now.  Get in as much baking as possible because he's gonna get mobile before you know it, and then you'll be busy chasing after him!

Nice breads, BTW!

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Stephanie Brim

The mobility thing is what I'm waiting for. I loved it when Rinoa finally started to walk. She could go where she wanted to and I no longer had to carry her. If she wanted a toy, she could just walk to get it. Heh. Now that she's two, she's opinionated as well. That's what I'm not so excited about going through again. :)

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I'm not familiar with the sj sourdough, but bagels are EASY - you get to work with a firm dough instead of a sloppy one!

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Stephanie Brim

I'm actually starting the dough tonight, most likely after I have both kids down for the night, for both the bagels and the SJ Sourdough. Then I will be up at 6 (!) to boil and bake the bagels and check on the bread.

Can't do much but bake in this weather. I hate it. We have about a foot and a half of snow on the ground and we're slated to get another 6 or 7 inches today and through the night.

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Glad to see you back at it. If you can find a way to include the BBB in a bread pix, well that would be super!


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Stephanie Brim

I'm working on that. Maybe I can take a photo of him holding version of your rye that I didn't screw up!