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A couple of interesting tidbits about me:

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Stephanie Brim

A couple of interesting tidbits about me:

The first is that I'm no longer pregnant. I actually gave birth to my baby boy on October 31st. :D

The second is that I'm baking again and I plan to continue doing so. I've missed home-baked bread after all the grocery store crap we've been eating lately due to me not feeling like baking. I have a new sourdough starter going, a loaf of white whole wheat bread in the fridge retarding until tomorrow, and tonight for supper I made pizza with a home made crust for the first time in almost 6 months. It's a good start, and I really hope to keep going this week with a couple of things: a rosemary potato bread and a cinnamon raisin oat bread. Making the potato bread, though, means I have to go outside and dig what's left of my rosemary out of the almost 2 feet of snow that my husband decided to pile on top of it.

The trials we bakers must go through to create our masterpieces.

It's good to be back. Now that I've spent some hours going through the blogs again, I do believe I have some inspiration for the weeks to come.


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Hi, Stephanie.

It's great to see you back. It sounds like you mean to make up for the months without home-baked bread all in one week!


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Congratulations, Stephanie!   Welcome back.

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Glad to see you have your energy back. Look forward to seeing your breads and hey a baby picture.


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Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood Stephanie. I am new to this board but just had to congratualte you. My situation of coming back to baking is a little different than yours. Oldest in college, youngest (my apprentice : ) now a teen. I have the time to focus on the baking I love... and the mouths that will (hopefully) eat it...I"m trying to convert ALL to whole wheats. Trying Floyds Honey Whole Wheat today!

I must say... we had many wonderful toddler years of baking! Always take photos of your little guy with his hands in the dough. Priceless... and much better than playdough (of course that'll be in a year and a half or so,) When I baked back then everything was by hand. I just got back into baking as a mediatative process ( I love it) and ok I have a new stand mixer, early Chrismtas gift from my family...a far I LOVE IT!

Keep us posted and add photos, great to meet you. Cathy (aka garden chef & apprentice)

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Welcome back to TFL.  Stretch and fold will come in real handy now..not just with baking : )