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For the love of baking...(and similar afflictions)

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Stephanie Brim

For the love of baking...(and similar afflictions)

I have a problem. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?

So here I am, 7 weeks after giving birth to a wonderful baby boy...and I have 12 loaves of bread in various stages of becoming tasty, crusty goodness.

I am not a professional. I do not have one of those nice ovens that will fit all this bread. I have no couche for the insanely wet rosemary potato bread other than the piece of thin natural linen that I picked up at the fabric store for half off. I have to bake loaves 3 at a time, part of the time on a half sheet pan, so that they all get done at the right times.

The smell wafting through my house, though...heaven. Really. The smell of bread baking makes up for the hours of hard work I've put in over the last 24 hours.

Really, the hardest part was making the dough last night. My husband works second shift, meaning he's gone from about 2:30 until about midnight, so during the time I was mixing up doughs I had both kids to take care of, some laundry to do, dishes to keep up with, and dinner to make for Rinoa and I. Not only did I get everything done, but I figured I'd have time to do not only the baked potato and rosemary potato breads that I planned to take to Christmas as gifts, but also a loaf or two of real gingerbread to have with lightly sweetened whipped cream.

I think I've renewed my confidence in my ability to successfully multitask. I quit baking while I was pregnant because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to spend enough time with my daughter after having the new baby and that she'd be forever scarred by my inability to play with her constantly. I can't believe I thought that now, but pregnancy does strange things to you. I now know that I can do my baking, which is something I do for myself as much as to provide my family with the best food possible, and still not neglect my family.

I have to admit that this crazy baking spree was most likely not the best way to reacquiant myself with my rational mind.

I'll share pictures when I'm done. Just thought I'd share my brain today. :)


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Postal Grunt

I recently retired from the USPS and I haven't approached baking on that kind of scale. I do understand the need to do baking. Its just as necessary as my need to garden. It's the craft, the creativity, the curiosity, and the sense of satisfying my desire to learn. We aren't old as long as we still learn.

Well seasoned and floured holiday wishes from the west bank of the Missori River. PG

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When I read your post, it reaffirms my belief that women are much more suited to survival than men. In the face of an incredible work load, there you are arranging your schedule so you can bake, how many breads at once? No doubt about it, I don't any men that would be so inclined after giving birth (like I would really know what that's like) :>))


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It certainly is!

Your baby boy sure is lucky to have such a Mum :)

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Muffin Man

I am nearing retirement after 40 years in the IT industry and discovered baking a few short years ago.  As I continue on this culinary and spiritual journey (yes, I'm a Peter Reinhart fan), I am learning the art of multitasking, which you appear to have mastered.  Interleaving baking with laundry, and learning something to play on the guitar at Church next Sinday is fulfilling on several levels.  Keep it up,,, and the best of luck to you.  My two 'kids' are now 32 and 34.  It does get easier... when you get tired of the frangkids, just send them home.

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has services on Sinday?  ;-)

Yeah, I know it's a typo, but I couldn't resist.

Happy baking and strumming.


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i detect a hint of inspiration there, despite your workload.  keep baking, because it's one of the many ways to express your love and to connect with the world!  great going.