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Formula note: The final dough flour: The 1/2 white bread flour is just that, 1/2 white and 1/2 whole wheat. Making the flour 5 oz white and 5 oz. whole wheat. Along with the other flours. The combined flours are mixed with the proper percentage of water, then to rest.

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After a couple of really good attempts to recreate a Brooklyn style pizza, I had a couple of disasters. Trying to slide a 16" dough disk onto a 16" steel proved to need more precision than I could muster.  I was ready to quit, when my wife reminded me how good the pies were before I got the steel. On her advice I combined the two methods. Pizza screen on the steel.

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Weekend bake Rustic Bread: 12/16/17 - 7:00A.M.

 This is a lean bread recipe, that uses a preferment. Using a preferment, maximizes flavor, the long ferment also minimizes the amount of yeast needed.

Step #1 The preferment flour and water are mixed together and allowed to rest for 15 min. 

Step #2 The salt and yeast are added into the flour and water. The preferment dough is kneaded a few times to combine all the ingredients.

Step #3 After 10 hours the preferment has expanded nicely. 

Step #4 The final dough flour (, 10oz. bread, 3oz. spelt and 3 oz. rye) are combined and rested for 20 min. after which the remainder of the final dough ingredients are added in.  

Step #5 The preferment is cut into small pieces and ready to add into the final dough.

Step #6 After 15 minutes of vigorous kneading by hand, a nice elastic dough is achieved.

Step #7 The final dough is placed into the oiled fermenting container for the bulk ferment.

Step #8  After 2 hours of bulk ferment and two letter folds. the dough is ready to divide and pre shape.

Step #8 The risen dough is gently cut into two 778 gram pieces. Both pieces are shaped into balls with the skin pulled tight.

Step #9 The pre- shaped dough is left to rest for 20 minutes.

Step # 10 The relaxed pre-shaped balls are gently rolled into their final torpedo shapes, covered and set to proof.

Step # 11 The loaves were slashed, albeit poorly, the tops egg washed. Then they were placed in the preheated oven. 

The Roadside Pie King

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The Roadside Pi...

Time to bake the bread: Experamental formula development.
Three whole grain Bread. Using very little packaged yeast.
Farmer ground half bread flour - 250 grams ( high-extraction flour ( T85))
Spelt flour - 100 grams
Rye flour - 100 grams...
Whole wheat four (White) - 100 grams
Hydration - 52.7 %
yeast total 3/4 teaspoon
Salt - 12 grams
Water 290 grams
1. 24 hour + at room temp. Sour Biga
2. Water roux
3. long bulk ferment.
The dough after mixing was very wet. Very hard to work. After the first hour bulk ferment and two stretch and folds it is looking better.


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