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I pretty much have this one down pat. I am now working on an unfed l, overnight room temperature ferment style.

It's the early bird that catches the worm.

Bake off protocol initiated.

1. Preheat sequence - T Minus 30 minutes to completion.

2. Pre bake visual fermentation inspection ✅

95-100% of full fermentation achieved. 

3. The flip ✅

4. The Slash ✅

5. The Load ✅

6. Initiate steam injection ✅

Now we wait...


My goodness, how good fresh bread smells in the morning!

The crumb reveal


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The Roadside Pi...



Participation in Ralph Nieboer's Breadworks FB group community bake. " The Winston knot". To become capable, and proficient in shaping and baking a six strand Winston knot Bread.

Winston knot community bake.

Woke up, got out of bed and dragged a buffing rag across my head. I made my way to the kitchen and got an early start! 


1. Tangzhung water roux. (150°F)

2. Rough looking dough after initial mix

3. Smooth dough after mechanical gluten development.

4. Dough is looking as a treat after stretch and fold #1.


Deviation for formula. 

120g of roux used to account for bowl loss and for ease ( 6 parts at 20 g) 5 parts water, one part flour.

.165% instant yeast in place of fresh yeast 

Sourdough was unfed discard.


Modus operandi

Room temperature. 72°F


The Water, warm roux, and melted fat ( 10 g bacon fat, and 40 g shorting) were mixed together to temper.


Mechanical mix: 15 minutes low Bosch Universal #1 8 minutes Bosch Universal #2. 

Observations so far

The relatively low hydration dough took a bit to come together. Next time, I will hold back the fats until some gluten is developed. Aside from this the dough is now looking really nice. The elasticity is excellent. In fact I may forgo stretch and fold #2.

Stop by later for the epic finish! (I hope)




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As a special bonus of putting up with my nonsense, I present Nanny's (my Mom's) secret formula for her iconic special occasions or Sunday dinner

"Crepe Style Manicotti"

Enjoy the step by step simple instructions.

1. The crepes.

2. The sauce

3. The Filling

4. Assembly

5. Bake.






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The Roadside Pi...

Enjoy my finalized rendition of Ken Forkish's Pain de Campagne. 

Significant changes


1. Formula hydration was lowered a significant 7 percentage points.


2. Flour composition was changed to include slightly more, and different whole grains


3. The yield was increased to achieve four rustic hearth loaves at 480g ea. 



4. One aggressive on the bench letter fold replaced the last stretch/fold.

Pain de Campagne (Country Bread)

 Finalized formula

Inspired by: Forkish, EIB

Total Formula

Flour - 1100g - 100% (includes prefermented Flour)

Water - 800g - 73% (Includes water from levian)

Levian - 440g - 40% * At 100% Hydration 

Sea Salt - 22g - 2%


Final Dough

Artisan Bread flour - 630g -  57%

Einkorn Whole wheat - 120g - 11%

Tibetan Purple Barley - 65g -  5.9%

Gazelle Whole Rye - 65g - 5.9%

Filtered Water 580g 

Levian AP Flour - 440g (Mother 60g, 30g Rye/30g, AP)

Sea Salt 22g 



Total Dough 1922g

Four at 480g


Phase 1 Levian

Three stage build

Phase 2 Fermentolyse 




Twenty minutes at room temperature (73°F)

Phase 3 Mix


The salt was poured evenly on top of the fermentolyse mixture during Phase 2

Fold and pinch the salt into the dough until a very shaggy cohesive dough is achieved.

Phase 4 hands on gluten development/fermentation.

After resting the dough for thirty minutes the first of 2 sets of in the bowl stretch/folds is preformed.

At sixty minutes the second set stretch/fold in the bowl. At ninety minutes an aggressive on the wet bench letter fold is performed. 

Phase 5 Undisturbed fermentation

Room temperature in bulk fermentation to a volume increase of 100% (At 73°F this took four hours)

Phase 6 divide, preshaping. 

After the division, the four equal weight dough balls are lightly shaped into balls. Minimal to no extra bench flour should be used.

Phase 7 shape

Using just enough bench flour as needed to not damage the dough, shape two Boules & two Batards.

Phase 8 cold proofing

The well shaped bannaton incased flegling rustic breads at cold proofed overnight ten to twelve hours. My proofer is at 36°F

Phase 9

The bake

45 Minutes before bake off, pre heat to 550F. Immediately before baking slash, load, and add steam. Lower oven temperature to 475°F bake 15 minutes. Rotate racks high to low and front to back. Bake an additional 15: minutes or until the rich shade of brown is achieved. Rest on a rack for two hours before slicing.

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The Roadside Pi...

OMG! These dog treats smell like Amazeballs!

Hello, dog lovers! And sourdough bread people. Today I have some sourdough discard dog treats working.  The formula I referenced is from Food 52 " Sourdough Discard dog treats"

Enjoy the pictorial formula. I went off the reservation after bring the dough together. My process is listed with the photos. Stop back later, we will have Gronky taste test.

Two eggs are missing from the wet ingredients photo.

The original formula called for no bulk fermentation I. I added one hour of bulk. Also the shaping method was different.

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The Roadside Pi...

The second time around. Much better than the last time. 

Hands-on laboratory practice exercise 03/14 - 03/16

Area of improvement

No unsightly burnt crust

Oven spring

Area needs improvement

Scoring 80% hydration dough is a challenge even straight out of the refrigerator

Country Bread EIB Style (Forkish) AKA

Pain de Champagne 

KA Bread flour

Hayden Einkorn Whole grain Wheat 

Hayden Gazal Whole grain Rye

Hayden Purple Barley

Hydration 80%

Prefermented flour 20%

Salt 2.2%



Total dough 1800g

Three at 600g


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The Roadside Pi...

Happy π Day 3.14159.   The year of our Lord 2024. 

The tale of the tape.

For the cracker Jack crew at Banner imaging Mesa

1. NY street slice pie

1. Queen Margarita of Savoy


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The Roadside Pi...

Hands on laboratory practice.

Day #1 begin the three step leivin build

Day #2 complete leivin fortification, main dough build/fermentation, and cold retard

Day #3 The end game (Bake).

After putting Slo-Mo through his paces he performed admirable. He had more than enough power of provide the lift requirements. It was a bit challenging working with the sticky 80% hydration dough. Working with Maurizio's almost as highly hydrated doughs was a good primer. The stepping stone method I call it. The deep rustic wood fire coloration is just what I was going for! The depth of flavor is amazing. Enjoy the photo montage. 




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The Roadside Pi...

Today's exercise.

Brooklyn style, Sicilian stuffed pizza. Sausage roll/chicken roll. 

2.0 The second time, much better than the first time. 


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The Roadside Pi...

Eureka! Though trial and error I have successfully recreated the authentic, iconic NYC Kaiser roll. Brought to America by our German Jewish neighbors. These are the big ones of breakfast sandwich fame. 

Check another one off the list.

Kaiser rolls-✅


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