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Today's bake consists of two separate and distinct phases.


Phase #1 - The Mozzarella

Phase #2 The bake

Phase one is fresh mozzarella. This formula is 80% the ingredients going in. The other 20% boils down to (pun unintended) experience pulling/shaping the balls. My end game needs practice. Very pleased with my first crack at this!



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launchpad pre-bake-off systems (ingredient) check off.


Faiccos Italian specialties (Bleecker street Greenwich Village) homemade sweet & hot Sopresatta

Imported sharp Provolone

Imported Sicilian Caciocavallo

No name low moisture mozzarella, I saw some sandwich-ready slices of the mozzarella on the counter. I asked, Boars head? He replied, no. I asked for a pound. He came out with an unmarked loaf about 2/3 the size of a Grande loaf of whole milk. Don't you know, with my big mouth was embarrassed to ask the brand! Grrr.

The dough is 19 hours into the cold ferment. even with a well-oiled top, the plastic moved and the dough got cold burn. Grrr. I flipped it on the oiled 16X16 well covered to continue the cold ferment/retard.


The main ingredient check, all systems go!


Bake-off at "T" minus sometime this afternoon. Smile...



I Like to have fun with my baking. (I am easily amused)


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Inspired by, the pizza bible. However, this bake morphed into something completely different. Thick Brooklyn style. Specifically Armondo's, Canarsie-Brooklyn, Rockaway Parkway. (L train station) Thick Sicilian pizza.

The sfincione Palermitano is born. AKA, It's hip to be square


18X12 half sheet pan. 1,100 grams of dough. Three-day dough: Day one starter refresh/build. On day two, mix the final dough. 28 hr. cold ferment/Two hr. room temperature final proof. I realized I was out of barley malt. I substituted 2% Brown sugar. The rest is as written

This performance is coming to you live, from Greenwich Village- Manhattan N.Y.C. ETA to bake & update

"T" minus 30hrs. 

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Very nice bread, completed from converting the wheat sourdough starter to an active rye starter to out of the oven in less than 12 hours. The bread is soft and mildly sweet. The perfect vehicle for a nice spreadable butter, low lighting, and conversation! The flour makeup for this bake (for all intents and purposes) checks all the boxes for the C.B. clocking in at 48.3% whole stone-ground rye. 

 I started in the morning at 10:00 AM by feeding my already freshly, refreshed wheat liquid starter 1:1 with half AP flour and half rye. After four hours and a good rise, I fed the hybrid starter at 100% hydration with 100% rye flour. After three hours I could notice only very little activity. to my great relief, at the 3.5-hour mark the now (for all intents and purposes) 100% rye starter had doubled! 

 In truth, one could use a rye discard starter since there is plenty of commercial yeast to provide lift! (Which was achieved nicely!)  

 Please enjoy the pictorial record of my interpretation of what a before-dinner bread should look & taste like. Please feel free to share your true thoughts both good and critical. Additionally please feel free to use and share the formula freely! This formula here is the final draft and includes all the ingredients and steps used. The post in the C.B. discussion is the work in progress rough draft. 


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I am not sure what to think of this sandwich rye loaf. Honestly, I am disappointed. That being said, the hard crust and dense yet soft crumb taste so good with a pad of butter. At 79% whole rye, not a brick at all. Please see below, I posted some photos of my method as well as my doctored formula. The link to the translatable original formula is also included. 

 I am always open to constructive comments. Thanks for stopping by.

Kind regards,

 Will F. 

Pane in Cassetta di Segale con Lievito Madre



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Mafalda The Semolina bread of SicilyBy: Will Falzon. The Brooklyn Maltese350g Semolina Rimacinata150g K.A. A.P. Flour10g Salt7g Instant Dry Yeast1 tsp. Barley Malt Syrup330g Water1 Tbs. Olive Oil3 Tbs. Sesame Seed1tsp. Anise SeedSimple straight dough method.1. Mix all ingredients except the olive oil until the dough ball clears the sides of the Bosch mixer.2. Slowly add the oil drizzling it down the side of the mixer bowl3. Move to a lightly oiled bowl.4. allow to rise at room temperature covered until doubled in volume. About 1hr5. Scale into two equal weight balls. Rest for ten min. Covered6. Pre-shape each ball into a 30” long rope. Rest for 15 min. covered7. shape into the serpent or the eyes of Saint Lucy shapes.8. Proof covered at room temperature until the loaves are double in volume. (about 1hr.)9. Pre-heat the oven to 550F and prep the steaming apparatus10. Bake for 8 min. at 550F with full steam11. Remove the steaming apparatus and purge the oven12. Lower the heat to 475F13. Bake for an additional 8 min. until golden brownEyes of Saint Lucy (Maflada Bread)

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 with prosciutto.

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So I found this volume measurement-based Cream cheese bun recipe. I set out to just covert the formula to mass measurements, However, I was slightly uncomfortable with the statement, "more flour may be needed." At that point, I set out to determine the baker percentage and hydration. At this point, it became crystal clear why the formula might need "more flour." I determined (if my mathematics and assumptions are correct) over 90% hydration. I tweaked this on the front side for a more manageable 61% hydration. Seeing as the recipe called for a yield of 30 buns. I am pretty sure the blogger (momsdish) was adding at least the same 2 1/2 cups of flour that I added. This yielded a respectable 57g size bun. There you have it, my riff, and now a replicable formula for Russian Cream Cheese Vatrushka Buns! 

 The buds are very good. Albite the pastry could do with a nice slow overnight ferment to add some depth of flavor. For the filling I used what I had on hand. one 8oz. package of cream cheese passed its best by date and a fresh 15oz. container of ricotta cheese. I am very happy with both the texture and flavor. Next time I will try the farmers' cheese recommended in the original recipe. 





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 Hello, bread club members and guests. Today (New Years' Eve 2022) I will endeavor a two-part project.

First, I shall bake a semolina Italian bread, typical of what can be found on the Island of Sicily. The inspiration for this bake comes from Inumeridieri's recent bake of Mafalda bread.

 Secondly, I will use the Mafalda bread to recreate the muffuletta sandwich. A New Orleans classic created by Sicilian Italian emigrants. Now let us dust off the old blog page, and put up some new window dressing! Thanks for reading I hope you will drop by to check out the end result soon! 

 The scaled dough

The preshape



The final Shaping





Il serpente (The Snake)

Gli occhi di Santa Lucia (The Eyes of Saint Lucy)


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