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1. To pair down a small surplus of Whole wheat flour, two loaves of approachable bread. "Wonder-Full bread"

2. Four Baguette formula. 

The fun begins tonight with W.W. levian build, and baguette dough. 

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The Roadside Pi...

Hello friends.

 At some point during the week of October 19th, I will be making my interpretation of Julia Childs Cranberry walnut pumpkin bread. this enriched "brioche" type bread has become a Pie king tradition! Maybe it will become a tradition around your way too! 

 What do you say? Take a break from sticks, I look forward to seeing all of your creations! 

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The Roadside Pi...

The detailed formula, complete with bake timing, can be found in the video description. 


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The Roadside Pi...


My interpretation of, Pane de Altamura - Carol Fields, The Italian Baker (Page #95)

The bread of Altamura is the only bread in Italia, to be protected by, Denominazione d'Origine Protetta (DOP, Designation of Origin) 

This bake is inspired by the ancient bread from Altamura


Phase 1 -  The Biga

Commercial yeast kick starter: Scant 1/2 tsp. IDY (Exactly 1.4 grams)

Flour (100% semola rimacinata) 250 G. 100%

 Water (Acqua di Fiuggi) 180 G.  72%

Ambient room temperature:  76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Elapse time: Six Hours


The biga is very active, and at least doubled. I plan to move into Fermentolyse, at approximately the 12 hr. mark. 4:30 AM. ( As strange as this may sound, the timing fits in with Barron's bathroom schedule. Smile...


I opted to lower the biga hydration by 60 grams. ( 24% points) My gut feeling is, the total hydration of Ms. fields formula is too high. 

Phase 2 - The Fermentolyse

Elapse time: Twelve Hours

1. The final dough IDY, (1.4 grams) is dissolved in the final dough water (430 grams) 

2. The 12 hour biga is dissolved into the yeast/water mixture.

3. While the Bosch universal is running at speed number one, the durum wheat flour (semola rimacinata) are mixed into the milky white biga/yeast mixture, about 100grams at a time. 

 4. Once all the flour is hydrated, a 1 hour rest to allow the high protein, fragile gluten flour, to completely hydrate, and at the same time begin to develop. 

Next: Phase three - The gluten development (Improved method, Dr. Raymond Calvel) 

After the one hour Fermentolyse, the dough looks relaxed and noticeably velvety. 

Phase 3- The gluten development (Improved method, Dr. Raymond Calvel)

As we begin the development phase, I keep in mind the fragile nature of durum wheat gluten. In accordance with the teachings of Dr. Calvel, I attempt to use the Bosch universal to minimize manual labor, while at the same time respecting the dough from to start.  

Note: All mixing was done on Bosch speed number 1. This is something I have never before attempted. 

1. The salt is added, and the well hydrated dough takes a ten minute ride in the Bosch. 

After the ten minutes the dough has not begun to clear the bowl. 

 After a 5 minute rest

After another ride in the Bosch of 5 minutes. The dough is still rather sticky and has not cleared the bowl

The partially developed dough is rested for 5 additional minutes.


One last 5 minute ride in the Bosch universal, and eureka! The dough has just started to clear the bowl. To recap, all mixing was done at the lowest speed for a slow gentle development of the gluten network.

Phase 4 - The bulk ferment and hand development

At this point the 82% hydration dough ball is still sticky, with some minimal strength. The dough ball is placed into the graduated straight sided fermentation container. While in the container a stretch and fold is done at each of the four sides. Additional stretch and folds will be done at 45 minutes, 90 minutes, and 135 minutes. At that point the dough will be left untouched for 45 more minutes. 

After the 45 minutes, and stretch and folds. The dough is sticky but very manageable with wet hands.

At the 90 minute mark the dough ball is expanding quickly and developing some nice strength.

I switched the dough to a larger container and preformed the stretch and folds. The dough is much more manageable, and full of co2. 

At the 105 minute mark with an ambient temperature hovering at around 76 degrees Fahrenheit, the dough ball seems to be near full bulk fermentation, (if not over). That being said at 135 minutes I will jump to divide & shape. 

Phase 5, Divide and pre-shape

elapsed time: 135 Minutes.

The dough is nicely tripled.

All set to divide and shape



Divide and pre shape

The shaping and proofing


I ran into a bit of a timing snafu, no worries I cooled the jets on the the proof. now I am back. The oven is steaming while the loafs undergo a 30 minute room temperature proof. Just before baking the baguettes get slashed and the Altamura inspired loaf gets formed into a pompadour. 

Shaping the Altamura loaf

Slashing the baguettes

The culmination of a days work

Don't you just know I burned the bottom of the Altamura loaf on the pizza steel, unprotected. Grrr... Not very bad. While waiting for the crumb shot, am a very satisfied! I feel like, this should have been a blog post.

The obligatory crumb shot. Cheers to me!


Shaping and slashing flaws not withstanding, The bake turned out very well. The crust is thin and crisp. The crumb is tight and pillow soft. Cotton candy comes to mind. All in all I am satisficed with this first attempt at ancient bread in the style of Altamura bread. Thanks for reading.


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The Roadside Pi...

Hey, guys.
 What's good? I am off from work next week so, that's always good on my end!
Lets get down to brass tacks. I am pretty proud of this loaded up pie! I made the movie because it's easier. I don't think it will go on my YouTube.

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The Roadside Pi...

Locally sourced, farm fresh seasonal pie bake.

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The Roadside Pi...


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