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Freezer Batch N.Y.C. style Pizza Dough (AKA- Kitchen aid Killer)

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The Roadside Pi...

Freezer Batch N.Y.C. style Pizza Dough (AKA- Kitchen aid Killer)

All set for the next two months (+-)





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I'm pretty sure that would kill my KA. And you are indeed set for pizza. I like your little video.

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Yup that would kill my 5qt KA Artisan stand mixer for sure.

Will, are you quite happy with your Bosch mixer?

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The Roadside Pi...

You know. I have been using the Bocsh for so long I am happy. That being said, it has limitations. For medium to low hydration doughs, I don't think you can have a better mixer. Once you delve into higher hydrations, it takes some patience and technique to get a good result. I hate the column in the center but learned to live with it. Everything has trade-offs. I bet when it comes to other baking uses, such as whipping eggs/cream the KitchenAid wins! The link is a huge double batch of highly enriched, yeasted pumpkin bread! An example of a high hydration dough is my riff on approachable bread. Through perseverance I made it work with the Bosch! 

 Pumpkin Bread

Approachable Bread (Bosch method)

Yeasted Pumpkin Bread

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Will, nice work. Thanks for the N.Y style recipe, it looks delicious. 


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The Roadside Pi...

Most of my bakes are from frozen 48-72 hr. cold defrost/ferment in the refrigerator. Except on dough-making day. This bad boy is 48hr. cold ferment from fresh. Freezer batch dough was made Thursday. The bake was yesterday.


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Thanks for the recipe. I made a 1/4 batch yesterday. I substituted solod (fermented rye malt) for the sugar. I just used AP + fresh milled spelt.

Our pizza toppings were a little crazy: pineapple, prosciutto, mushroom, black olives, garlic, olive oil. A bunch of different cheeses. Basil and oregano.

We really enjoyed it. 

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The Roadside Pi...

I am glad the formula worked out for you!

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I managed to find some *real* pepperoni on a recent trip to the USA.  I was so excited for pizza, so I sought out a proper NY dough recipe to make it with. (yes, I carted pepperoni with me across the border...there might have been 10 bags of flour too)  This is now my go to recipe.  I love the way it bakes up, nice and crispy and you can get that great thin crust. My Kitchenaid didn't die either! (I scaled to only make 3 balls)  I went purist with just pepperoni for this one, and it was everything I remember from my youth.  Now I have some in the freezer for another time too.  Thank you so much for sharing.  sorry no photos, it's all gone. ;-)