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Benneto 's Newfoundland savory pepper dinner rolls. Test bake #1

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Benneto 's Newfoundland savory pepper dinner rolls. Test bake #1

Phase one

Newfoundland savory spice ordered & incoming. For this first attempt I will be substituting basil for the main flavor component.

Test bake #1 using sweet basil.

Phase #1

The mix

All the players are assembled.

The dry ingredients flour, salt, yeast, and sugar 

The wet ingredients. Milk, egg, and tang zung

Combine in the Bosch bowl

Add the basil and pepper, then a short mix to hydrate. The shaggy dough is left to rest covered for 20 minutes.


After a 5 minute ride a cohesive elastic, albeit sticky dough is achieved. 

A few grandma style kneads, then the dough is shaped into a tight little ball.

The dough is placed in a lightly oiled fermentation container. Kitchen timer set for one hour. At that time the fermentation progress will be accessed. 

After two hours, the dough achieved the required doubling. Sadly I forgot to incorporate the butter before the begining of bulk fermentation. I will have to add this step during the final shaping. That's why I do a test bake.



What a freaking mess I made. I was supposed to pre-shape 12 balls and end with 24. 

 I pushed on anyway. Till the last few I was beat and combined the balls.

The butter and flour rub.

 The shaping.

The end game.

The misques not withstanding, they turned out pretty okay. These sweet basil & pepper taste amazing! Don't you know the Newfoundland savory was in today's mail. I can't wait to taste the Thanksgiving batch!

Kind regards,

Will F.