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Cranberry and Walnut Sourdough



70g Whole Wheat Flour(@WholegrainMilling)

280g Strong Bread Flour

280g Water

70g Starter(100% Hydration - Feed 1:3:3)

7g Salt

120g Walnut and Cranberry(Soaked overnight and left to drain for 8 hours)


A little minute more on fermentation would have over fermented this dough....


2 hours Autolyse



30 minutes rest after adding starter



2 x 5 minutes Rubaud Mixing with 10 minutes rest in between.


Lamination - adding inclusions 



30 minutes rest and transferred to a rectangular glass dish



1st Coil Fold



2nd Coil Fold



3rd Coil Fold



4th and last Coil Fold - Temperature is just going high!



Dough is really puffy and almost tearing up! Dough went Crazy from 27°C to 31°C in about 2 hours!!!



Shaping is hard to handle....



Did 'Dan the Baker's' Shaping....



4 x coil folds with temperature as follows - 27°C/28°C/30°C/31°C

Added starter at 2:50pm/6:35pm last coil fold with 31°C internal dough temperature.

8:00pm Shape and rested at room temp for 5 minutes

1 hour in freezer while heating up the oven.



Bake for:

250c for 30 minutes 

220c for 10 minutes 



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Honestly I don't know what's the real taste of this as we don't have 'Cheesecake Factory' here in Sydney but decided too just give it a try..

My sister from L.A. Suggested that I make these Brown Bread from @cheesecakefactory that she said was terrific but instead of using commercial yeast I’ve converted a recipe I got online(kitchen trials) to Sourdough which I think turned out okay.

Taste has a strong coffee/chocolate flavour with a bit of sweetness.. Fermentation was okay got worried that it may not rise but it did.

May need to make this again but using fresh yeast. Was too sour the next day!

Cheesecake Factory brown bread
125g Bread Flour
75g Whole Wheat
100g Water
45g Starter
6g Brown Sugar
6g Cocoa Powder
8g Coffee
4g Salt
12g unsalted butter
36g Honey
12g Molasses 

In a mixer or by hand start mixing flour+water+starter rest for an hour(will be tough to mix) then add the rest of the ingredients and start kneading until dough develops gluten. 

I left to ferment for 8 hours then shape like a baguette then sprinkled with rolled oats and proof for 2 hours.

Baked on a baking steel @ 200c deg for 15mins/160c deg for another 15mins.


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This one is a 100% Whole Wheat sourdough, tips and tricks by @fullproofbaking 🙏 😊 thank you! 

Sorry for trying be more creative on the photos! 😊

380g Whole Wheat Flour
300g Water
8g Salt
110g Starter(Whole Wheat)-18% of total dough weight

I don’t have enough time to do fermentation last night so thought of adding more starter would make it faster.

Stand mixer is used...
8 hours Autolyse(6 hours in fridge 2 hours room temp)
Added starter then rest for 30 minutes then added salt.
Total of 6.5 hours Fermentation with 1 strong stretch and fold plus to 2 coil folds.
Final shaped and rested in room temp for 30 minutes then fridge for 7.5 hours

Baked @ 230c deg for 15 mins 179c dry for 30 minutes.

The Flavour and aroma of this bread is amazing! I think that time me and my wife finished this loaf in a flash. 

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Started a channel in YouTube to document my bakes and start sharing my experience, Trying my best to take videos of every bakes that I do from now onwards...

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Tartine Style Country Bread
30g Rye Flour
60g Whole Wheat
230g Strong Bread Flour
272g Hydration
90g Starter(100% Hydration)

-Flour+Water Autolyse for 2 hours
-Added starter and salt mixed by hand(Rubaud Method)
-Bulk Fermented for 9 hours(Didn’t gave a gassy dough as it was cold yesterday.)
-Stretch and folds in bowl 5 times 30min to 1 hour intervals
-Pre-Shaped and rested for 1 hour
-Shaped and left on bench top overnight.
-Next morning in freezer for an hour then bake!
-250c Deg for 15 Min/200c Deg for 25 Min

This is definitely inspired by 'Trevor Jay Wilson' totally love this guy, he make everything looks so easy!

Things that I learned from this recipe and bake, The dough ferments quicker that any other recipe. 

Youtube Channel -

Started a channel in YouTube to document my bakes and start sharing my experience, Trying my best to take videos of every bakes that I do from now onwards...

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Made and baked last year and was posted on Instagram, I'm trying to put all my bakes on here! So! this was a loaf that is covered with lots of black sesame seeds, Flavour was okay but should have added some seeds to dough as well. That would my next experiment! So many plans!

Didn't had so much oven spring just enough for the dough to burst and create the famous 'Ear' the more I aim for open crumb the less oven spring I get, Guess we can't have both?

350g Flour Mix - 90% Premium Bakers Flour or Strong Bread Flour/10% Whole Wheat
260g Water
70g Starter(10% Rye/90% SBF)
8g Salt
Lots of Black sesame seeds

Baked using a big stainless steel bowl pre heated and covered the dough, sort of like a DO, Got the idea from one of the Admins from FB groups(Oliver Kunz)

Had a descent amount of photos!


 Youtube Channel -

 Started a channel in YouTube to document my bakes and start sharing my experience, Trying my best to take videos of every bakes that I do from now onwards...

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There's been a lot of practice and failure on making these and I bet if do this again I might fail again, I'm planning on making a tutorial video on these as well.

Waiting and proofing is the hardest part on making these but with patience(a Lot) I manage to do it...

Sourdough Croissants 

200g Strong Bakers Flour

100g Water

18g Sugar

4g Salt

50g Starter

20g Unsalted Butter


130g Butter Block(46% of total dough weight, deduct 20g used from dough) 



1 single

1 double


Cut size:

8cm x 28cm +\-

In a mixer Mix Flour/Water/Starter until it comes together and rest for an hour

Then add Sugar and salt then continue mixing and while mixing add butter gradually and continue mixing for about 8 minutes or more.


Move to a clean bowl and let it ferment(might take 4 to 5 hours or more depending on the room temp) when you see bubbles underneath or pockets of air or 50% doubled then start to flatten the dough to a square shape using a cling wrap or baking paper and a rolling pin. leave in fridge for 1 to 2 hours.


While the dough is in the fridge prepare the butter block. Flatten and make a square shape Almost Same size as the dough using cling wrap and a rolling pin. 


After resting the dough in the fridge, spread with the rolling pin and start encasing the butter. Do 1 single fold and 1 double fold. When the dough is starting to become soft just rest in the fridge for 30 mins or an hour then continue.


After the folding cut and shape the dough. Proofing might take hours and hours, you have to deal with this some did it for 24 hours, but mine took like 8 hours to double and wobbly then Bake.


Baked it for 20 minutes @ 200c Deg


Next one is yeasted Croissant....


Yeasted Croissants

500g Strong Bread Flour

250g Water

45g Sugar

10g Salt

45g Unsalted Butter

15g Fresh Yeast


335g Unsalted Butter Block



1 single

1 double


Cut size:

8cm x 28cm +\-


My goal is making croissants using a stiff starter...


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20% White Khorasan Sourdough with 10% Wholemeal Spelt.


Recipe for 2 medium Loaves: 

490g Strong Bread Flour

140g White Khorasan

70g Wholemeal Spelt Flour

525g Water(34c deg)

140g Starter

14g Salt


2 Hours Autolyse

Add starter and rest for 30 minutes then add salt and mix.

Using slap and folds with 10 minutes rest interval until the dough is smooth and developed gluten.


5 hours Total Fermentation before pre shape. With 2 Stretch and folds(30 minutes rest intervals


Bake on steel plate @ 250°C for 20 minutes and 180°C for 30 minutes

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This wonderful crumb was made last year 20th of August 2020(Winter), When I started to learn more about fermentation and type of flours.. This is I think the most successful Lacy Crumb that I made. From what I've learned, Flour plays a very important part in getting an open crumb.

380g - Flour Mix(310g Strong Bread Flour/70g Whole Wheat)

300g - Water - 80% Hydration

8g - Salt

80g - Starter



7:30 am Feed starter(Levain)

11:00 am Autolyse(27c deg - Water Temp)

1:30 pm Added Starter

2:00 pm Added Salt

2:30 pm 1 Strong stretch and fold

3:00 pm Laminate

4:00 pm to 6:30 pm with 4 coil folds(at 24c deg)

7:00 pm while still in Fermentation left in the fridge.

10:30 pm pull out from fridge left at room temp.

6:30 am Final shaped(almost 100% doubled!!)

Proofed in fridge for 3 hours then decided I want to bake it today, took it out and leave in 24c Deg temp for 3 hours.

Baked on baking steel

230c Deg for 15 minutes

170c Deg for 30 minutes

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A chocolatey taste with a hint of bitterness for this Chocolate Sourdough, Goes very well with Nutella and definitely “Butter” or on its own.

Recipe for 2 Medium siez loaf:


700g Strong Bread Flour

512g Water

160g Liquid Starter(100% Hydration)

14g Salt

210 Chocolate Paste(70g Cocoa Powder/140g Water)

On a Stand mixer mix water(warm) and flour autolyse for and hour, After an hour add your starter and salt and mix well. Gradually add your chocolate paste and continue mixing until gluten is developed, Do a windowpane test to be sure.


Transfer the dough onto a new and oiled bowl(Transparent or clear for you to see activity) and let it ferment for up to 4 hours or more depending on your room temperature, Mine was at 23°C to 24°C that time.


Cut, Divide and pre-shape the dough(Do not pre-shape if the dough is not puffy or full or air) rest for 20 to 30 Minutes and do your final shaping.


Proof/Prove for 2 hours at room temperature and 1 hour cold proof(While heating up the oven)

Score and Bake:

250°C for 15 Minutes

180°C for 25 Minutes

With steam(A tray with BBQ Briskets) for extra steam)




Base recipe by: Sourly from IG




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Learning how this Mother Yeast Behave.. Hope to bake amazing breads...


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