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Seeded Rye Sourdough Loaf.. Been a while since I post from here so much to catch up...



Day 1 – Pre-ferment

-50g active rye starter 100% hydration

-100g Whole Rye flour

-120g cold water 5-7c deg



-100g Pepitas,Sunflower and sesame seeds +

- Boiling water


Day 2

-Pre-ferment as above

-25g Whole Rye flour

-50g Whole Wheat Flour

-175g Bread Flour

-7g fine sea salt

-30g molasses (black treacle)

-150g Warm Water



Day 1

- Mix flour, water and starter with cold water and leave for 12-14 hours

Day 2

- Add boiling water to your mixed seeds, soaked for 30 minutes then drain.

- Prepare your tin, Put oil in your tin and baking paper. 24x14x8 cm

- In a seperate bowl add all ingredients and mix well, rest for 1 hour

- Pour mixture to your prepared tin and add a hand full of seeds the press it down. 

- Leave to proof for 2-3 hours until volume has increased. 

- Halfway thru your proofing pre-heat oven to 250c Deg and bake for 20 minutes and 40 minutes at 180c deg


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For Ferment - Day 1

50g - Strong White Flour

25g - Rye Flour

40g - Dark Ale



Day 2

125g - Strong White Flour

25g - Rye Flour

50g - Dark Ale

50g - Warm Water



Day 3

100g - Strong White Flour

100g - Warm Water

5-10g - starter




225g Ferment/Starter(keep left over for next bake)

250g Strong White Flour

175g Whole Wheat Flour

5g Malt Flour

25g Rye Flour

250g Water/Dark Ale

9g Salt


Soaker - I don’t have wheat flakes so I’ve used something different that doesn’t need soaking for hours(recipe calls for wheat flakes)

100g Wheat Flakes (Weet-Bix)

175g Water


I mixed everything by hand, very sticky/messy to knead but all goes well at the end, Bulk Fermented until almost doubled. Was very cold that time, left it on the counter overnight @ 14c deg room temperature about 11pm to 8am and probably temperature drop a bit more over night. Shaped it in the morning and let it proof in the banneton for another 3 hours @ 15c to 16c deg room temperature, 20 hours cold retard @ 4c to 5c deg.


Baking Temp

210c deg - DO - 15 minutes 

210c deg - 25 minutes

210c deg - 5 minutes slightly open door


Overall this loaf is amazing in flavour, a strong taste of wheat almost like a 100% whole wheat. 


Recipe by Richard Bertinet from his book "Crumb"


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400g Strong Bread Flour

100g Plain Flour

45g Sugar

10g Salt

25g Milk Powder

15g Fresh Yeast

100g Starter - (100% Hydration)

225g Cold Water - 5c deg

40g Butter


250g Butter For laminating


9cm x 13cm @ 3.5mm - 4mm thick


Makes about 18 



Mix everything except butter

Add butter gradually

Mix well, knead by hand after

Wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours


Next day Make your butter block do 3 layers lock in

1 double fold and 1 single fold


Refrigerate till next day for when ready(4c deg)


Egg wash - 1 egg/20g Milk/pinch of salt(Beat and sift) refrigerate after 1st use


Rolled/pin to 3mm to 4mm thick then shape/roll and apply eh Wash


Proof 2.5 hours at 25-27c deg


Apply egg wash again before baking


Bake for 16 minutes @ 170c deg (convection oven)

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Suppose to be Benny’s “Furikake and Miso” sourdough but missed sesame seeds! Overall amazing flavour but can’t really taste the full flavour having to missed one of the most important ingredients! Definitely making it again without missing ingredients 😂 @bread_md 


340g Strong Bread Flour

60g Whole Wheat

312g Water

7g Salt

86g Starter(12% of total dough weight-100% Whole wheat-mature)

40g Miso

3 tbsp Toasted Sesame Seeds

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Inspired by “Trevor Jay Wilson’s Open Crumb Mastery”

Always trying to make it better the second time around.



320g Strong Bread Flour

80g Whole-wheat flour

320g Water

8g Salt

90g Starter(White Starter - 100% Hydration) 12.5% of total dough weight 


10 hours Autolyse @ 14-16c Deg

Starter PH - 3.8 (not sure how accurate, not a semi solid ph meter)

20c deg IDT

3 minutes mix

30 minutes rest

2x Stretch and folds with 30 minutes interval 

2x coil folds with 30 minutes interval 

IDT- 21.3c deg

Bulk proof - started @ 10:30pm @ 18.5c- 14c deg room temp to 7:00am

Shape and proof for 5 hours @ 15c deg

48 hours cold proof @ 4c deg

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Apple Sourdough from Slow Dough Book by Chris Young

Few ingredients were adjusted 


40g Rye

80g Spelt

280g strong bread flour

70g Starter(100% Hydration)

320g Water

9g Salt

3g Ground Mixed Spice

3g Cinnamon Powder/Ginger/Nutmet(recipe calls for pumpkin spice)

180g Sliced(Cubes) Green Apple - Was baked @ 180°C for 15 minutes



-1 hour Autolyse
-Added starter and salt and mixed until gluten is developed..
-1 hour rest
-Mix spice and baked apple then add to dough and do coil folds or stretch and folds to add
-3x Coil folds/Stretch and folds with 30 to 45 minutes rest inverval
-6.5 hours bulk fermentation @ 22°C - 24°C deg room temp
-42 hours cold retard

Baked on baking steel (Oven is always fan on unfortunately for me) at 250°C for 20 minutes/200°C deg 25 minutes


Honey/Sugar may need to be added but over all happy with the flavour!!!

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Base Recipe by Patrick Ryan of Firehouse Bakery

500g Strong white flour

65g Brown Sugar

12g Salt

5g Ground Cinnamon

5g All spice

5g of vanilla extract

Orange zest - 1 whole!!

200g Stiff starter

300g milk

1 large egg

65g unsalted butter

200g dried fruit(Marinade with orange and lemon juice with cinnamon and clove overnight) drained and save juice for glazing.

Cross paste - this may need to be adjusted(too hard after baking)?

100g plain flour-Colour or flavour

40g icing sugar

60-70ml milk

In a mixer Mix all ingredients except butter and fruits, once everything is mixed gradually add the butter, mix until gluten is developed, took about 20 minutes mix on medium to high speed with one 5 minutes rest a total of 25 minutes.

Leave to rest for 1 hour, after resting add fruits by folding onto the dough. Bulk ferment for 8 hours @ 23-24c deg. 


After bulk fermentation divide the dough approx 80 - 85g each and shape into a ball placing it onto a prepared tray(with baking paper preferred) 

Let it proof/prove for about 9-10 hours @ 24c Deg 

Pre-heat oven to 220c deg, add your cross paste when oven is ready, load onto the oven and drop the temperature to 200c deg and bake for 12 minutes, then another 20 to 25 minutes at 180c deg.


Use the left over juice from the fruit marinade and add approx a teaspoon of sugar then mix and brush on top while hot..


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Sourdough Sunday! So pleased with this bake, my ideal crumb!!!



70g Whole Wheat Flour

280g Strong Bread Flour

270g Water

70g Starter(100% Hydration))

7g Salt

Mixed all ingredients in a mixer until gluten is developed, took about 10 minutes in total at medium to high speed

Did 2 sets of stretch and folds with 30 minutes intervals.

Proof/proved it 1 hour at room temperature and 3 hours @ 4°C-5°C(fridge)


Baked on steel plate with stainless steel bowl cover at 250°C for 20 minutes, uncovered for another 25 minutes @ 220°C

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This maybe the simplest recipe and something that always works for me. I’m posting probably almost the same recipe but different approach or methods every week, but this is the only way I can achieve consistency upon my bakes..



70g Whole  wheat

280g Premium Bakers Flour

260g Water ?

70g Starter(100% hydration)

7g Salt ? 



Mixer is used

-1 hour Autolyse

-30 minutes rest after mixing starter

-1 hour rest after adding salt b4 doing 1 S & F

-5 hours Bulk Fermentation @ 24c deg

-2 sets of coil folds

-no pre-shape, rested on banneton for 30 minutes 

-16 hours cold retard


Baked on steel plate covered with stainless steel bowl for 20 minutes @ 250c Deg, another 25 minutes @ 230c Deg uncovered.

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Cranberry and Walnut Sourdough



70g Whole Wheat Flour(@WholegrainMilling)

280g Strong Bread Flour

280g Water

70g Starter(100% Hydration - Feed 1:3:3)

7g Salt

120g Walnut and Cranberry(Soaked overnight and left to drain for 8 hours)


A little minute more on fermentation would have over fermented this dough....


2 hours Autolyse



30 minutes rest after adding starter



2 x 5 minutes Rubaud Mixing with 10 minutes rest in between.


Lamination - adding inclusions 



30 minutes rest and transferred to a rectangular glass dish



1st Coil Fold



2nd Coil Fold



3rd Coil Fold



4th and last Coil Fold - Temperature is just going high!



Dough is really puffy and almost tearing up! Dough went Crazy from 27°C to 31°C in about 2 hours!!!



Shaping is hard to handle....



Did 'Dan the Baker's' Shaping....



4 x coil folds with temperature as follows - 27°C/28°C/30°C/31°C

Added starter at 2:50pm/6:35pm last coil fold with 31°C internal dough temperature.

8:00pm Shape and rested at room temp for 5 minutes

1 hour in freezer while heating up the oven.



Bake for:

250c for 30 minutes 

220c for 10 minutes 



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