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Walnut and Cranberry Sourdough

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Walnut and Cranberry Sourdough

Cranberry and Walnut Sourdough



70g Whole Wheat Flour(@WholegrainMilling)

280g Strong Bread Flour

280g Water

70g Starter(100% Hydration - Feed 1:3:3)

7g Salt

120g Walnut and Cranberry(Soaked overnight and left to drain for 8 hours)


A little minute more on fermentation would have over fermented this dough....


2 hours Autolyse



30 minutes rest after adding starter



2 x 5 minutes Rubaud Mixing with 10 minutes rest in between.


Lamination - adding inclusions 



30 minutes rest and transferred to a rectangular glass dish



1st Coil Fold



2nd Coil Fold



3rd Coil Fold



4th and last Coil Fold - Temperature is just going high!



Dough is really puffy and almost tearing up! Dough went Crazy from 27°C to 31°C in about 2 hours!!!



Shaping is hard to handle....



Did 'Dan the Baker's' Shaping....



4 x coil folds with temperature as follows - 27°C/28°C/30°C/31°C

Added starter at 2:50pm/6:35pm last coil fold with 31°C internal dough temperature.

8:00pm Shape and rested at room temp for 5 minutes

1 hour in freezer while heating up the oven.



Bake for:

250c for 30 minutes 

220c for 10 minutes 



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jl's picture

What is Dan the Baker's shaping method?

Carlo_Panadero's picture

It’s folding the dough like an envelope and grabbing the two ends and fitting it right in the banneton, he’s one of the baker I follow in IG, I should edit that I think.. thank you!!

Booda's picture

It's hard to beat the flavor of walnuts and cranberries. Nice crumb, considering all the inclusions. A lovely loaf.


Carlo_Panadero's picture

Yes so true! I was very happy it turned out with a nice crumb was expecting a bit tighter crumb.. thank you!!


justkeepswimming's picture

That is beautiful!!  I haven't branched out to adding inclusions yet, but was musing about this same combination just this morning. Soon.... 

Meanwhile, a question: Have you ever used any sort of flavors in the water portion? Was thinking about using room temperature apple cinnamon herbal tea, but I'm not sure if that flavor would carry through to the final bread. 

Carlo_Panadero's picture

I did the same using the same recipe, experimenting and practicing before doing inclusions, that’s a question using flavoured water, but I haven’t done any like that, I wonder if there Will be an effect with the dough?

Isand66's picture

I’ve added tea in place of water in past bakes and it didn’t add much flavor.  It’s worth a try but unless it’s very strong flavored it won’t make much of a difference.

I found coffee to add a lot more flavor and beer definitely.

Carlo_Panadero's picture

Would love to try beer and coffee!! Got another reason to buy a case of beer as I do high hydration! Lol!