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Malted Wheat Sourdough

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Malted Wheat Sourdough

For Ferment - Day 1

50g - Strong White Flour

25g - Rye Flour

40g - Dark Ale



Day 2

125g - Strong White Flour

25g - Rye Flour

50g - Dark Ale

50g - Warm Water



Day 3

100g - Strong White Flour

100g - Warm Water

5-10g - starter




225g Ferment/Starter(keep left over for next bake)

250g Strong White Flour

175g Whole Wheat Flour

5g Malt Flour

25g Rye Flour

250g Water/Dark Ale

9g Salt


Soaker - I don’t have wheat flakes so I’ve used something different that doesn’t need soaking for hours(recipe calls for wheat flakes)

100g Wheat Flakes (Weet-Bix)

175g Water


I mixed everything by hand, very sticky/messy to knead but all goes well at the end, Bulk Fermented until almost doubled. Was very cold that time, left it on the counter overnight @ 14c deg room temperature about 11pm to 8am and probably temperature drop a bit more over night. Shaped it in the morning and let it proof in the banneton for another 3 hours @ 15c to 16c deg room temperature, 20 hours cold retard @ 4c to 5c deg.


Baking Temp

210c deg - DO - 15 minutes 

210c deg - 25 minutes

210c deg - 5 minutes slightly open door


Overall this loaf is amazing in flavour, a strong taste of wheat almost like a 100% whole wheat. 


Recipe by Richard Bertinet from his book "Crumb"



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Another fabulous bake Carlo, I still haven't tried baking a loaf with beer, but it does seem to be the in thing at the moment.


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I’ve been seeing a lot post using beer as hydration, been planning to do it for a while..