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Benny’s Miso and Furikake(Sesame seeds and Nori)

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Benny’s Miso and Furikake(Sesame seeds and Nori)

Suppose to be Benny’s “Furikake and Miso” sourdough but missed sesame seeds! Overall amazing flavour but can’t really taste the full flavour having to missed one of the most important ingredients! Definitely making it again without missing ingredients 😂 @bread_md 


340g Strong Bread Flour

60g Whole Wheat

312g Water

7g Salt

86g Starter(12% of total dough weight-100% Whole wheat-mature)

40g Miso

3 tbsp Toasted Sesame Seeds


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Love seeing your lovely crumb with those inclusions.  Did you dissolve the miso in the water before adding the flours?


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Thanks Benny! No didn’t, I’ve added the paste when doing stretch and folds a bit hard to incorporate really, I should have mix it with water initially.