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Seeded Rye Sourdough Loaf

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Seeded Rye Sourdough Loaf

Seeded Rye Sourdough Loaf.. Been a while since I post from here so much to catch up...



Day 1 – Pre-ferment

-50g active rye starter 100% hydration

-100g Whole Rye flour

-120g cold water 5-7c deg



-100g Pepitas,Sunflower and sesame seeds +

- Boiling water


Day 2

-Pre-ferment as above

-25g Whole Rye flour

-50g Whole Wheat Flour

-175g Bread Flour

-7g fine sea salt

-30g molasses (black treacle)

-150g Warm Water



Day 1

- Mix flour, water and starter with cold water and leave for 12-14 hours

Day 2

- Add boiling water to your mixed seeds, soaked for 30 minutes then drain.

- Prepare your tin, Put oil in your tin and baking paper. 24x14x8 cm

- In a seperate bowl add all ingredients and mix well, rest for 1 hour

- Pour mixture to your prepared tin and add a hand full of seeds the press it down. 

- Leave to proof for 2-3 hours until volume has increased. 

- Halfway thru your proofing pre-heat oven to 250c Deg and bake for 20 minutes and 40 minutes at 180c deg



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Beautiful loaf and lovely crumb.  Must be that time of year because I've also been on a seeded loaf kick recently.   I had to stop putting the seed mixture on the outside of the loaves though because they were getting everywhere, scattered all over the kitchen, every time we sliced into them!  Now I just stick to including them in the dough ;-).  Nice post!

Carlo_Panadero's picture

I’ve realised it too when slicing, lol, seeds are everywhere, but one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s easier to release after baking. 

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A very appealing loaf. Love the crumb as it looks so delicious. I concur with naturaleigh, I stopped putting seeds on the outside. My favourite seed bread is Hamelman's five-grain levain.

Carlo_Panadero's picture

Have been putting a lot of seeds outside for my recent bakes, but yup it’s flying everywhere when

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Very nice and that crumb looks perfect!  On the pre-ferment...  Cold water and then 12-14 hours at room temp?

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Yes 12 to 14 hours at room, over night would be perfect. 

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Gorgeous loaf Carlo.  The seeded crust is beautiful as is the crumb.  Must be delicious.


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It surely was enjoyed a lot..