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20% Whole Wheat Sourdough - My Ideal Crumb!!!

Carlo_Panadero's picture

20% Whole Wheat Sourdough - My Ideal Crumb!!!

Sourdough Sunday! So pleased with this bake, my ideal crumb!!!



70g Whole Wheat Flour

280g Strong Bread Flour

270g Water

70g Starter(100% Hydration))

7g Salt

Mixed all ingredients in a mixer until gluten is developed, took about 10 minutes in total at medium to high speed

Did 2 sets of stretch and folds with 30 minutes intervals.

Proof/proved it 1 hour at room temperature and 3 hours @ 4°C-5°C(fridge)


Baked on steel plate with stainless steel bowl cover at 250°C for 20 minutes, uncovered for another 25 minutes @ 220°C


gavinc's picture

I think you've nailed this. Very nice bake and crumb. The 20% whole wheat would entice lots of flavour.



Carlo_Panadero's picture

Thank you Gavin! Getting the results that you’ve planned for is just awesome. we love the flavour!!



Benito's picture

Carlo, I agree with Gavin, you nailed it, well done.  I love that crumb it too is my ideal.


Carlo_Panadero's picture

Thank you Benny! Truly an amazing crumb! I think this is what I will be aiming for most of the time..

HeiHei29er's picture

Congrats on your bake!  That crumb has such a uniform distribution.  Really nice...

Carlo_Panadero's picture

Thank you!! I think gluten developed on an early stage made this type of crumb, love this kind of crumb..

MTloaf's picture

Nice bake. I was wondering what the fabric material lining your banneton is?

Carlo_Panadero's picture

Thanks!!! That’s a disposable hair net..

bread1965's picture

That truly is a great crumb and loaf! Well done.

But did I get that right?  You're mixing, then stretching twice within one hour, letting it sit for another and  then placing it in the fridge for three more to bake within five hours? That's an impressive sourdough turnaround.

If I'm right I'd encourage you to a/b an experiment with one that's going into the fridge for overnight rather than 3 hours. I've tried that experiment and the taste is remarkably better from the overnight. Really great bake!!!

Carlo_Panadero's picture

mixed everything in a mixer until gluten is developed(4pm) let it rest for 30 minutes then did 2 sets of stretch and folds with 30 minutes interval. Then I left it in the fridge to pause bulk fermentation, took it out of the around 10pm and let bulk on the counter for about 8 hours.(idt was 13c deg when taken out from the fridge)

room temperature that time I think was around 18c deg to 20c deg not really too sure but probably a bit warmer. 

shaped at 6:00am and proof it at room temp for an hour, then in the fridge for 3 hours before baking. After proofing for an hour at room temp dough was about 70% to its full proof, it probably continued proofing in the fridge for another hour.. 

I do agree with much more flavour on longer cold proof. Thank you!!!

JonJ's picture

Echoing what everyone else said, that's a great crumb.

Did you keep any notes of the volume rise of your dough? Curious to know how high it rose.

Carlo_Panadero's picture

Thank you!!!

To be honest I didn’t, just eyeballing, but the way I see it is like it was around 70% to it full proof when I did 1 hour proof. I think I should keep notes again.. I’ll do it next time.. thanks!