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My Lacy Crumb Quest

Carlo_Panadero's picture

My Lacy Crumb Quest

Inspired by “Trevor Jay Wilson’s Open Crumb Mastery”

Always trying to make it better the second time around.



320g Strong Bread Flour

80g Whole-wheat flour

320g Water

8g Salt

90g Starter(White Starter - 100% Hydration) 12.5% of total dough weight 


10 hours Autolyse @ 14-16c Deg

Starter PH - 3.8 (not sure how accurate, not a semi solid ph meter)

20c deg IDT

3 minutes mix

30 minutes rest

2x Stretch and folds with 30 minutes interval 

2x coil folds with 30 minutes interval 

IDT- 21.3c deg

Bulk proof - started @ 10:30pm @ 18.5c- 14c deg room temp to 7:00am

Shape and proof for 5 hours @ 15c deg

48 hours cold proof @ 4c deg


Benito's picture

That looks great Carlo, you really are able to attain lacy crumb, so well done.


Carlo_Panadero's picture

Thanks Benny! Very kind of you! I’m hoping that I can achieve the type of crumb I’ve planned for..

JonJ's picture

Looks like great lacey crumb to me, and especially seems to have the appearance that it could have good mouth feel and extremely good airiness when eaten. How did you feel about it? 

Also impressed by the long bulk and second proof and that you didn't chicken out before it was ready. Was the 48 hour retard because you felt it was necessary, I wondered, or for flavour reasons?



Carlo_Panadero's picture

Eating it was very nice, thin crispy crust and soft airy crumb, I feel like it was necessary to proof it a room temperature for the crumb to most likely to rearrange it self before fridge(to have the crumb more even).

having that 48 hour cold ferment help the crumb to be more Lacy and definitely for flavour too.