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Pain au chocolat

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Pain au chocolat

400g Strong Bread Flour

100g Plain Flour

45g Sugar

10g Salt

25g Milk Powder

15g Fresh Yeast

100g Starter - (100% Hydration)

225g Cold Water - 5c deg

40g Butter


250g Butter For laminating


9cm x 13cm @ 3.5mm - 4mm thick


Makes about 18 



Mix everything except butter

Add butter gradually

Mix well, knead by hand after

Wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours


Next day Make your butter block do 3 layers lock in

1 double fold and 1 single fold


Refrigerate till next day for when ready(4c deg)


Egg wash - 1 egg/20g Milk/pinch of salt(Beat and sift) refrigerate after 1st use


Rolled/pin to 3mm to 4mm thick then shape/roll and apply eh Wash


Proof 2.5 hours at 25-27c deg


Apply egg wash again before baking


Bake for 16 minutes @ 170c deg (convection oven)


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I'll be right over ;-)