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20% Whole Wheat Sourdough

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20% Whole Wheat Sourdough

This maybe the simplest recipe and something that always works for me. I’m posting probably almost the same recipe but different approach or methods every week, but this is the only way I can achieve consistency upon my bakes..



70g Whole  wheat

280g Premium Bakers Flour

260g Water ?

70g Starter(100% hydration)

7g Salt ? 



Mixer is used

-1 hour Autolyse

-30 minutes rest after mixing starter

-1 hour rest after adding salt b4 doing 1 S & F

-5 hours Bulk Fermentation @ 24c deg

-2 sets of coil folds

-no pre-shape, rested on banneton for 30 minutes 

-16 hours cold retard


Baked on steel plate covered with stainless steel bowl for 20 minutes @ 250c Deg, another 25 minutes @ 230c Deg uncovered.


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Gorgeous loaf and crumb.

Would you mind if I featured this on of the homepage for a bit? I love simple formulas like this.

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Thank you! I would love to have this featured! 

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Handsome loaf Carlo and congratulations on the front page feature.


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Thanks Benny! 

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Love the oven spring and the crumb. Awesome job!

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Thank you! a very nice oven spring indeed..

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Excellent looking bread and I bet it tasted good too. Thanks for the recipe and direction.

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Thank you and your welcome! We're half way through it! 

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Awesome crumb.  Sometimes the simplest way is the best.  
Congrats on the front page!


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Thanks Ian! So true the more you try to make it complicated the more you will fail..




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Is it same as strong white bread flour? 

Do you feed the starter just before using it?


Thank you!

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Yes that’s the same! I do feed my starter the night before and normally collapsed when I need to use it in the morning.. thank you!!

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I am new to this site. Your bread is beautiful. You mentioned that you use a stand mixer. Would you mind letting me know how long you are mixing the water and flour for autolyse before the 1 hour rest? How long do you let the mixer run when adding the starter? How long do you let the mixer run when adding the salt?  When does the 5 hour bulk fermentation start? 30 minutes in between each coil fold set? I am new to sourdough and trying to understand all of this. ANy help wold be greatly appreciated.

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Flour and water mixing took about 2 minutes then I let it rest for an hour for Autolyse, then I added my starter and mixed for another 2 to 3 minutes then I let it rest for another 30 minutes before adding the salt and mixing it until gluten is develop or I would say the dough is not stick on the bowl.


Mixing it would take up to 20 minutes for it to develop gluten(7 minutes continues mix/7 minutes rest/6 minutes mix - on medium to high speed) the best way is to mix and rest (My point of view). As soon as you see that the dough comes together and not sticking stop mixing and let it rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour,  then do one stretch and fold to release the dough from the bowl.


Transfer the dough to a new and oiled bowl and let it rest for an hour before doing your coil folds and another after an hour then let it bulk ferment until almost double in volume.  Times will vary depending on temperature, Mine took about 5 hours on a room temp of probably 24°C to 25°C room temp.

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Gorgeous inside and out, Carlo. Recipe and process very similar to Kristen's of Fullproof Baking fame. I use her recipe all of the time.

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Method says "-1 hour rest after adding salt b4 doing 1 S & F".  What does 1 S & F mean?

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^^ ?