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Specially rich CHALLAH (Jewish bread)

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Specially rich CHALLAH (Jewish bread)

Specially rich CHALLAH (Jewish bread)













Specially rich challah, yet soft and fluffy as a challah should be

for more photos and recipe - please check  my post



Kindly note that my blog and my post are in Hebrew, Google translator is available on top left side-bar. Feel free to ask me for correct translation if it's unclear


Have a great weekend


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Your challah's (challot?) are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

AND  the Google translations are hilarious!  My Ivrit is not good enough to figure out what word is being mistranslated as "disease" (is it mistaking Challah for Machalah?) but it comes out like this: 

Baking and other diseases before Passover J which means I made ​​the following sit there (and currently is in the freezer).

So in honor of "event" I chose to make a subject with rich texture - pastry cream contains vegetable fat in addition to egg yolks.
This is not the first time I make these diseases, the important thing is to keep the fabric soft airy disease, otherwise they become to "facts" with a texture reminiscent of yeast cake


And the term "Poolish" (I'm guessing) comes out as "polishing".  ;o)

Regardless of the translation--lovely challahs!

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Hi Jankniz

First of all - THANK YOU!!

Gosh, hilarious is an understatement! (I can't stop laughing now)

Your Ivrit is good enough! You figured it out. It should be CHALLOT (plural for challah).
For some reason Google translator decided to add "ma" to the word and then translated the word "machalot" which is diseases (errrrrrrrrrrrrrg!)
On the side-bar the translation is "Apply" ( the same writing in Hebrew for the word "challah" but different pronunciation)

Anyway - what I wrote in the post was that this challah had been the last baking before Passover (last challah-baking). I wanted it to be specially rich, but also to keep it fluffy.

Poolish is the word I use also in Hebrew, and it's for the starter


Thanks again!