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Pull-apart Garlic Challah - 2 different shapes

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Pull-apart Garlic Challah - 2 different shapes

Pull-apart Garlic Challah - 2 different shapes 


Lately I've been seeing a lot of cinnamon-pull-apart bread's photos, I guess it's the new trend in the USA.

During the month before Rosh-Hashana (Jewish new-year) I prefer not to bake sweet challahs and as onion-challahs are a big hit in my family, and also garlic-rolls,  I thought it might be cool to try this new shape for garlic-challahs.

The shape of the second challah is and old one but I usually make it a bit different. Also - this challah has cheese in  it and on top.

The recipe is an easy one, this time without poolish and with plain white flour (not enriched with gluten powder as I usually use).

The recipe, lots of photos, and also instructions how to shape+are all at MY POST
Translators - top left side-bar, and you're probably gonna get a good laugh, but if you have problems understanding - please ask me to explain!


Have a great night,



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Looks scrumptious.

What precisely is "sugar Ainvarti"? I realize it is probably a sweetner, and regular sugar will probably work just fine, but just wanted to know the translation. 


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Thank you  mrfrost :)

It's actually inverted-sugar (syrup) and it's also called trimoline, and I use it to keep the the challahs (and cakes) moist.
It's not expensive at all here, but it seems to be in England for example ( as you can see here).
If you don't have it, just omit it from the recipe.

BTW - I thing there's a way to make it at home. 

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Wow! Your family is extremely lucky to have such a talented baker.  No need to ever go to a bakery.  Your range of beautiful challahs never ceases to amaze me.  What else can you do with the humble challah?  I can't wait to see.  And I used to think it could only be braided one way.  Nice baking, Winnie.


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Dear Syd - thank you soooooooooo much for always giving me such warm comments.

Baking challahs is a passion of mine, and I do love to try different shapes, tastes and ways.
My extended family are my official guinea-pigs :) and they like it. (good for them as don't have much choice - hahaha).
Right now I'm making "Kubane" ( it's pronounced ku-ba-ne) which is a Yemeni challah. It's gonna be a real change for my family.

Again - thank you!!!