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Saffron Challah

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Saffron Challah














Saffron Challah - soft and fluffy, lightly sweetened  with a touch of saffron.













For recipe and more photos - you are invited to check my blog

Please note that my blog and my posts are in Hebrew.
Google translator is available (top left side-bar), but the translation is funny sometimes, so please feel free to ask me if something is unclear.



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it would be nice to see the interior:)

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Hi   Nicodvb

Thank you.
Well, It's a bit of a problem..
The thing is that we eat Challah every Friday (night) and Saturday (not during the weekdays), and as we are religious I cannot take photos until Saturday night, and by that time there is nothing left, no matter how much I bake
The same goes for our holidays 

I appologize....

I have only one photos, which you can see here (sweet challah with raisins)