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Pull-apart Garlic Challah - 2 different shapes 


Lately I've been seeing a lot of cinnamon-pull-apart bread's photos, I guess it's the new trend in the USA.

During the month before Rosh-Hashana (Jewish new-year) I prefer not to bake sweet challahs and as onion-challahs are a big hit in my family, and also garlic-rolls,  I thought it might be cool to try this new shape for garlic-challahs.

The shape of the second challah is and old one but I usually make it a bit different. Also - this challah has cheese in  it and on top.

The recipe is an easy one, this time without poolish and with plain white flour (not enriched with gluten powder as I usually use).

The recipe, lots of photos, and also instructions how to shape+are all at MY POST
Translators - top left side-bar, and you're probably gonna get a good laugh, but if you have problems understanding - please ask me to explain!


Have a great night,


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Avocado Brioche

Brioche - challahs and rolls, made with..... avocado instead of butter.

When I first heard of this idea, it took me a few minutes to digest the idea, but seeing the photo convinced me that I just have to try it. So I did - and my family just looooooooooooved it!

I took one of my own recipes, "played" with it and combined it with this great idea - and these are the results

For the recipe and more photos - please check my post here
If you find any problems with the translating the recipe (translators are on top left side-bar) - please don't hesistate to ask me.  I wonder if it's gonna be hilarious as usual..... :)










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Spelt challah and rolls

A friend of mine cannot eat anything made with white flours (it's not the gluten it's the flour itself), so every now and then I bake a special challah with spelt flour for her.
Spelt flour is very low in gluten so no long-kneading.  and less rising time is needed.
Actually you have to make sure the dough does not rise too much, otherwise it loses it's strength and the challah "falls down" in the oven.



370 g spelt flour 
4-5 g dry yeast 
210 ml of warm fluids  - I use a mix of vanilla soy mild + water
30 g light brown sugar or cane sugar 
1 Tbs vanilla sugar (
¼ teaspoon salt 
4 tablespoons sunflower oil / canola oil (a little less than ¼ cup)1 teaspoon vanilla-pudding-powder (not instant) 


You can check my post for more details and photos (translators are at the left top side-bar), and if you have any questions - please feel free to ask me(!)


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Pita-bread with Zaatar (middle-east spice), sesame and olive oil


















Very easy to make, and very tasty. We actually love to eat it with Tehina or Hummus (spead made of chickpeas), but it's great with everything

















For recipe and more photos, pease visit my post

My blog and my posts are in Hebrew, but translator is available (top left side-bar)


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In this recipe I used a lot of egg-yolks, but yet the challah came out very soft and fluffy.

People have always asked me to see the inside of the challah, 
but the challahs are eaten on Fri-night and Sat morning-noon, and I can't take pictures during these hours. By Sat evening nothing is ever left, no matter how many challahs I bake.

We had a speciall ocasion in which I made extra challahs to be eaten on Sun, so I grab the opportunity and took some photos.


















Recipe and more photos - you can see in this post

My posts are in hebrew, and although Google translator is available (top left side-bar), the translation can be very(!) funny sometimes.
So If you have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask me 



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Enriched eggs&grains Challah


















Very rich in egg-yolks, made with mixed flours and grains.
Soft and fluffy Challah

















For recipe and more photos - you are invited to check my post here
Google traslatore is available (top left side-bar), but if you have any questions - please feel free to ask.




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Saffron Challah - soft and fluffy, lightly sweetened  with a touch of saffron.













For recipe and more photos - you are invited to check my blog

Please note that my blog and my posts are in Hebrew.
Google translator is available (top left side-bar), but the translation is funny sometimes, so please feel free to ask me if something is unclear.


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Specially rich CHALLAH (Jewish bread)













Specially rich challah, yet soft and fluffy as a challah should be

for more photos and recipe - please check  my post



Kindly note that my blog and my post are in Hebrew, Google translator is available on top left side-bar. Feel free to ask me for correct translation if it's unclear


Have a great weekend

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CHALLAH made of white flour mixed with semolina flour.


Soft, rich and lightly sweetened CHALLAH



Recipe and more photos - please check my blog at this link

Google translator is available on top left side-bar



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Delicious and easy-to-make PRETZELS


Recipe and more photos - you are invited to check at my blog
It's in Hebrew, Google translator is on top left side-bar 

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