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Sincerity Is letting Your Imperfections Show (Honey Oat Bread)

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Sincerity Is letting Your Imperfections Show (Honey Oat Bread)



Recently I watched "how to cook your life" and reviewed it on my blog. The movie really was inspiring for me. I become overwhelmed with a lot of things in daily life and often find that I dont take the time to truly appreciate making the things I enjoy, or even if I make something I enjoy (like bread) I dont really take the time to actually appreciate the process. The perfect partner to that movie was this honey oat bread I made. I found that its perfectly sweet and nutty tasting from the oats. I especially found it delicious left over, toasted in a pan with olive oil and topped with homemade cranberry preserves. 


Honey Oat Bread, External Blog Post Link:

Cranberry Preserves Recipe:



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You are so right.  I also rush through the process without enjoying it,  Baking should be savoured!