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Bailey's Irish Chip Scones

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Bailey's Irish Chip Scones


So I tossed back and forth as to if scones are actually bread or not, I know TFL does do general baking posts but for me I'm trying to keep my posting to primarily my bread obsessions and adventures. For this breakfast I decided to make a scone probably my first "more traditional" style scone, in the past I've mostly made biscuits and called them scones. I made these with irish cream and chocolate chips and they were so amazing. I served them with a home made lemon curd and could not be more surprised how well they actually went with one another. I'm hoping to do another scone sometime soon but lately with the high temperatures I'm keeping my baking limited to nights and very early mornings. I have made these and frozen them, baked them directly from the freezer but it does extend the baking time which seems to defeat the purpose. I almost wonder if I do something without chocolate could I just do them like farls or skillet scones?. 


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These look so delicious.  I love scones but rarely make them because I just can't resist eating them.  But I will have to try these.




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I usually don't eat anything cake like for breakfast, but for these scones I could make an exception!


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Thank you for sharing this recipe. I think this would be a lovely gift idea, to give to those who love Baileys in their coffee, to enjoy with their coffee!

Regards, breadsong






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Tomorrow morning...these will be mine!

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Thanks for all the lovely comments, the good thing about scones is that you can make a big batch and freeze some (you can bake them directly from the freezer but instead of 20 minutes bake about 45) so that way you dont HAVE to eat them all at once :p 

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how I can use up the bottles of Baileys Irish Cream Liquer that I have sitting at home!! .  I already have a very good recipe for English scones using double cream and now with the addtion of the liquer, these will be my most decadent scones ever!! Thanks for the recipe, I can't wait to try this out!

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These sound wonderful. I'd love to make them for our annual Deschutes rafting trip. Do you think I could bake and then freeze them? I'd serve them the first morning of our 4 day trip.


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I was in the mood to bake something quickly and these scones sounded perfect. I didn't have chocolate chips so I chopped some Belgium Dark Chocolate to add in. Just as I was about to cut the dough into individual pieces I noticed a bowl sitting on the counter chock full of chopped chocolate...I forgot to add it to the dough. Not wanting to play with the dough any more than necessary, I gently spread the chunks over the top of each scone before baking.  They were delicious and every bite had an ample dollop of melty chocolate.

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They taste awesome.  I used double cream, using the Baileys to thin the double cream slightly.  I took them into the office and everyone enjoyed it.  Thanks for sharing your recipe.