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oven temperature

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Pizza lovers: Easy to recalibrate home oven up to 35° hotter

June 9, 2011 - 3:21pm -- Nickisafoodie

Like many I don't have room for a brick oven (condo) and have tried various ways to try to emulate same.  The 550° max setting on my oven makes very good pies, but not nearly as well as my dream 2 minute brick oven pie, nor as good as my 4 minute 650° but "not for everyone" method posted below.  I'm happy with the variables re dough, sauce, and toppings, thus the oven temp being the issue.

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baking multiple loaves

September 20, 2010 - 6:00pm -- eat.bread



I'm new to bread baking (feel like ill need to add this statement to every post).


If I am baking up a few loaves at one time do I need to change the oven temp at all to account for adding that much dough to the oven?  I know that it might take longer but is there anything else I should be aware of?




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When I bake baguettes, they are coming out too dark on the bottom, too light on top.  I have a baking stone in the floor of my oven (GE Profile gas) and I place the loaves in the perforated baguette trays in the middle of the oven.  Also, the thermometer I place inside the oven reads a lower temperature than what the digital oven temperature indicator says, by anywhere from 25 to 50 degrees. 

Any suggestions?  Thanks, I love to bake breads (especially sourdough), have been doing it consistently for 8 months and want to keep improving, to the point that someday I may feel proud enough to put up some photos!


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Just tried french baguettes for the first time.  All went well, except they didn't brown well.  I used King Arthur Flour recipe, which calls for a 500 oven reduced to 475 when the bread goes in.  Several blogs on the KAF website recomended starting with a 475 oven and reducing to 450, so that's what I did.  Any advice?

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